College Sports Rules Need To Be Changed: Play Like A Pro (NFL should NOT adopt NCAA rules on pass interference and DBs.)

One thing that makes a big difference in college sports vs. pro sports is the crazy differences in the rules. These are all major memorable examples over the past few years.

Example 1: Tua Tagovailoa's Injury

If this incident had happened in the NFL, it would've been clipping. The one guy actually grabbed Tua's leg calf and yanked it. They just took Tua out of the whole rest of the season to watch the Iron Bowl fail and also for his injury to affect the start of his NFL draft, but they didn't do anything to those guys who clipped him.
Clipping should be just as serious in NCAA as it is in the NFL.

Example 2: The 1-Second Snap in the Iron Bowl

This whole game was bull. There were so many penalties on Auburn that got declined even in the first half. Bama's WR got like 13 penalties by himself before half-time, and he wasn't removed from the game! On top of that, the kicker got death threats for like the whole rest of the season. (He deserved it but whatever lol) If this had been pro football, wow what a difference it would make.
The 3-second snap should be the same in college and pro.

Example 3: Johnson takes Arizona downfield after getting up.

This is an example of what it SHOULD be like. In college football they would've called it a dead play. 😒 If you're gonna be a pro then you need to play like a pro.
Plays should not end dead when the player carrying the ball is still playing.

#gohardorgohome !

My point: We should be moving forward, not backward. Let's move from ams to pros, not the other way around!

The only thing I think is understandable to transfer is the overtime rules. Sports fans, do you like the OT rules in NCAA or NFL better? I think those of NCAA make more sense and are much more fair, since in NFL OT is chance on who gets the toss and in the pros you get ties, which is kind-of pointless, especially when even in the playoffs and title games they eliminate that possibility.

Recently NFL authorities have actually been debating changing the rules up to more like the college squad, especially with pass interference and defense. NO!!! What do you sports fans of GAG think?

P.S. I think I'm gonna start doing sports takes just for fun, so let me know what you think!

College Sports Rules Need To Be Changed: Play Like A Pro (NFL should NOT adopt NCAA rules on pass interference and DBs.)
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