What's the point of self immolation?

I see no point in such a barbaric display as to burn one's self alive in "protest", yet again, protesting in general, I find to be a waste of time.

Aaron Bushnell, a delusional airman burned himself alive because he stated that he wants to "free Palestine", which is just another way of calling for the extermination of all Jews and the destruction of the state of Israel.

I've seen the uncensored video, while I can almost admire how determined he was, even as he burned, to keep yelling and shouting "free Palestine", and I could tell his screams were not of pain, but of anger. One might think maybe he was regretting his decision, but he said "free Palestine" one more time before seconds later, his legs gave out and he fell silent.

While I can admire his toughness and commitment, yelling a stupid phrase at me won't change my mind, and I don't reckon it would change many minds out there, either. The burning is shocking, but still offers nothing I can see as convincing.

What's the point of these things?
Whats the point of self immolation?
What's the point of self immolation?
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