Was Super Bowl LIII The Worst Super Bowl of All Time?


After seeing Super Bowl XLIX(Patriots/Seahawks), I never thought I would see a more devastating loss. After seeing Super Bowl XLVIII(Seahawks/Broncos), I never thought I would see a more boring Super Bowl. I'm sure there have been Super Bowls before I began watching football which were a disaster. However, Super Bowl LIII was the worst Super Bowl I've ever seen, and I've seen every Super Bowl since the 2004-2005 season(16 total).

First off, I don't want any Saints fans(or anyone else) chiming in with "The Rams shouldn't have been there in the first place" rhetoric. First of all, the Rams were arguably a better team than the Saints. They finished the season 13-3, had one of the most completed rosters in the NFL, and a genius for a Head Coach. Second of all, even if that Pass Interference was called, there was still no guarantee the Saints would have scored(and even if they would have, there was no guarantee they would have won for that matter). Third of all, if the Saints were so much better than the Rams, then wouldn't they have been winning decisively enough for a bad call to not matter in the first place? Fourth of all, even though the Saints would have probably done better offensively in the Super Bowl, would they have been as dominant on defense? Either way, this pointless speculation is just jealousy, and nonsense at this point.

Criteria: What am I evaluating the Super Bowl based on? Here are the following factors. I will rate each category on a scale of 1-10.

Excitement: How crazy was the game? How crazy were the fans? Were there jaw-dropping moments?

Suspense: How close was the game? Did it come down to the wire?

Big Plays: How many awesome plays were there? Did the game display any great athleticism?

The Teams(and winner): Are we going to see two teams which have never won a championship play? Or are we going to see the same old teams play again? Was the winner someone new?

Note: I don't take the Halftime Show into consideration, given it has been boring the past eight years, or so, but to be honest, that might have been the worst Halftime Show of all time as well.

Excitement(1/10): Needless to say, the lowest scoring Super Bowl of all time(16 total points) wasn't the least bit exciting.

The crowd was overwhelmed with Patriots fans. This isn't surprising, given they have a major bandwagon fan-base. On top of this, the Rams are still struggling to track fans in Los Angeles, and they had a lot of haters this year, due to that miss Pass Interference Call. It felt like a road game for the Rams, and this could have been the difference maker.

The game also had no truly "crazy" moments. No fluky catches. No flukey passes. No wild run plays. No fights. No drama. No...nothing. A whole lotta nothin'. Without a doubt, this was the least exciting Super Bowl I've ever seen in my life.

Suspense(7/10): This was literally the only positive aspect of this Super Bowl, but the crazy thing is, it still wasn't a suspenseful as the other eight Patriots' Super Bowls since the 2001-2002 season.

However, the game was up for grabs until the last five minutes of the fourth Quarter. Then, when the Patriots took a 13-3 lead, the game was pretty much over. The funny thing is, it wouldn't have mattered if the Rams would have made that Field Goal at the end of the game, because it still wouldn't have bought them enough time(assuming the Onside Kick would have been successful) to score points to tie the game. That is, to repeat, the Onside Kick-which is never successful-would have to have been successful. Since the 2001-2002 season, this was the only Patriots Super Bowl which hasn't been decided by one score.

Big Plays: (2/10): Unfortunately, there weren't any true big plays in this game.

Despite the fact the Rams have arguably the best Running Back in the NFL(Todd Gurley II), they barely used him at all for some reason. Even the other Running Back CJ Anderson barely ran. Tom Brady probably gave us his worst Super Bowl performance in his career, and we might have just watched Rob Gronkowski's final game, and that was a lackluster performance from him. There were some tackles on defense, two interceptions, once forced fumble(which amounted to nothing), and Julian Edelman made some big plays on offense for the Patriots. Oh, that's right-an NFL player suspended for steroid use earlier in the season was the Super Bowl MVP. Let that sink in for a moment.

For such a defensive game, we still didn't see any Fumble recoveries, Pick 6's, or any other big defensive moments. A snoozefest, indeed.

The Teams(and Winner): 3/10 The buildup to this game was practically nothing, and it's not hard to see why.

Aside from that controversial NFC Championship Game which I won't further mention, as I stated before, the Rams really don't have many fans. They probably have just as many haters from people in St. Louis, Los Angeles(yes, they're non-forgiving) and New Orleans as they do the Patriots. On top of this, it's not like they have some epic Super Bowl victory drought-It's only been 19 years since they won, and that wasn't unbearably long ago. Even the Quarterback matchup was odd-a 24 year old nobody named Jared Goff versus a future Hall of Famer 41 year old Tom Brady. It's not like it's a storybook ending.

Then, of course, the Patriots are in the midst of a 17 year dynasty, and their ninth Super Bowl appearance. It's tiring seeing the same teams win, and we just saw a team(which has been caught in two cheating scandals in the past two decades) win for the sixth time during this dynasty. We already dreaded all of the New York Yankees 100+ year dynasty in baseball. We're already dreading the Gold State Warriors dynasty in basketball to knock them another win. Nobody except their fans wants to see these dynasties win over, and over again.

Even if you're a Patriots fan, you have to admit that was a boring Super Bowl.

Was Super Bowl LIII The Worst Super Bowl of All Time?
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  • WhiteSteve
    So, first thing... you’re a young guy, and you say you’ve only seen the Super Bowls from 2004 on. In the 80s and into the 90s, the NFC used to be MUCH stronger than the AFC, as a general rule. It was likely one of the reasons free agency was established, to deter the development of dynasties. The 1970s Steelers, they deserve all their accolades, but the system they played under, when you drafted or signed the right guys, you had them for as long as you wanted them, basically. So good on them for identifying talent and properly coaching and utilizing them, but they didn’t have to manage year to year rosters like today’s teams do. But anyway, when I was growing up it seemed like it was usually the 49ers, the Cowboys, the Redskins, or the Giants winning the Super Bowl vs either the Broncos or Bills, or maybe some random hapless Cinderella team from the AFC. But the Super Bowl was almost invariably a blowout.

    1980-2000 NFL Season Super Bowl Results...

    1980: Oakland 27 - Philadelphia 10
    1981: San Francisco 26 - Cincinnati 21
    1982: Washington 27 - Miami 19
    1983: LA Raiders 39 - Washington 9
    1984: San Francisco 38 - Miami 16
    1985: Chicago 46 - New England 10
    1986: NY Giants 39 - Denver 20
    1987: Washington Redskins 42 - Denver 10
    1988: San Francisco 20 - Cincinnati 16
    1989: San Francisco 55 - Denver 10
    1990: NY Giants 20 - Buffalo 19
    1991: Washington 37 - Buffalo 24
    1992: Dallas 52 - Buffalo 17
    1993: Dallas 30 - Buffalo 13
    1994: San Francisco 49 - Dallas 26
    1995: Dallas 27 - Pittsburgh 17
    1996: Green Bay 35 - New England 21
    1997: Denver 31 - Green Bay 24
    1998: Denver 34 - Atlanta 19
    1999: St. Louis 23 - Tennessee 16
    2000: Baltimore 34 - New York Giants 7

    So you can see that it usually wasn’t a very good game for almost two decades. The AFC went 14 years without winning, that’s crazy. Raiders did it in ‘83, then not again until Denver in 1997. To put that in perspective, that’s preschool until my freshman year of college for me, lmao. The first one I ever watched was the ‘85 Bears demolishing my Patriots, the game was over by halftime. From there, the only entertaining Super Bowls I really remember seeing were the 1988 San Francisco - Cincinnati game when Joe Montana led a game winning TD drive 90-some yards with a minute and change on the clock; the NY-Buffalo Super Bowl that ended with the Scott “Ray Finkle” Norwood missed field goal as time expired to seal the win for the Giants, and the only reason the game was even close is because Phil Simms was injured and NY started their backup QB Jeff Hostetler. Everything else was usually decided by two scores; and the 1999 Super Bowl that came down to a would-be game-tying touchdown-saving tackle at like the two yard line in the final seconds. Most of the other games were lopsided, not much drama, the outcome was pretty clear before it happened. So THOSE set the standard for boring Super Bowls to me. I feel like there were some clunkers in your time too, in the last fifteen years or so. We’re getting spoiled with all the Patriots Super Bowls, because there’s been so much drama and late-game heroics, miraculous catches, improbable comebacks. I mean, Vinatieri kicked game winners at the buzzer, David Tyree made the helmet catch, Jevon Kearse almost gave Seattle the 2.0 version, saved by an equally shocking INT at the goal line by Malcolm Butler, the comeback vs Atlanta was INSANE, Edelman and Julio Jones both had ridiculous and dramatic catches late, Hightower had the strip sack, Brady fell victim to one vs Philly, so that came down to the wire, plus all the “why isn’t Belichick playing Butler?” drama... up before this past one I would have said the Pats could easily be 8-0 or 0-8 in their recent Super Bowls in the dynasty era. It all came down to a few plays, ultimately. I don’t know if semicolons save that from being a run-on sentence, that’s your department, haha, but you get the point.

    Was Super Bowl LIII The Worst Super Bowl of All Time?Was Super Bowl LIII The Worst Super Bowl of All Time?
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    • WhiteSteve

      This last one... still could have gone either way, really, but not anywhere near the drama. I wasn’t bored at all, as a Pats fan, I was very agitated the whole game. I just kept saying “it’s going to be a real shame if they don’t win this, because the previously suspect defense is shutting down what’s been a juggernaut offense all year, but our offense is being shut down themselves.” Forgive my spoiled-ness, but as Pats fans, we just want that one blowout win that we can actually enjoy. Every game, win or lose, has taken years off my life, I’m sure of it lmao. Champagne problems, as they say. I also enjoyed the game because in my own football career I was always a defensive minded guy. I’m not like the younger crowd that needs constant scoring to be entertained. Shutting a team down and forcing a million punts gives me a hard dick, haha, that’s what I’m all about. I was stoked to see the defense win it for them, because they lost it for them last year, Brady threw for like 500 yards, he was other worldly. But in the end, this year, when it counted, Brady turned it on and led a game winning TD drive, AGAIN, and here we are. Just insane. I just went to my second championship parade in 100 days in Boston, this just can’t be real life. It sure can’t last forever so I’m soaking it all in before shit goes back to normal lmao. But I can see where neutral and perhaps more casual fans would have been bored. Could have done with out that fruitcup Adam Levine blasting nips too, but whatever, haha.

    • I see your point here, but I would rather watch a blowout that has exciting plays, than a close, yet, boring game.

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    there were a ton of huge plays. these were the top 2 rated offenses in the league and the defenses made stupid athletic plays to neutralize them. it was really impressive, actually. running backs got stuffed, receivers got jammed and the qb's got rattled and blown up. it wasn't incompetent offense, if you watched the game (besides the pick by goff), it was really good game planning and athleticism. field position played a huge role the entire night, also. we can't forget that. besides both teams not being able to playcall effectively, having to do that compounded with long fields made the game way more interesting. despite the patriots having some success moving up the field, not being able to capitalize on field goals or conversions in the dead zone (30-own 40) gives the opponent optimal field position to score or reverse field position.
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    • "these were the top 2 rated offenses in the league and the defenses made stupid "

      I think it's more that the two top rated offenses choked at the same time in the most important game of the season. Of course the defense was dominant-but the offense was awful for both teams.

    • i mean, that's not choking... the defenses were prepared. there were a lot of good matchups. both defensive lines were mauling the offensive lines and played to the offenses weaknesses. and even on the 1st series against the patriots, on the pick, it was a zone coverage discuised as man. when your man dogs over with you, that's in indicator and the defender played the out perfectly. patriots didn't have an offensive outside threat to open the field. also, oddly enough, for a high powered offense, rams play a relatively odd style of football. they play a lot of outside in concepts with zone schemes and cutbacks and a lot more bunch formations than you typically see in today's football (college and pro's). the drawback being that it naturally creates outside leverage for the defender and shrinks the field. so if the playaction/run doesn't work, defenses can t up on it cause it shrinks the field. patriots run a more conventional offense, but you have wade and belichick... defensive masterminds. even if you scheme up your play, they have answers. just like brady's pick early and just like how none of the rams receivers couldn't get open in stack formations.

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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I didn't get to watch it live as it was poorly televised where I am. All I kept hearing from my US-based family & friends were "How disappointing!" and "That was so damn boring!" I also heard that the halftime shows were let downs too.
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  • madhatters4
    it was a bit boring but i kind of find those games tense because every score becoming far more damning
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  • Logorithim
    LOL, XX, XXIV, XXVII, XXXIII, XXV, XLI, and XLVIII were all boring. Those of us that like defense actually appreciated this one.
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    • I've already said this three times, but I appreciate defense too. But a 2000 Ravens defense was more productive, and exciting. The defense we saw in Super Bowl LIII was just countless tackles with no true BIG plays (a whopping two Interceptions, ONE Fumble, no Pick 6s, or any other flashy plays).

      Since I've started watching football in the 2004-2005 season, this was easily the worst Super Bowl of all time.

  • RedThread
    Dude both defenses were able to shutdown very capable offenses. That's crazy impressive in my opinion. It's not as fun to watch but on paper both defenses made incredibly impressive stops.
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    • But even then, neither defense made any flashy, or exciting plays.

    • cavmanier

      Sure the defenses made big plays. There was I think twice or at least one where the Patriots sacked Goff out of field goal range. Those changed the game.

    • @cavmanier There were only two Interceptions, two Sacks, One fumble (which amounted to nothing), and no Pick 6's, or any other spectacular defensive plays.

      The 2000-2001 Ravens defense was an example of productive defense with exciting plays.

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  • abc3643
    It was an excellent textbook display of defense and clock management and impirtance of special teams. This will be one of top 5 games ever to teach that.

    It was only boring if you are immaturely obsessed with offense.
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    • ... or you like high scoring games. If you want low scoring games, watch soccer.

    • abc3643

      If you love high scoring games, then you have no appreciation for the game as a whole.

      That said, if you want a good high-scoring sport that also has considerable defense, you should check out the National Lacrosse League. It's box lacrosse which is the Canadian (indoor) version of the game. It's "the fastest game on two feet" and typically scores are like 13-12, but, often, you will get games like 20-5. It's an amazing sport without the boring stoppages or stupid rules of field lacrosse. The hitting is much harder as well.

      Here is a fan compilation of the 2019 East Division Final between the Buffalo Bandits (home) against the Toronto Rock.

  • kespethdude
    As a Patriots fan, I agree 100%. I know people who actually either fell asleep or changed the channel due to the boredom.
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  • jessicarosen
    This was the first time in 24 years I did not watch any of the Super Bowl. I'm glad I didn't because yes, I think it was THE worst Super Bowl in history, based on what I heard. The NFL deserves this because it has turned into a garbage league.
    • I'm not one of those people who think sports are "rigged", but I'm starting to think the NFL is rigged. I've never seen so many suspicious things happen in one league before. It's blatantly obvious they wanted a LA vs Boston match because they knew it would draw mass ratings.

  • Russwill
    It sucked because for like the 4th time now the patriots should have nor been there but end up winning NFL IS PAYED OFF ANYMORE! Don't even respect the game anymore I mean for God sakes us country boys play headed football then all pansy ass rules they habe now ! All politics... don't even think I'm watching anymore or supporting!
  • NYCQuestions1976
    Running the ball and defense wins championships. Last year's game was an anomaly. Everyone wants 54-51 like the game from the regular season and that's not good football. Everyone is too invested in fantasy football, including the NFL itself.
    • Like I said, if the defense would have made big plays, I can appreciate it more. But the defense alone was just countless Tackles, and that got boring very very fast.

    • Boring game =\= a bad game. Unless bad to you mean not entertaining.

      A bad game would have been one riddles with shitty calls, bad fouls, refs fucking up.

      A really BAD game would be more entertaining than a well played one.

    • @Armourdillo I consider boring games to be bad games.

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  • weasley8
    I liked it. It was short enough that I could actually get through the whole thing without being bored out of my mind.
  • Burgerboy21
    More than just the game itself:
    As someome who's in it for the commercials, I was HIGHLY disappointed.
    And as you covered briefly, that half-time show was an absolute disgrace.
  • Bananaman177
    It was great if you like real football, but if you only watch football for highlights and fantasy stats, yeah, I guess it was pretty boring.

    • So, what is "real" football then? Just countless Tackles on defense?

    • Literally exactly.

      Football is supposed to be sheer inhuman misery for the players. The whole point of the game is not to test athleticism, agility, and acrobatics, the real point of it is to EXPOSE one's true character, the ultimate test of one's Warrior Spirit.

      True football is a spiritual experience, something that transcends the boundaries of the mere physical and contacts the supernatural realm, a test of human WILL, a test of HEART, a test of COURAGE and CUNNING and STRENGTH.

      Otherwise it's just a rowdy-rough version of soccer out there. Guys getting CTE to amuse drunken retards. A pure waste of everything it purports to exalt in both the players and the concept of Sport as a whole.

  • Iron_Man
    Not the worst Super Bowl ever but the most boring Super Bowl. The big blowouts Super bowls were the worst ever where the other team didn't have a chance and were destroyed AkA annihilated
  • alc24
    I mean kind of. I was expecting some more action. And that halftime show was terrible!
  • Danny_dan92
    FUCK YES!!


    And before anyone asks

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    • s2firestar

      Good. Then you might get even more triggered when you realise that other deflators (like Indianapolis) got away with it.

    • Agree he's a cheater -_-

  • Massageman
    We watched "First Man" from RedBox. Even orbiting the moon was more interesting.
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  • FunkyMonkee
    I wouldn't know, I never waste my time paying attention to such pointless bullshit.
  • GeanieJ78
    It was such a boring game that I didn't even watch it. I only saw the highlights.
  • John_Doesnt
    Most sporting events are boring, that's why you're supposed to be drunk.
  • Lgmswolf024
    It was pretty boring and the halftime show... God no...
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  • stormbreaker06
    In terms of what?

    The Owners still made billions.
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