Ethical Poll: Would you be willing to make this supernatural exchange for eternal youth and semi-immorality knowing the moral price (and human cost)?

Imagine some powerful being will grant you semi-immortality with eternal youth and advanced healing. So if you're burned you will completely regenerate, if you lose a limb you will regenerate, if you are in a fatal car crash you will regenerate and be restored to life, and etc. You will not age and you can reverse your age progression back to whatever age you desire to a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 30. You will also be immune to all disease and any diseases you might have will disappear, and you will be immune to all illness going forward. You can also survive and regenerate from exposure to nuclear radiation, ingesting poison, being shot through the heart, being stabbed 100 times, being exposed to freezing temperatures that would be fatal, or being drowned.

The only ways you could actually die is decapitation, being incinerated (like Nepalm, Greek Fire, a nuclear bomb going off), sent into the sun, dropped into a volcano, or crushed (since that also destroys your head). Other than that, you are immortal and unable to die.

The cost of that power is you need to drain the life (or life force) of other humans. That involves a simple handshake or touch. You could drain 10 years or all their life. For adult humans it would rapidly age them, so if you drain someone who is 30 of 50 years, they will experience immediate age progression with white hair, wrinkles, and all the side effects of aging while you will restore your youth, heal any wounds, regenerate lost teeth and repair any eyesight problems, and if you already drained another, you would just bank those years.

Your eternal youth requires you only drain enough from a person to maintain your youth. It will automatically heal any age related issues you experience. Your regeneration and healing require you have 1,000 years minimum of "banked" life force. While your Immorality requires a minimum of 10,000 years. Anytime you use your healing, regeneration, or immorality you use your "banked" life force.
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  • nah. i don't want to live forever anyway

  • What do you mean by any time you use your immorality?

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      Probably means preventing death in case of any of the accidents.

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    • 3d

      Or yeah maybe maintaining immortality

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      @sasukeuchiha7 Yes, anytime you survive a fatal death it comes at a varying cost of life energy and that is how you use your immortality. Eternal youth and immortality are similar but different. Someone with eternal youth can still be killed but someone with immorality lives usually live forever except for loopholes. A simple gunshot to the heart might cost 5,000 years of banked life but surviving a nuclear explosion (assuming you aren't incinerated by it) would cost 50,000 years plus the cost of regenerating your burns and healing failed organs. It's not complete immortality because anything that destroys the brain or decapitation would be permanent (or incineration because you cannot regenerate fast enough to survive incineration).

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