Do you think I managed the sexism at work right?

I work for a company with few women. Most of the team are male so they decided to set up a 5 a side football/soccer team. There’s about 9 staff so the pig ignorant young guy organised it and only spoke to the people he wanted on his team. All males all strong all young. So when I see it I look at what’s left. Not only had I not been asked they had not mentioned it. Automatically because I’m female. There’s only time and the boss who are women.
I screamed holy hell and one staff members response was “you could be a cheer leader” my boss even called to see if I was ok because she could hear me shouting at the other side of the building. Now I wasn’t massively serious I just kicked up a fuss because I could. My boss said I was right to too.
This morning I went to work and the guy that set it up came to me with his tail between his legs. He hadn’t slept all night because he was worried he’d upset me. Now I’d forgotten about it and didn’t really care. Should I have kicked off?
Do you think I managed the sexism at work right?
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