Boyfriends roommate being a jerk?


I decided to repost this question as I left details out that was causing confusion and didn't get many replies.

My boyfriend rents a house and recently his friend move in (no is not on the contract, he is basically a lodger) he has started being cheeky with me but says it in a half joke half serious way!

Other day I went to my boyfriends house the windows was wide open and oven on with no one home! I said to his roommate to be careful as it's a risk doing that he said to me "don't tell me what to do in MY house"

They went out to a party they came back very drunk and being loud... my boyfriends mother was sleeping downstairs as she's sofa surfing... I asked them both to be quiet please, again he said "don't tell me what to do in MY house"

Today he went to my boyfriend outside the bedroom I was in "has she gone yet?" Now he has his girlfriend over for 5days at a time, I'm only there from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon!

He was never like this before moving in... he has always been cheeky but not to a point were it feels rude.

My boyfriend sees it as he's joking and laughs with him. He was mad about oven being on and window open when he thought his mum had done it but not when his roommate said it was him. He was mad about the roommates girlfriend being over for 5days at time but won't say anything to him about it. I feel like this isn't his house as it's in my boyfriends name and all of my boyfriends furniture he's using!

The roommate does pay rent and landlord has given permission for him to live there, he isn't on contract so any damage to the house is my boyfriends responsibility.

Also when they was both hungover his roommate started telling me to clean the whole house!

I know I don't pay rent but i do put money towards food, I pay for their taxis when they go on a night out, I either cook meals or help with cooking, sometimes I clean the house. So it's not like I do nothing when I am there.
Boyfriends roommate being a jerk?
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