Roommate's girlfriend basically is moved in?

I had an earlier question posted about this, but didn't get many responses. My roommate has had a girlfriend for the last 7 months or so; she used to come over a few times a week and then would stay over most of the weekend. I graduate college in May and will be moving out, so he's been thinking of living with his girlfriend. He said she had asked about moving in with US before I'm even moved out and I told him definitely NO (we have a 2-bedroom apartment and I feel crowded enough as it is with her here). But in the past several weeks she's been over ALL THE TIME. She even stays weeknights and goes to work from our place.

The ridiculous thing is she has her own place and they could be alone and with more privacy there, but they NEVER go there. I constantly have to overhear them giggling, and fooling around, so much I always shave to have TV or music playing so I try not to hear it.

I don't know how to tell him about this without sounding like a prude, even though they always stay in his room the whole time I feel crowded and like she's moved in. I'm someone who holds privacy very highly; I believe my home should be a place to relax and have complete control over the atmosphere and what goes on in it. Whenever she's over here for so long I never feel like I have my home to myself.
Roommate's girlfriend basically is moved in?
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