7 Examples of Why I Believe Children Should Stay Away From YouTube


I'm going to sound like an old man so bare with me while I explain what influencers online will do to your children.


I am not talking about any parent that has a kid above the age of 16, and I am mostly aiming at those who have a kid under the age of 13.

So if you are 14 - 16 there's only a slight chance this is aimed at your parents, and you as well.

If you follow me you probably have noticed I get angry at YouTube's a lot. Mainly because they are allowed to have a free video sharing platform with thousands of other creators, yet they use it strictly for monetary gain and exploit children in order to do it. But I'm not one to talk considering I post my Animations on YouTube which aren't that great.

I'm telling you this because I am willing to show you that, yes, I am biased, but I usually am more than happy to look the other way when it comes to people being ignorant or even arrogant.

This is an epidemic that has the potential to influence millions of members from the next generation.

So I wish to make this myTake, and explain what I mean in the title. MyTake being...

7 Examples of why I believe children should stay away from YouTube.

1.) Your children are extremely susceptible to gain conditional connections to the app.

YouTube is no longer what it used to be. YouTube went through a phase of being eccentric, to being excessive, to being expletive, to being exploitive.

Most of the parents I will be talking about and to, are presumably milenials. Milenials already have a disadvantage in having the ability to properly connect with their child as a priority to their own device.

LOL, my wife left me for a reason.
LOL, my wife left me for a reason.

Whether you like to admit it or not, you have an unconscious, yet face to face connection with your devices. You rely on them, they bring your friends to you, and they can manage to form social connections with people you've never met.

7 Examples of Why I Believe Children Should Stay Away From YouTube

If you believe that YOU are susceptible to this intense connection, then imagine how much your child is going to feel in terms of connection to you, especially if they are given their own device.

"Wow, I bet PewDiePie likes me as much as my parents like me!"

Connections to this device will only put traffic cones on the bridge between you and your child, causing them to prefer watching YouTube all day than interacting with you. And guess what, YouTube has role models hand picked just for your child if you aren't as strongly connected to them, if not more.

2.) The role models your kid has a chance to run into.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

This man is an influencer to put it LIGHTLY.

Most of his current fan base is over 10 million children fans. He is a YouTube Vlogger (someone who records everything they do during the day) and runs a company / brand he calls team ten. Most members have left due to Jake being a nightmare to be around, but regardless he still has influencers like him star in music videos he produces to promote... Himself.

The reason I believe your kids shouldn't watch him is because even though he's so idiotic that only children could like him, he still set the bar very low even for a child's standards.

"Please turn the camera off if you're going to assault me again"

He is involved in attempted slander, abuse towards his ex's, destruction of public and private property, harassment of mall and restaurant employees, and just harassment in general.

Please let me die in peace.
Please let me die in peace.

He is a migrant from something known as the "viner invasion" which is when a certain video platform died all of these people flooded into YouTube, and causing problems for everyone.

He is very proud of his success, even going as far as to make a music video telling kids that he dropped out of high school, and going to school is a waste of time. He called it "Teacher diss track"


What Jake Paul will teach kids is that the world owes them a chance to be a successful YouTuber, to be like him, and thus leads me to one thing you need to do in order to keep your kids from becoming like this.

3.) PLEASE, crush your child's dreams of becoming a famous YouTuber.

Shut up Mom I'm at work.
Shut up Mom I'm at work.

I'm not being ironic when begging you to not let your kids believe that they are going to be successful on YouTube.

YouTube no longer cares about their consumers as long as they make money, and they definitely don't care about smaller YouTubers who do it as a hobby.

They are a business and will treat their creators like prize poodles until they no longer make them money.

Getting back on track to examples, let's get this guy out of the way.

4.) Logan Paul's undying influence, and the corruption of YouTube showing.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

Unless you've been living under a rock this guy has been the subject of harsh criticism due to the fact that he decided to do a VLog inside a Japan Forrest known colloquially as the "Suicide Forest."

You alive bro?
You alive bro?

Obviously he did something extremely wrong and borderline irredeemable, but he's still allowed to carry on and keep making YouTube money. Now why is that do you think?

Well don't you think it's odd that YouTube had his suicide forest video on the trending page (which is primarily determined by YouTube employee's and slight algorithmic influence)?

And the example is not that Logan Paul could POTENTIALLY encourage this behavior, the fact is he already has.

Thousands of children made their own little YouTube videos defending Logan Paul for his actions, justifying them, saying he did the right thing and that the media is just out to take the mick out of him.

Dear God...
Dear God...

Children recording on their cellphones wearing his merchandise, identifying as "mavericks" and claiming that that's just what he does and that people should respect it. Even going as far as to attack other YouTubers for it condemning his actions.

Why won't they go away?
Why won't they go away?

It's a scary example because these kids have parents, and their parents don't know their defending someone taking the mick out of suicide. Parents that clearly don't care what they do online, or if they do, don't see what this vlogger has done to form a connection with their child stronger than their own. The sort of trust that they have in people they have never met, but yet they practically observe their everyday life to the point that they believe they are part of it.

Which leads me to the next example of why having trust in YouTubers can be a mistake.

5.) KeemStar, the Fake news of YouTube.

KeemStar, AKA Daniel Keem
KeemStar, AKA Daniel Keem

KeemStar is known for having influence in the YouTube community, since he runs a YouTube series he calls "DRAMA ALERT", in which he takes YouTube drama and reports on it. He covers whether or not YouTuber couples are cheating on each other, whether or not they are abusing YouTube's terms of service, or whether or not they have died, gone to jail, or have been banned. He also covers YouTubers that don't like each other, reviews disstracks, interviews these YouTubers and such, in an attempt to clear up any confusion or nuances in the community.

Now on paper this sounds like a good thing, until you put this man behind a microphone that is... He's an idiot.

This man is responsible for so much slander and misinformation that it's ruined some people's lives in the process.


He's accused people of being rapists and pedophiles without any evidence and little research. He is amazing at manipulating information in someone else's favor, and is very good at keeping other YouTubers in debt to him for giving them "exposure". He's a master at making first impressions with false information, and making it so it's too late for others to defend themselves.

He's also famous for resorting to yelling racial slurs when confronted by others, and holding threats over others that if they mess with him he will destroy their channels reputation.

He will teach your kids that any information is reliable and that they should believe it despite having no sources. He promotes arrogance and rage baiting to those who watch him...

And this example is only reinforced by this man.

6.) The enabler of Narcissistic and Psychotic behavior.

Onision, AKA Gregory Daniel Jackson
Onision, AKA Gregory Daniel Jackson

Onision is the self proclaimed "most honest YouTuber. He is known generally as a YouTuber who has very" blunt" opinions regarding most topics.

I will try my best to remain unbiased when talking about him, but I do hate the man, so it will be difficult for me.

Onisions fan base mostly consist of girls in their preteens (12 to 17) and people in their mid 30's.

Onision is known for being "honest" and "blunt", and many people use that term to empower his influence, that he is somehow smart because he is an asshole to people for attention.

Onision is the best example of an absolute Contrarian if there isn't one. He will go out of his way to belittle those who do not agree with him, calling people a "Dumb Bimbo cunt", will make fun of peoples eating disorders by dressing up as them and pretending to purge into a toilet, and tell his fans (which are mostly women under the age of consent) to send him pictures for him to rate, promoting "body positivity".

He teaches people that if you're an unrelenting asshole, then you're just being honest and are absolved of all the problems you create.

When we all (as human beings) know that honesty is not degrading someone else for your own agenda, it's about giving your opinion with the implication that it's how the individual feels, not how everyone else should feel.

Body positivity is not degrading underage girls, destroying their confidence (no matter how many disclaimers you put about it being in good fun) it's about accepting your flaws, and that they doesn't define who you are as a person.

7 Examples of Why I Believe Children Should Stay Away From YouTube

Body positivity is not making fun of someone's appearance by dressing up as them and purging into a toilet, or calling them a skeleton, or calling them a holocaust victim. People starve themselves because they're worried about how the world views them, yet a person with 2 million subscribers feels its ok to take their disorder and laugh at it.

Wow nice one, you really showed her...
Wow nice one, you really showed her...

He has a house in the middle of nowhere so nobody finds out where he lives, he wears a bullet proof vest whenever he goes out so people don't shoot him, he married his wife when he was 26 and she was 17, and tweeted about a girl who was shot at her own concert claiming that it was her own fault.

What an honest (toxic) man!
What an honest (toxic) man!

If you're already a fan of this man please at least be aware that what he does not only angers people, but enables people who want to be like him, and also convinces girls in their teens that Onision is a role model and who they should try to date.

He's arrogant, Narcissistic, and has no more friends on YouTube besides his own wife. So please, just let this man die, don't give him the benefit of the doubt and let your kid watch him. It's very hard to grow up when your role model is a child.

And I do not say this because his fans COULD support him, they already do. When he was in a polygamous relationship with an 18 year old girl and his wife, the girl (named Billie) smoked weed without his knowledge, and he threatened her saying he would kick her out unless she tattoo's the words "I'm a liar" above her ass, and lock herself in a basement.

What an opportunity!
What an opportunity!

Now as fucked up and psychotic as that is, (which he fully and proudly admits to saying btw) his fans rush to his aid and say things like "if I were in a relationship with Onision, I would do anything to make it better." or "if you don't want to be chained up in his basement you're just boring and kink shaming.


Billie never agreed to it and ran away, and now according to him she's a dumb little bitch who got lucky enough to meet him.

This terrifies me, and I hope it at least concerns you.

7.) Your children are very impressionable.

The people are very capable of shaping your child into an arrogant, exploitive, abusive, aggressive, and self entitled human being withing the span of a few months, and the potential for erasing that influence is extremely difficult, especially if they are very young.

The age of the internet is evolving and people like this are allowed to roam free, and I've only scratched the thin surface of everything that's wrong with these creators. Also the password for me to take your rebuttal seriously is "Fruit Cake."

Wrap up.

I do not believe in letting kids get exposed o internet personalities at a young age, and I strongly believe it will create a generation of adults that are entitled, brainwashed, and dysfunctional.

That is my opinion.

Have a great day!

7 Examples of Why I Believe Children Should Stay Away From YouTube
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  • Dreamweaver671
    Very well written but your argument begs two apposing questions. What are the limits of freedom of Speech and Who decides what those limits are? The Supreme Court of the USA has been dealing with this question ever since Qawker. And while I disagree in principles, I fuul agree with what you identify and predict as outcomes.

    Before 1980 and the Deregulation Fade, everything was based on honor and reputation. Reporting was void of emotions and facts were verifiably documented. Somewhere along the way we lost sight of being reputable and truthful in exchange for popular and wealthy. Truth be dammed asking as I reap more cash. The heart of journalistic intirgerty was being stabbed with a spoon thousands of times. Shock and Awe were the battle cry of news stands. Accuracy and credibility tossed into the allies of darkness.
    Yet here we are possed with drawing a line in the sand. I am a firm believer in truth verses consequence. Can we cure the cancer in journalism call glorification? What horn do we give to what mouth? I firmly believe that even a mouse voice should thunder as loud as dynamite. I also believe that what is said is backed with at least mostly truth while speculation and options are fostered. Lies and attacks outright shameful and vindictive are Shamed and Discredited. No one has the power to acclaim righteousness at the expense of truth. Your examples of bad YouTube can be crushed by decent Podcast on the site. We must be parents and not timid.
    Is this still revelant?
    • I'm not saying we can get rid of these people, I'm just saying parents have a choice of what to allow their kid to watch, and if their kid is more connected with the parent they will be less likely to have to worry about them being exposed to garbage like this.

      I'm not suggesting people sue these YouTubers, or even sue the company, but to at least boycott their content, it's the only way to generate a positive and realistic outlook on the future for your kid, because we all know that YouTube is just going to make sure bigger people get bigger and smaller YouTubers stay small, because that's what capitalism is about.

    • I agree with everything except the last sentence. Capitalism is not about making the money. There are other objectives to capitalism like moral ethics, public safety, and quality products. Put that and others in your last sentence and we are singing note for note.

    • True, especially since YouTube has none of those ethics besides censorship rules that they only enforce on smaller YouTubers.

  • EpicDweeb
    SO what you're saying is... restrict youtube due to examples of people who are horrible as influencers and who are popular. Did I get that right? Yet you mentioned how many other popular youtubers (actually most youtubers) called logan paul out on what he did. Keemstar is a meme, Logan Paul is hated by 90% of the community with the other 10% hating him... Basically you sound as though you're saying to restrict something because of the 1% of it that's bad without giving credit to the other 99% that I'd consider good or neutral.

    Now don't get me wrong, too much influence from youtube, or being super focused on youtube or letting control you... all of that is awful and I do think there are issues with just handing your kid a tablet. I don' plan on giving my kids phones until they're able to drive. That's how my family did it and it worked out very well. Youtube is a great platform, it should be no one's dream to make a living off youtube because it's a very unrealistic dream. Yet I'd never discourage my kids from becoming content creators. Giving them an opportunity and a platform to be creative and try out ideas would be very good for them. If somehow it ever blew up and they could make money off of it then that's awesome and I'm happy for them. Point being... I get the flaws and the problems with youtube, but they're not enough for me to give any credence to claims that it ought to be banned.
    Is this still revelant?
    • This is talking about children. And how being exposed to what's popular without supervision can tend to give them behavioral tunnel vision. I am not telling people to ban or restrict YouTube, I am telling parents to be parents.

    • EpicDweeb

      And that is something with which I whole heartedly agree. Supervision is what ought to happen. Apologies for the misunderstanding.

Most Helpful Girls

  • CubsterShura
    Everyone in our house has YouTube restricted because my baby niece watches Spiderman and Elsa videos and we do not want inappropriate videos to pop up. We stopped her when we were afraid that it might damage her eyes.

    But I have to say one thing. If it's controlled and as long as you are watching that they are only watching cartoon and stuff in moderation then it's alright. My niece learned the alphabet and nursery rhymes by watching YouTube. She is really stubborn with food so sometimes we have to show her favorite cartoon on YouTube while feeding her. She does watch it at times, in moderation.

    I'm talking about toddlers here definitely. But for kids who are 7 and above it does start getting worse (saying from a horrible personal experience don't ask what it is). I agree with you on that.

    I myself did not watch YouTube until I was 14 or 15 I guess. I mainly started watching makeup tutorials. Before that I just watched some online game videos and listened to music since I was 13. Fortunately, I have never been the kind of child to get curious and end up on the weird inappropriate places of the Internet.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Omg not the Spiderman and Elsa videos...

    • Why not? I saw nothing inappropriate in it. She even has an Elsa costume which she loves. We once went to a wax museum and she was ecstatic seeing Spiderman there. She loved those videos when she was 2-3.

    • There are a lot that are pretty in appropriate for her age (at the time) but I hope your daughter didn't see those examples...

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  • Schrodingerscat
    Great take. Never understood the big deal about Paul brothers and their little fans.

    Anyway, YouTube is bad for younger kids like say 2-6 too.

    My cousin usually turns on YouTube while feeding my 2 y. o. niece, a habit which I don't like but can't do nothing about.

    There are videos directed towards children of this age that contains disturbing themes like violence, sexual stuff etc, disguised as videos of their favourite characters like Elsa, Spiderman, Mickey mouse etc.

    Google Elsagate. It's real.
    Is this still revelant?
    • I know about Elsa gate, it's disgusting to watch and I'm an adult.

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  • CHARismatic110
    YouTube isn't the place for children. One wrong video and you're down the rabbit hole of negativity and horrible things. My 6 year old niece wants to start a channel making videos about her doll clothes and such and she can't understand why my sister is absolutely against it.
  • Hannah591
    This very quickly turned into a Logan and Onision take, lol. I'm ashamed that I subscribed to Onision and thought some of this vids were entertaining, but when I realised what a psychopathic abuser he is, I quickly unsubscribed!
    • True, I'm a little biased but I try my best

    • Is it sad that when I saw his pic above, before seeing the name, not knowing what he was, and thought "that guy looks like a couple of people I know... That all happened to be abusive and controlling"?

    • @dragonfly6516 they all have a way they like presenting themselves.

      He thinks trying to look intimidating is sexy, when he's thirty with a wife in her 20's, and all the picture does is make him look like a Neanderthal.

  • StrangerByTheDay
    Certainly am having a great Sunday morning reading your take my friend and I don't like "Fruit Cake", would prefer a nice vanilla or chocolate cake myself :-)

    Let me start by saying "THANK YOU" for pointing how technology is ruining society, which I have been trying to make for years now. People are indeed brainwashed and always seek "Virtual Approval" of their images, and here come people like those psychopaths recording a stupid dumb video and posting it all over the internet, but worst, it becomes a huge hit and they become Icons, sad but true.

    Personally I only access YouTube to check out a song or tutorial to how to fix or do something, yes, in case am having a problem with my car for example, I will check a video of a mechanic fixing it before going to a garage, sometimes it saves me good money. Other times, it is only to check a song I don't have on my HDD already or playlist, or to share the link to a song with somebody. And well, it is easier to check for movies and series trailers on YouTube than other places.

    Totally agree with you my friend with everything you said, and I want to quote few things you have said as well:
    "it's about accepting your flaws, and that they doesn't define who you are as a person" - people are not aware of the fact they are a SOUL not a BODY. What they see in the mirror is not them, as for they change, 5 years old, 10 years old, 20 years old, 40 years old, etc... they will always change, but the SOUL they are, is WHO THEY REALLY ARE. If a person needs help, let them check it out with a professional psychologist, not another dumb person who thinks he is allowed to do whatever he wants. Those bloggers are just the same as corrupted politicians. They just manipulate the new generations for a future OBEDIENT adults.

    What bothers me most is how people look up to them instead of being their own selves and being who they really are instead of being what OTHERS want them to be.

    Message to those stupid vloggers:
    You got an opinion to say honestly, well nobody has the right to stop you, but at least prove yourself right with good arguments, and also mention ALTERNATIVES. You think somebody looks skinny, well say it and advice that person how they can approve their health with a better diet and healthier lifestyle! And same goes for other S**T you post.

    I am old fashioned, I will certainly play basketball with my future child instead of letting him spend hours behind a screen.

  • VaIiant
    This pretty much turned into a Logan Paul bashing sesh in the first few sentences.

    My parents, dad especially, didn’t allow me to be on YouTube till I was around 14ish, and even then it was HIGHLY monitored. I also wasn’t allowed to have social media growing up, with the exception of Snapchat due to circumstances, and looking back, I should call my parents and applaud and thank them.
  • binarybabe001
    nice job! You brought up a lot of valid points about why you tube should be monitored by parents when young children are using it. But, tbh I think that number #3 of your examples is a pretty tall order that parents probably won't do and kids won't stop trying at and you can blame that miserable f*** Justin Bieber for that one.
  • Figen
    I like that you posted this rant. My son is 17 now and has youtube but prior to that I had let him I wanna say around 13 possibly 14 but then I wasn't aware of how much it had changed hence the surprise I found when checking up on his phone lol. It's safe to say that jazz was taken away until he got a bit wiser and older and after long talk on youtube and critiquing settings for what he is exposed to lol. I have to say this new youtube and all that it brings is appalling at times.
  • Temporal_Ice
    With the advent of technology comes connection, and that brings in the good and bad. Any community is going to have a toxic portion, and it is our duty to teach our kids about the dangers and to stay away from it. If people stop watching these youtube stars who are awful people, then they will disappear. I'm not saying that you turn the plug off of youtube and things like that, but just do a watch. And maybe youTube should start enforcing policies and stuff.
  • 11110000bbbb
    I Mainly Watch:
    Adam Saleh
    Ali Dawah
    Kareem Jovian
    Dina Tokio
    Family Freedom
    Godless Cranium
    And Various Others.
    The last two I mentioned I don't watch too often but some videos are interesting.
    • I don't think All of YouTube is bad but I agree with this.
      Teens should be careful what they watch.

  • apple24
    As a babysitter I see it often or not kids watching kids on YouTube with their parents. So what? Money is money. I understand your concern but it’s stupid to try to shelter kids from all evil. If the kid watches something weird then explain it to him or tell him he can only watch the things his parents approved on. Maybe if your that concern talk to your kids on what’s good and what’s bad and why. Anyway, you shouldn’t let kids sit in front of the TV all day anyway! It’s unhealthy.
  • wyldun
    i dont think any child under 18 should have access to the internet at all, or cellphones and social media, they are mature or repponsible enough to deal with that kind of trash, as parnets we are supposed t protect our kids, not poison them
    • Lance1965

      I agree.

    • There are people who are 18 or older who are not mature enough either.

    • wyldun

      @MysteriousDarkness agreed, way too many, but society says they are adults

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  • Trollfather
    " I strongly believe it will create a generation of adults that are entitled, brainwashed, and dysfunctional. "

    But this has already happened. At this point, they should be shown the positive side of YouTube and learn to think for themselves.

    The internet is an amazing place because it offers a wide range of views, views you would never get from TV. Any idiot with a camera can film himself and get views. And although it's toxic, if you learn to think critically you'll see the truth.
  • dragonfly6516
    I'm honestly still very new to using YouTube for anything more than something I specifically Google for an answer. I really don't know about the dark side.
  • Astraea
    Nice but I think you're fighting a losing battle (like mine with porn).

    #6 is just reflective of every troll online. Guys on here behave exactly the same as that douchebag.
  • clampfan101
    YouTube should have good parental control. Like requiring videos to have an age limit if felt necessary, needing a parent’s password to watch them, and deletion of a video seen or flagged by users to not have a proper age tag. (Previously made videos blocked until the poster chooses their proper age limits with an e-mail being sent to them telling them to do so.)
    Like my idea? :)
  • NickoN
    you sound like an old grumpy grandfather,
    what is with you Americans wanting to ban everything for everyone?
    • If you had read the myTake, you'd know I don't want to ban it.

    • In fact if you even read the title...

  • BeHappy1985
    I'll mark you down as someone who is against education/exploration.
    • Jake Paul literally made a diss track against teachers saying that they don't teach you anything useful...

      But I guess I'm the one who is against education I guess...

    • So what? It is up to the individual to distinguish what is right and what is wrong, what is the truth and what is a lie. Learning is a process, but even school teach things that are no longer true simply because it would be too expensive to print new textbooks. There can never be too much information. Another example, religion, it is all bullshit yet it has milions of followers. Just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean people should be blocked from accesing it.

    • Children in this generation have so little connection with actual people in their life to the point that they believe this man's opinion more than the people who make 35 k a year and want to see students actually succeed in life.
      While Jake Paul antagonizes the belief in actual education just because he got lucky and became Vine famous.

      Children do not suddenly decide against what Jake Paul is saying unless it directly attacks them, and who is to say they won't even if he does.

      Children are sponges, they absorb anything that they can. An education is the pursuit of knowledge, and these YouTubers are just intolerant and opinionated to the point of manipulation of information.

      False information is not educational, looking though a trash can is not exploration, and there are PLENTY of ways a child can be "educated" without using YouTube.

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  • IlyaTheImpaler
    Yes children are very impressionable, their view are easily influenced by youtube celebrities, rappers or some edgy guy on the internet, but not their math teacher for example
    • I know right?

      But maybe because their Math teacher is not Jake Paul 😂

    • @Schrodingerscat I could be better looking than Jake Paul but if I teach children younger than me how to find greatest common divisor of polynomials using Euclidean algorithm they never pay me any attention, true story.

    • Jeez Jake Paul looks like... potato 😂
      He has something that their Math teacher can't have (in most cases) charisma- ability to influence people in their favour. And entertainment value.

      Besides people are conditioner to perceive math as boring and difficult

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  • Logorithim
    Good points. I control very carefully what my kids see on You Tube, and these are some of the reasons why.
  • bethshepherd
    People should learn that real life is far more important than so called friends and a life online.
  • SamaLok
    I remember when youtube used to be a video sharing website of people's interests and hobbies. Now all I see is an advert before an video, only to be met with another advert XD Just rename it Ourtube already!
  • ScaryCool
    It's sad because I started watching YouTube around 12-13 but youtube was much different back then as opposed to now. I rarely use it for anything besides some music, memes and trailers and how-tos.
    I wasn't impressionable as some of these kids that I'm seeing , but then again were talking 8-10 year olds getting on there and making vids while I'm wondering where the hell ANY parental supervision is happening during this. Internet is NOT new anymore but people are treating it like it is, like they don't know the cautions or signs of what to look out for. It's sad.
  • Shauny_B
    I would extend this to say I think we need to adjust our relationship and mentalities with the internet as a whole.
    The internet has now become central to the lives of many living in developed countries. However the influences are very powerful and are changing the way we behave and treat each other.
    To illustrate my point, I recall an article where a woman had been struck by a train, and while she was being worked on, someone pulled out his phone in order to take a selfie with her being worked on in the background.. so sickened was someone on the platform that they took a picture of him taking the selfie.
    The moment people now value likes, shares and comments on a virtual world OVER the reality of living in the real world is a time I say we got to better educate people to have a healthier relationship with the internet. Right now, it's more destructive socially than constructive.
  • BonnieBunny
    Remember when youtube was a fun site where people made weird yet entertaining videos just for the fun of it?

    I remember those times
  • LeaLee
    Great Take! You have very strong points. I agree with you 100%
  • Nik1hil
    My younger brother...
    A brilliant student..
    Always scored above 90%..
    Quit his education after high school and is no suffering mental illness.. Just because he watched too much YouTube..
    Conspiracy theory...
    Aliens theory...
    Fake science
    Flat earth

    The brilliant student is now a psychotic bowl of shit now..
    At least till age of 21.. Monitor their activities..
    Look at my parents after so much has happened..
    Even since I told them.. They are still letting him surf YouTube..
    He is already in depression and I am pretty sure he will commute suicide.. Soon..
  • rjroy3
    Parents of today just need to treat Youtube like the parents a generation back treated TV. Use moderation, make sure you know what your kids are watching and have parental controls. Give a damn to look after your kids, rather than just saying you CAN'T do X, Y, Z EVER. If you're going to say something isn't allowed you need a very strong reason to justify it. If you don't, then you're going to raise a child who will do things behind your back with their friends, because you decided to rule them with an iron fist, while making unreasonable calls.
  • He-Loves-Me-Not
    Jake Paul faked a service dog, that’s already a deal breaker for me let alone all the other stuff. We rely on our fully trained dogs to save our lives. One fake dog and a distraction could kill a handler. An aggressive dog could kill a service dog. We spend over $25,000 to get our dogs fully trained and reliable, and one fake could ruin it all in a matter of seconds. They could attack them, distract them, etc.

    These people are horrible. It's terrifying to think children watch this kind of content every day. They’re exposed to things they should not be exposed to at their age. More parents should read this MyTake.
  • LegateLanius
    Thank you. I think it's bad to give kids devices at a really young age, anyway. This reinforces that.
  • bubble_tea
    You gave great examples. Toddlers should stay away from the internet altogether.
  • DaniDarcys
    Never post your real name on public pages. I made that mistake & can't delete it. If they hit reply. you're screwed
  • Dchrls78104
    I think you failed to mention the elephant in the room--- the paedophiles.
  • monkeynutts
    Yeah your right. Parents should be paying attention to who their kids talk to online.
  • Silver158
    I didn't read it tbh (too long and I don't have much time). But, I do believe kids should be kept away from youtube. My nephew idolises youtube gamers to the point where he would rather watch them play the latest game than play it himself. Hell, I bought myself a Nintendo Switch a few months ago and he said "Are you a youtuber?" Then proceeded to tell his mum that I was going to be a youtuber...

    So there is definitely a high degree of influence involved and it's entirely the wrong type of influence for young kids.
  • Alexandrianaleigh
    I'm intrigued
  • WildJen
    I agree but no one can stop it
  • RolandCuthbert
    Youtube is bad for adults too.
    • That's true but adults actually have enough knowledge to choose the content they consume, so it's their choice to be influenced by these people.

    • Oh I get you. Just agreeing. Youtube is hellish.

  • psychoticallyawkward
    I agree. Those youtubers are a bad influence.
  • Penelope_
    I really like this take and agree with you 100%
  • theCatcherintheRye
    Omg yes! Finally someone who pointed this out.
  • Desconhecida
    Interesting. Im deleting this crap
  • GayHowellMeme
    Okay I'll stop using YouTube
  • Kandy-Kane
  • AmBoi
    Welcome to the future old man.
  • hammeronfire
    all the people i expected to be here are here lol.
  • CT_CD
    I agree. Great myTake
  • ovoxo_
    Keemstar and Logan Paul are my favorite youtubers
  • Revolver_
    @GayHowellMeme will stop using YouTube
  • Anonymous
    You don't sound like an old man, you sound like somebody who knows what he's talking about...
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Interesting things