First female school shooter. Why?


Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old female-to-male transgender individual was identified as the suspect who shot and killed six people - three children and three teachers - at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville police have identified a trans person as the shooter behind America’s latest school shooting attack that killed three children and three adults at a Nashville-based educational institution. As per reports, the shooter left behind a map and a manifesto relating to the attack. The items were revealed upon a search of the suspect’s house. As per local police chief John Drake, the shooter has been identified as a 28-year-old “transgender” resident of Nashville. Talking to the press about the evidence that points towards a targeted attack, Drake said “We have a manifesto, we have some writings we are going over that pertain to this day, the actual incident, we have a map drawn out of how this was all going to take place.”

The shooting comes as Tennessee recently passed “anti-trans” legislation, but Hale was also a former student at the school and it’s not been reported whether she was taking prescription medication, or testosterone or other hormone treatments.

First female school shooter. Why?
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