What do you guys think of freckles?

This may be a silly question but I don't like my freckles.

I have freckles mainly covering all of my cheeks and the side of my face. I have little ones on my chin and forehead but they're not fully covering.

The colour of them are not really dark or over powering, they are not like TERRIBLE but they are noticable.

What do guys think of freckles like these?

Does it reduce the attractiveness?

Would you write someone off because of these?


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  • Absolutely not! my girlfriend has freckles all over her face. They're light but they're there. What do I think about them? They're cute! Adorable in fact, and she's still easily the most beautiful woman I know. This is fact. She's awesome. I love her freckles and I think you should try to get over it. Why? I think yours are probably awesome too. So don't worry.

    I can also tell you that your problem could me much worse. Assuming we can even call this a problem at all. Once I met a friend of my GF's at a comedy show. Her friend is this girl in improv who has freckles like all over her body. These big spots kinda like birth marks all over her body. They're the color of a paper bag basically. How do I know they're all over her body? Well admittedly I'm just assuming, but I'm making this based on how she was wearing a tant top or camisole or something, and I could see it all over her neck, shoulders, back, and arms.

    Point is, the freckles thing could be much more extreme, and even in the case of that one girl, I still thought she was quite attractive. Did I think the freckles were too much. Nah. If anything I think it made her much more interesting, and who knows, It's probably part of where she got her sense of humour. She still looked good. Would freckles make a girl less attractive? I don't think so. would a guy write a girl off because of it? Well I wouldn't. I think that's really much more of a chick move than anything else.

    What you need to do, is start embracing it. I bet you're just low in self esteem. You're probably quite attractive already, you just have trouble getting past what you think are flaws. It's just something you need to learn to live with. Cheer up. It's not as bad as you think. It hardly ever is.

    Good luck.

    • Thank you! :)

      I'm not that worried all the time, it's just when I have a down day, I pick at my face and the freckles. I get d own because my friend is always on about clear skin. how she really likes it and really wants it, I'm like thanks. my skin is horrible then. but yeah, you make sense. thanks

    • Of course I make sense. I'm a super genius. Just kidding, but still I mean what I said. Good luck with this.

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  • You're making a big deal out of something that guys (probably) won't even notice.

    They neither reduce nor enhance your attractiveness.

    But your relationship to your freckles does.

    If someone would 'write you off' because of your freckles doesn't deserve the time you'd waste with him.

  • Certainly wouldn't write someone off for something as tiny as freckles. Especially me being a person who once had acne problems, that would be an incredibly hypocritical thing for me to do. It would depend on how many freckles and whether or not it suited your look. Once in awhile freckles make a girl look cuter, but mostly it's neutral. As in they don't really make her more attractive but definitely don't make her less attractive.


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  • My face is covered all over in freckles, I hate them. but I just forget I have them and live, and my boyfriend doesn't mind them.

    • My boyfriend doesn't mind them either, it's just somethng I'd rather not have.. On other people I think they look nice!! I don't get it. :)

    • Same same, I don't get it either lol

    • Same cx I hate mine but love others xD