Is it racist to report a rape crime by a person of color?

With all these racist white people and all would it be better to just let these people of color have their way with white women and their white guilt? Then have them act as if nothing happened because it was a person of color and they would be afraid of being called a racist? I mean women love being anti racist so what's the problem? Seems like a double standard. Where it's ok for a black person to kill another black and it's ok for a black man to victimize a white person but never ok for a white person to victimize a black person no matter what the black person has done, even rape.
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So brings me to the question in the UK, If you are a muslim and of middle eastern background the government, child services, city council and authorities protect you so you can victimize children, rape and sexual abuse etc.. Muslim Grooming gangs 20 years all through out the uk vulnerable 14,000 white girls were being groomed, raped and trafficed for sex to other middle eastern men in different towns. Yet how come no one did anything, government, police, child protective services, City council!
Is it racist to report a rape crime by a person of color?
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