Why do impoverished women have kids?

Everytime I hear about poverty on how single black women living on food stamps and being poor and all, makes me laugh.

So I ask myself this question, where the hell is the MAN! Second why the fuck are poor people having kids if they can't even afford to feed themselves. If I was poor I would not be having kids, second why would a girl hook up with a guy (typical hood thug) who knows is going to drop her like a ton of bricks the moment he's got her pregnant and get the next girl on his phone knocked up. I know girls are going to hate me saying it not the girls fault she got knocked up and all. First of all, if you were poor as a woman would you want to get pregnant even if you can't even feed yourself?

It's either these people are very stupid, and poorly educated who have no idea what they are doing. So they just breed like little rabbits and wonder how come kids cost money and food then complain on TV how come they don't get free shit from the government. "Oh it's so hard to be a single black mother raising 2 kids with two different fathers who I have not seen since I told him I was pregnant". LOL Why did you have kids in the first place? What did you just wake up one morning and say "I wanna get pregnant"?
Why do impoverished women have kids?
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