Why are gen z men so effeminate?

First of all, yes I'm a 20 year old saying this. I notice a lot of my peers taking on dumb challenges on tiktok, which I consider a platform for mostly teenage girls. The talk about "staying in touch with your feminine side" as feminists like to call it, or being more emotional is evident in today's men.

Don't get me wrong, mental health is important, but you have to talk to a therapist, not cry in front of your girl. Being stoic is part of what makes a masculine man. Then the simping has increased over the generations to a point that is just downright pathetic. We went from guys just admiring the beauty of famous actresses to dudes simping for insta thots, pornstars and sending thirsty Dm's to every girl that posts a selfie. I mean really? Is that how it's supposed to be now? And don't you dare criticize those guys, you will be labeled as a misogynist with toxic masculinity.
Why are gen z men so effeminate?
See, my theory is that social media has increased the number of options women have from their close circle, to now almost anyone around the globe. With that, their standards have gone up because now they think that they can do better. Since people like what they can't have, women will thirst after a top 10% guy, and dudes would simp after an IG thot that's out of his league. In some way, you can say that social media has created simps.

Obviously I'm well-aware of feminism and the effects it has had on the status-quo, but I believe that it was the driver of the change, while social media was the tool at which it took place (the car and the driver).

A wise man once said "hard times make hard men, hard men make easy times, easy times make weak men, weak men make hard times". What are your thoughts on the topic, and do you have any solutions?
Why are gen z men so effeminate?
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