Why boxing is barbaric and needs to be banned and why it likely never will


Here is my views on boxing, why the sport is liked and why I think it is barbaric

Intentional injury

In the sport of boxing, it seems it serves no valuable lessons in life and gives the incentive that it is okay to cause injury to others even when unprovoked. Nothing good can come out of boxing. People fight up to 36 minutes in a rink that seems that a Hell arena where their only goal is to hurt their opponent.

Boxing shows intentional damage
Boxing shows intentional damage

Death and brain injury


This is a case where a life ended that was unnecessary. 28 year old, Maxim Dadashev died during a match of a brain injury and it saddens and sickens me that such fighting is allowed to happen knowing there is only one goal in mind and it is too cause damage to your opponent.

 Brains shouldn't need to work extra to heal you because you can't refrain from violence

Brains shouldn't need to work extra to heal you because you can't refrain from violence


People have a barbaric blood thrust for violence and pitting 2 fighters together so that people can be entertained from this violence and barbaric roots of battle and domination is a sign that people are not after the well being of others. Nothing about boxing allows for the well being or betterment of society. This goes all the way back to times where people's carnal nature was to see destruction and violence that is not needed. This barbaric sport needs to be called out and protested against.

Boxing is assault and needs to be outlawed
Boxing is assault and needs to be outlawed


People like entertainment, even if it is seeing 2 people punch each other until a brain injury occurs and only stops it after too much injury has occurred but allowing this sport to continue shows you do not love others and care for their well being. Boxing is not needed for protection reasons. We have ways people can defend themselves and people who tolerate such an evil sport can not have righteousness as their chosen virtue.

Thanks for listening and I hope you will share your views.

Why boxing is barbaric and needs to be banned and why it likely never will
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  • Wowgirl30q
    I do MMA I don't like when people comment about sports they don't play.
    It has nothing to do with them
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    Is this still revelant?
    • It is no different than sexual activities you don't engage in.

      You don't engage in bestiality, so that means you can't condemn it or come t on it?

      Also, it seems to only support violence. I think it incites anger in people. Once a boxer retires, they snap easier and resort to violence quicker.

    • I meant comment.

    • Wowgirl30q

      @God-vs-Satan thanks for mho

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  • Anpu23
    My views are from a martial arts perspective. And boxing is like ANY martial arts. I have friends who are boxers, and have trained with boxers but I do not box. So my perspective is somewhat from the outside looking in, but with a lot of first hand knowledge. Therefore what I am going to say applies to all martial arts not just boxing.

    I'm quoting you here "it seems it serves no valuable lessons in life and gives the incentive that it is okay to cause injury to others even when unprovoked." I would like ti address this. I have never met a coach, trainer, master, sensei, teacher or instructor that teaches that unprovoked violence is okay. I've been training for 42 years, I have had the pleasure to know some of the best fighters in the world including Olympic medalists. This is simply not the case. Virtually every fighter I've known has been humble but confident. Because they simply have nothing to prove.
    Now the other half of your statement what social benefits are there in boxing
    1 self discipline - to become a good fighter it takes work. Many hours of hard grueling labor.
    2 there are physical benefits. It's a body building sport.
    3 humility like I said the better you are the more humble you become. It's the result of the training and the mindset.
    4 confidence, fighters are confident people.
    These traits create a better citizen, and in my opinion better people. So there are social benefits as well.
    Have you ever noticed that the kids who train seriously are never bullies, and that the bullies leave them alone? There's a reason for that.
    Anyway that's my $0.02 worth.
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    • Longyanyar

      Thanks for that, it's exactly what I think.

  • dangerDoge
    I would respectfully disagree with the idea of banning boxing.

    To summarize this myTake as I see, I see about 3 main points to your conclusion.
    P1: Boxing causes intentional injury and does not benefit society
    P2: People have gotten serious injuries/died from boxing
    P3: Boxing is equivalent to gladiators and as such is unnecessarily violent
    C: Boxing is unneeded in a modern society (and should be banned)

    I will try and argue all the main points.
    To tackle the first paragraph (P1), you make a statement that boxing serves no valuable lessons in life. Although I believe that to be ultimately false, especially from the boxer’s standpoint, let’s assume this to be true. I do not believe this contributes to the conclusion that boxing should be banned. As an entertainment, I’d argue it does not necessarily need a valuable life lesson. Thinking of other sports, like hockey, rugby, wrestling,, or even basketball, one would be hard-pressed to find a life lesson applied to those that couldn’t be applied to boxing.

    In addition, I’d argue against the intention of hurting an opponent as the goal in boxing. The goal in boxing is to win. Hurting an opponent may be a byproduct, but it’s not the goal. To seriously injure or kill another boxer is not something the sport wants. I’d suspect many boxers do not want that either.

    Evidence can be found by refs stopping a match if there is an injury too bloody/severe for a cutman, or fight physician assessing a fighter is not capable of fighting. Matches are regulated both for weight class (which provide more even matches) and have medical on standby. Fighters are evaluated for HIV/Hepatitis. They have pre/post evaluations. They go through eye tests. They wear gloves and have rules against using elbows or head-butting opponents. It’s all very regulated.

    If it’s not, then it sounds more like a shady underground boxing match, which is already illegal in many areas.

    Moving onto the second point, you mention the case of Maxim Dadashev and his tragic and untimely end. While I agree that it’s sad that he died, I don’t think it’s right to apply this death as representative of the whole. There have been several deaths in other sports too, like in baseball, for instance after being hit by a stray ball. There are little disclaimers on tickets that mention not suing the organization in case of injury/death to the person. Sports in general are not all 100% safe. That doesn’t mean they’re bad or should be banned. Professional sports test the limits of human ability, and these extremities are going to make risks present. The organizations have done what they can to reduce the risks, and the rest is agreed upon by the participators and the audience. Reducing all risks would either remove the human element, or it would make the game bland by changing it up too much. Thus, things are fine the way they are.

    I think likening this to Rome is a far stretch. Yes, they both include fighting, but gladiators were often slaves, there were often deaths/extreme injuries for fighting, they didn’t have medical tech, and the society then was more about pleasing the ones in charge than doing it for yourself. It certainly is a far cry from the regulated modern boxing we have today.

    You can like boxing and still care for people. Saying boxing isn’t needed for protection reasons is a different argument than saying the sport should be banned. It’s not legally defined assault, because not only do the participants have the medical/regulations around, the participants themselves are willing. It’s not like your typical bar brawl.
    • It may be consensual but it is still assault. It is consent to be assaulted.

      Yes. It may not be technically the goal to injure but it is more easy for boxers to resort to primal ways where their blood thrust kicks in. Many times they will go for the kill even after their opponent has no fight left in them.

      I see no purpose in the sport that allows for safety to the fullest. You are hitting people in the temples and head where injuries are easiest to cause permanent brain injury and concussions.

      Sure, baseball and football and tennis may get occasional injuries but the main point is that their main reason is not to hurt their opponent. It seems rather easy to avoid collisions in sports like tennis and bowling. Baseball and football has these collisions at times but most are geared to try avoiding contact. In boxing, you try to make contact.

      I still think voting on the sport should be on the ballots.

      I hope it gets outlawed one day but think it never will and due to money.

  • englisc
    It's none of your business. If you don't like it, don't get in the ring. Don't watch it.
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    • It is my business to stand against unwarranted violence.

      Also my business to share my views.

  • Yes, it’s barbaric but it doesn’t need to be banned. People who choose to fight consent to getting injured and if they’re reckless enough to let someone beat them up for fun, they deserve what they get.
  • Guitar97
    You can say every sport is dangerous and we can all sit and live in plastic bubble wrap. The world these days is made for pussies and wimps. My father explained how it was when he was growing up and it sounds so much better then now. I wish I was born back in an earlier time.
  • Kid619er
    I'd say try it out and ask coaches and fighters themselves learn about this sport more then just this article and from their see if it changes your thought on combat sport
  • TavionRiley
    Ok I do how boxing is "barbaric" it teaches eye to hand coordination, and self impluse control
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  • Redstang88
    So don’t watch it
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    • I don't but it angers me that people like seeing unprovoked violence.

  • Liam_Hayden
    Why totalitarian statists should be banned but never will: People are busybodies.
  • cheekylad
    Boxing is good for you makes u fit healthy and u can earn money from it
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  • Cryptic-Game
    I am not a fan of boxing.