Why are japanese so judgmental?

I've worked with Japanese people and they tend to be very judgmental people. Also reading their history they are clearly judgmental towards other Asian people.
Why does everyone think they're so polite when really they're just a bunch of judgmental condescending people?
This is a conversation I also read from Quora that illustrates perfectly how I think Japanese can be very judgmental condescending people sometimes:

"I was eating an ice cream to cool down.
Me: This is good!
Student: Is it sweet enough?
Me: Yeah, it's fine. Why, is this diet ice cream or something?
Student: (he laughs) No, but American ice cream is sweeter than Japanese ice cream, so I thought—
Me: Is that a fact? I hadn't noticed. Tastes the same to me.
Student: I see. And it's much smaller than American ice cream, too, I think.
Me: Have you gone to America recently, or something?
Student: Not recently. I went to Hawaii five years ago. But, everybody knows—
Me: Ok. How about rice? Back in the States my family ate rice all the time. And Japanese people eat a lot of rice too, right? That is one clear cut—
Student: American rice is dry, and a little hard, I remember. Japanese rice is moist and delicious—-
Me: Ok, Starbucks! Starbucks is essentially the same in both cities; I think we can agree on that. Coffee is coffee. So that would be an example—
Student: The cup size is different. Japanese large size is a small size in America. I think
Me: I don't think so.
Student: I could not drink the whole cup of coffee. It was too big!
Me: —
Student: Americans like everything too big deshou?
Me: I think you're missing the…ok, ok, I have a nose and you have a nose, right? Both our noses serve the same purpose, right? This would be an example of a similarity.
Student: (Studying my nose) —
Japanese are overly judgmental and condescending and unfriendly
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Japanese culture is terrible and overrated. Anime showcases their weird messed up culture.
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Japanese should apologize for what they did to Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, and others in ww2.
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Japanese should stop worshipping war criminals and covering it up as their religion
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Japanese are immoral and not a good example for the modern interconnected world. Their own society is aging and deteriorating.
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21 d
This is an example of racism against blacks in Japan. Even for me reading this I find it sad. www.yahoo.com/.../...-half-japanese-140000973.html
Why are japanese so judgmental?
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