Do you think George Floyd was innocent?

Here is my take on it:

The fact that millions of people are online and out there worshipping George Floyd baffles me. The police were absolutely in the right to defend themselves against such a crooked, bank-robbing terrorist.

This reminds me of how the same kind of people worshipped (and still to this day worship) mass murderers like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Dylan Roof. Like the aforementioned three, Floyd was a pure evil womanizer and terrorist with a racist agenda. His list of people on his written "To Kill" document included mostly Hispanic, Indian, and White people.

He used a fake $20 bill knowing he would get the police called on.

As he got mad towards a cashier at a 7-Eleven, as the cashier tells him he cannot use that bill, he loaded a shotgun and pointed it right to his face before stealing $220 from the cashier's desk.

The police officer who pushed Floyd down was in the right to do so. Floyd was whining like a little bitch saying "uh I can't breathe durggghh." He was calling two white officers racist names such as "cracker, honky, white n**," and many more, and was also taking tons of cocaine, meth and marijuana for recreational reasons.

Many friends and classmates around him admitted to the police that he was a liar, a crook, a racist, an "asshole," a "whiny bitch," and from one cousin, "a narcissistic fucking piece of shit."

Floyd also has a history of domestic violence and physical abuse of first- and second-grade children with disabilities. He even wanted to start fights with elementary-age children. His main attraction was towards 5 to 15 year old girls and would often befriend 10 to 17 year old boys on Instagram, Twitter and in real life.

George Floyd is an evil asshole. He sucks. Don't worship him. I would avoid him like Hitler.
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Do you think George Floyd was innocent?
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