Planned obsolescence good or bad?

Do you like the economic policy that is in place in the USA at minimum of planned obsolescence. In short, everything we buy is junk and is built to fail after the warranty expires. Most washers/dryers/refrigerators, tools, headlights, meters, etc.. are made to fail. The cost to repair them is just shy of buying a new unit, so people buy new.
Planned obsolescence good or bad?
I don't know when this started, but it became apparent under Obama. in the 1990's, stuff worked and lasted more than 10 years, often 30 years for washers or fridges. Now, lucky to get 10yrs out of them.

This policy is setup to keep the $ flowing, so the taxes keep flowing, jobs to manufacture and recycle are in place. I believe this is related to our currencies becoming worthless.. that is we have to buy cheap junk with our cheap currencies.

The downside is landfills fill up, we buy things and they fail fast... e. g. my new dryer almost caught on fire, then the bearing failed. I dehumidifer failed at year 1.5. It's frustrating to spend hard worked $ to get junk. Even many houses are now made out of junk that is going to fail.
Planned obsolescence good or bad?
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