Do you believe that men have the right to hit women in self defense?

So let's me explain if a women start acting aggressively maybe gets to the point of hitting do you think a man should be legally able to fight back.

I see a lot of you shouldn't hit any women under any circumstance which I think is bullshit. Even my mum who has been hit by men even says to me if your in an abusive relationship knock fuck out of her.

My opinion is pretty much the same, if you use violence against me I will use violence back just much better since am trained in fighting (MMA)

I also believe that men should be more open about being in abusive relationship with women but unfortunately society tends to label them as weak if they try and get help and abusers when they do fight back.

So women do you agree that if a women is being abusive or aggressive, men have the right to fight back and men would you hit a women if they started a fight with you?
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on the subject of if she hits you, you should just take it BC she emotional and am a man and should be able to take it that's bull shit.

BC the second you switch the roles the man hits the women first you would all praise her if she smashes he's head into the floor.
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Ok let's go over real self defense, being nice is not an option if someone's coming at you wanting to hurt you either than person needs to be weak or you need to be really skilled to pull it off.
Do you believe that men have the right to hit women in self defense?
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