Republicans - Trumplicans- Why are you SO AGAINST UNIONS?

Nikki Haley’s Anti-Union Fanaticism Is Wild Even for a Republican

Nikki Haley has tried to distinguish herself as a Republican presidential candidate by announcing, “We won’t win the fight for the 21st Century if we keep trusting politicians from the 20th Century.”

Nice try. It’s not hard to understand why Haley wants to be seen as the fresh face of the future for the party that lost the popular vote in seven of the last eight presidential elections. Unfortunately for her just-announced candidacy, Haley’s attempt to paint her rivals as old news doesn’t quite cut it. She started in politics in 2004, when she was elected to the South Carolina legislature, and Donald Trump ran his first political race in 2016. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis started in 2012 with a successful congressional bid. In fact, Haley’s got a longer record as a political careerist than most of the GOP’s prospective 2024 contenders.

So what really distinguishes Haley, who formally announced her bid on Tuesday with a plodding Biden-bashing video that echoed the “anti-woke” “stop the socialist left” fearmongering agenda of, well, Trump and DeSantis? That’s easy.

She despises organized labor with a fury that is unrivaled in American politics.

Republicans - Trumplicans- Why are you SO AGAINST UNIONS?
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