Simone Biles, Choke or GOAT?

You can’t be the greatest of all time (GOAT) if you leave your team during an Olympic Gold Medal competition. If she had mental issues she should have let other athletes join the Olympic team instead of her. She took up a valuable spot on the team, the coaches gave her time when it could have gone to others and then she withdrew leaving them.

She knew she had problems beforehand and yet put GOAT on her uniform and then choked and bailed. No GOAT would have done that! Putting GOAT on your uniform just sets you up for high pressure. It’s stupid.
Simone Biles, Choke or GOAT?
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1 y
She isn’t the GOAT. GOATs don’t walk out of the biggest event and leave their team to pick up the pieces. She is the NOPE this year.

Kerri Strug vaulting with a broken leg to take home gold for her team is true Olympic determination and grit.
1 y
GOATs don’t leave their team at an Olympics Gold Medal round. That’s not greatness. That’s also what she will be remembered for in the future.

She was unprepared, got stunned by her lack of capability at the games and the extreme compilation provided by the others there and then used a smokescreen to get out and try and gain sympathy.
Simone Biles, Choke or GOAT?
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