An Ethical Question For Today?

If you found someone who was magically trapped.

Don't worry about where or how you found them, use your imagination how this part came to be and how you would free them.

You discover during the painful process of trying to free them (for them not you) that $500 dollar gold coins spew forth from their mouth. They offer to let you keep whatever comes out, just please free them from this curse. All you have to do is set them free.

They admit they did something very awfully bad and was cursed into this situation but won't go into details.

What would you do?

Would it matter if you were in dire straights and about to lose everything as compared to being financially stable?
I would free them, trying to make it as painless as possible, letting them keep the coins from thier curse.
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Same as above, but I would keep the coins. They did agree to that.
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I would free them, hurting them more than needed to get extra coins in the process to keep.
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I would not even try to free them, I would hurt them as much as possible to get rich. They did admit they did something awful and probably deserve it.
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I would forget I ever found them and continue on my way.
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An Ethical Question For Today?
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