In the area of political thought, do you believe that everyone who disagrees with you is wrong?

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James Carville-D and Mary Matalin-R, husband and wife
James Carville-D and Mary Matalin-R, husband and wife
Washington, D. C. is the nation's capital; that is a fact. Facts remain constant and can be objectively verified.

Donald Trump is an idiot; that is an opinion. Nancy Pelosi is an idiot; that is also an opinion. Whether you believe either of them is an idiot, and ordinary person, a genius, a clown who occasionally gets things right, or some other conclusion. . . that is based on your political bias and you predisposition to believe certain things because of your political orientation.

Most of our political beliefs are based on opinions, not facts.

My opinions are premised about some fundamental beliefs I have about the function of government. I want it to intrude in our lives as little as possible, to guarantee our freedoms, and I don't want it to take the place of parents in providing all of our needs; I believe taking care of ourselves is an individual responsibility. I also have an inherent distrust for big government. That leads me to being a conservative/libertarian. But I can't prove that my fundamental assumptions are "correct."

If you want government to provide a safety net and to provide as much as possible for each citizen, then you are willing to sacrifice some individual freedoms and you don't mind intrusions into your personal life. You also trust the government to do its job without corruption or bias. That leads you to be a liberal. And you can't prove that your fundamental assumptions are "correct," either.

I don't think you're stupid. I just think you placed more value on having a safety net and you are more trusting of the government. For two years, I dated a girl who was (and still is) very liberal and I NEVER thought she was stupid for holding her political beliefs.

How do YOU feel about people who disagree with your political beliefs? How respectful are you of people who dsagree with you?
I understand the difference between facts and opinions. Facts are indisputable but reasonable people can disagree on matters of opinion.
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If I was wrong, I would change what I think, and then I would be right. . . so I must always be right.
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Politics is ALL about opinions. People who disagree with me are not stupid; they simply disagree.
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Something else that I'll explain in a comment.
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In the area of political thought, do you believe that everyone who disagrees with you is wrong?
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