Is pedophilia/rape worse than murder?

This is probably a weird question, but yea. explain why or why not you agree or disagree.

Pers I don't think murder is as much of a big deal as people make it out to be. Your life ends. That's it. By force yea. But in the end you don't suffer that long. You just die. And living isn't that much of a big deal. it's not that great. We all die anyway. The only people who suffer are your loved ones. They will grieve you. They will be angry that you were murdered. But that's about it.

But rape and pedophilia (especially pedophilia) are extremely horrible things to live through that break you inside to a point where you can't function normally, likely for years and years. probably decades after. You'll suffer horribly every single day. You'll likely have ptsd, and many other mental disorders at the same time. Maybe even shit like bipolar disorder or DID if you were abused as a kid. Even therapy can't really help you that much. It's hard. It's not just a quick fix. It's ultimately better to be dead than be alive and suffer for your whole life.
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Is pedophilia/rape worse than murder?
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