Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available


I’m a firm believer in the advancement of technology that is used responsibly and ethically. While pigheaded skepticism is a big obstacle for the advancement of technology; with this new decade, one has to wonder what the 2020s will bring. With that being said, here are some technologies that may soon be available within a decade or a few more decades.

1.) Lab grown genitalia: For several years scientists have been researching ways to create lab grown genitalia. In 2014 breakthroughs were made and lab grown penises showed promise. In 2016, the US military started funding research into a new technology that grows testicles in a lab. This technology is meant to help wounded soldiers who’ve lost function to their genitals. So far they’ve managed to grow a testicle but it was almost microscopic in size. The idea is to take dna from the individual and create a fully functioning replacement of the individual’s reproductive system, so the guy can regain access to sexual activity and reproduction.

No that’s not how they look
No that’s not how they look

2.) Bionic senses: The concept of helping the deaf hear and the blind see is a very old concept that only recently has shown progress via special glasses that can help partially blind people see slightly better, while the hearing impaired can hear better with cochlear implants. The futuristic idea is to create bionic eyes that connect to the brain and thus allow the blind to see as clear as day. While research is also being invested into creating bionic hearing for the deaf to hear clearly.

Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available

3.) Regenerative limbs and cybernetics: The ultimate goal is to create better ways to help the maimed(injured vets, victims of accidents etc) regain full access to their limbs. Currently prosthetics are what allow the maimed to move about but prosthetics are too cumbersome even the most advanced prosthetics are cumbersome. Which is why research is being invested into ways of regrowing lost limbs and also creating cybernetics, one has to wonder if these two researches will eventually compete against each other for supremacy. In the long run, I think the technology to regrow limbs will triumph since most people would rather have their own lost limb(s) back than look like a machine. Currently there’s a special type of prosthetic being developed that grows with the person wearing it.

Prosthetic that grows with the person
Prosthetic that grows with the person

4.) Cures for life threatening ailments(aids, als, Alzheimer’s, cancer etc) Medical research has come so far in the sense that many ailments that were once life threatening are merely nuisances nowadays. But there are still certain life threatening ailments such as als, Alzheimer’s and cancer that continue to plague humanity as a result of there being no definite cure. While cancer treatment(conventional and unorthodox) has greatly advanced to the point that survival rates going up, there’s still a long way to go before we develop a treatment option with a 100% chance success rate. Alzheimer’s also continues to plague humanity although new research has shown that aerobics and certain diets can help prevent it. Unfortunately Alz still has no noticeable breakthroughs except for ways of slowing it down.

Ginger is know to be a super good which can alleviate many ailments.
Ginger is know to be a super good which can alleviate many ailments.

5.) Earthquake prediction technology: Science has actually made a few breakthroughs by creating devices that can sense earthquakes a few seconds before they occurr to send out early warnings. While a few seconds may seem laughable, during an earthquake every second counts. For many people even 1 second can be the difference maker during an earthquake. Many nations that are frequently ravished by earthquakes like Japan already have access to “Earthquake Early warning” systems. In fact the EEW is credited with saving many Japanese lives during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. The goal of research into this technology is to create a device that predict Earthquakes in advance to minimize as many casualties as possible.

6.) Spider silk: Spider silk is already used for clothes but it isn’t mainstream and is highly expensive. Spider silk is considered to be a highly durable fabric that has higher tensile strength than steel. The goal is to be able to create synthetic spider silk for general use such as construction, electronics and fashion.

Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available

7.) Matrix style video game virtual reality: It’s no secret that virtual reality is rapidly developing in the video game community. Many video games are already ported into virtual reality capable gaming consoles, one has to wonder how far this technology will go, will it eventually reach the capabilities of “ready player one” and eventually the “matrix”. It can be scary if the wrong people acquire such technology like in the “evil within”. But if it is used for purely benign reasons such as therapy, it can definitely do wonders for the video game community.

Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available

8.)Cultured meat: The concept of cultured meat has been successful so far. Certain types of cultured meat already exist but they haven’t made it to the market yet. But within the next 10 years, cultured meat may soon become a mainstream although the only concerns are whether or not this type of meat is safe.

Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available

9.)Superhuman abilities: For those who watched Stan Lee’s super humans, you know that there’s people who can do some extraordinary things. Aside from them, the concept of humans acquiring enhanced attributes like strength, speed, reflexes, intelligence etc may seem like fiction but there has been some research into such technology that can grant humans such abilities. Currently there is some research going into bionic tech that may enhance human strength.

Will super soldiers soon become a reality?
Will super soldiers soon become a reality?

10.)Self repairing fabrics: The concept of fabrics that can repair themselves like how skin can heal over time is currently being worked on and appears to be making swift progress. Imagine clothes that can repair themselves.

Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available

11.) Advanced planes: The concept of a rocket plane that can get you from New York to Tokyo in mere minutes is a very old concept, often shown in the real of science fiction but may soon be science fact as there is research being invested into hypersonic planes that can cross continents in around an hour in a half.

Rocket plane from the tv show “Man in the high castle”
Rocket plane from the tv show “Man in the high castle”

12.) paper thin foldable smartphones: Imagine a paper thin foldable smartphone that can fit in your wallet. Some companies are currently dabbling with this concept.

Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available

13.)Skin age reversing/halting technology: Nobody wants to get look old. For many years, the idea of finding a way to halt aging has always been dabbled with. From myths like the fountain of youth to creams and surgeries, the idea of reversing or halting skin aging has eluded humanity for so long. We’ve barely found ways to slightly slow down aging. But who knows, maybe within a few decades we’ll perhaps find a way to prevent skin from aging.

Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available

14.)Reverse balding: Every guy knows that as they get older there’s a chance they’ll start to look more and more like Mr. Clean. But the good news is that in recent years, new treatments have been developed that allow balding guys to regrow some of their hair in the early stages of balding. One user on this website even posted a take on his experience with such treatment. In a few decades, perhaps balding will know longer be an issue.

Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available

15.)insta healing: The ability to heal any type of wound like a video game character heals a wound is slowly but surely making progress as new technology to accelerate healing is being developed.

Star Trek instant healing Technology
Star Trek instant healing Technology

16.) Water out of thin air: The ability to “make” water of thin air is a type of technology that the world desperately wants and needs as a result of the fear of water running out being a global concern. The good news is that there has actually been progress made in developing such technology and it’s not out of the question. Currently fog catching technology can be used to supply water to areas with scarce water.

17.) Manually fabricate oxygen: The technology to make oxygen already exists believe it or not and some ambitious individuals are planning on using said technology to terraform mars in the future. But to provide fabricated oxygen in a similar way that electricity is provided to the masses is still a few decades away. But we all know that the easiest way to get oxygen is through photo synthesis via trees and plants.

Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available

18.)Natural disaster proof buildings: With new architectural designs and technology constantly being produced, there have also been architectural designs meant to resist earthquake or tornado damage. At this pace, the amount of damage, injuries and fatalities caused by earthquakes and tornadoes could be greatly reduced with natural disaster proof building

Chile being frequently hit by earthquakes, had had to adapt by building earthquake resistant buildings
Chile being frequently hit by earthquakes, had had to adapt by building earthquake resistant buildings

19.)Safer transportation:Imagine the day car crashes no longer exist or can survive impact without scratches. Imagine airplanes that can survive crashes without blowing up or getting demolished. Imagine airplanes that never crash. Etc. In fact, self driving cars may soon be a common sight, vehicle to vehicle communication may help decrease car crashes and The concept of detachable airplane cabins with parachutes has been proposed.

Vehicle to vehicle communication
Vehicle to vehicle communication

20.) Anti gravity technology: Anti gravity technology is currently just speculation. Nobody knows if anti gravity technology is possible. But the truth is that there has been research invested in studying the possibility of Anti gravity being possible, particularly by the US military whose been researching it since the 1950s. Should anti gravity turn out to be real, it can potentially be used to create means of destroying wandering black holes that threaten Earth. There are ways of making things levitate but no technology that can temporarily cancel out gravity exists yet.

Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available

Honorable mention)Interplanetary travel: While we probably won’t be visiting the Earth clone planets any time soon, some astronauts may soon land on mars within a decade or so. The concept of interplanetary travel isn’t just to show that it’s possible, in the long run it can actually benefit humanity. Imagine astronauts in the distant future discovering new metals and materials on different planets to further improve technology, new energy sources, more resources, new medicinal properties etc. But when interplanetary travel becomes a reality astronauts do need to be careful because you never know who or what is out there.

Benevolent or malevolent?
Benevolent or malevolent?






















Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available
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  • Well some of those are starting to be implemented. For instance self repairing concrete and self repairing plastics are already in use. They are also creating smart roads that would be able to send signals when their are traffick jams or crahses to alleviate them and get help (they are just starting these now).

    They also are researching how sound waves can affect healing. One study found that bones would heal 30% faster when subject to certain ultrasonic frequencies. They also have created compounds that can create "scaffolding" for tissue allowing for tissue to grow and fill voids in the body. This combined with compounds that have proven to generate new blood vessels could very soon be used to repair brain damage (as the holes created from strokes etc. are large enough that cells cannot move across to properly fill it so it just fills with scar tissue and remains open. This scaffolding they created could allow a frame for the cells to grow across the gaps and fill it in and repair the damage).

    Lots of fascinating discoveries out their. Hell we even have new material science like graphene and super steel (an alloy of aluminum, Steel and nickel that has the same strength to weight ratio of titanium steel but is ten times cheaper). Fascinating stuff going on in the world of science and technology.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • CuteNerd9
    This is a very interesting read, thank you for posting. Also, thank you for the reference links. Seeing where the world will take us in technological advances is both exciting and scary.
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  • Daniela1982
    You've been having nightmares again? That's all this stuff will ever be is dreams for most of them. As for water out of the air. I can already do that with a dehumidifier that takes moisture out of the air and drops it in a tank. If I run it on humid days I can get a whole tank of water by nightfall.
    • @daniela1982
      Significant progress and breakthroughs have already been made in all 20 of these as you can tell by the references.

      And what do nightmares have to do with this?

    • it was referencing "You're dreaming" A play on words.

  • humanearth
    Yeah I not for any of them. Specially the cars. I only own and buy cars that either have no computer or electronics or when I can completely remove them.

    The newest car I have ever own is a 1989 Chevy pick up. I was able to remove all computer and electronics

    My oldest is a 1927 Ford Model A

    I can't stand cars that control me and me controlling them
    • @humanearth

      Tell that to the crippled, the emasculated and the terminally ill.

    • What about the people who lived in the 1840s and before. They didn't have that stupid shit and they lived

    • @humanearth
      It’s called the gradual progression of technology. Technology continues to advance whether you like it or not.

      If we could resurrect a few people from the 19th century, you can’t seriously expect them to to instantly understand what a smartphone is. To them it would be magic or science fiction.

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  • Shamalien
    I'm a firm believer that anti grav technology will not exist until the world wide slavery system is destroyed, or at least America fully breaks free from it. Many inventors have come up with many paradigm altering technologies throughout the 20th century, and anything that threatened the current power monopolies of the time was simply prevented from ever getting out.

    We would be living in such a future... you can only imagine... you look at how fast new technologies were developing until the 60s, and then all of the sudden, everything just ground to a halt... in terms of pioneering technology that is. Revolutions like the internal combustion and jet engines, radio, tv, computing, no new paradigms were introduced, just improvements on existing concepts. The fact that we still drive around in cars with wheels is absurd and should be regarded as such. The way be build houses, just as goofy, we aren't making use of the discoveries we already have! In a certain Ford museum in America, you will find Ford's concept for the house of the future. It's toroidal in shape and suspended from a single steel pole, so it can go anywhere and needs no foundation.

    My point being, there's no point ogling over cool tech without understanding why we don't and can't have it currently. I want it just as bad as you but you'd better fking hope you're not the guy that comes up with it in this current paradigm XD
  • jkm1864
    I would say artificial partners would greatly enhance humanity because it would get rid of loneliness and mental illness and lower the earths population over time. Women will scream bloody murder about it but it has to happen eventually.
  • PBandJ_Nerd
    I'm waiting for a self-driving car that doesn't kill somebody. Maybe when I'm 25 there might be one that doesn't do that. But you still have to learn to drive with those in case the car itself decides to crash into something.
    • anniisa

      what if people hack into the cars and cause accidents... thats a whole new level of murder investigation

    • @anniisa They should build a security system that stops that, most likely. I would just hope the GPS for the car itself doesn't have to come from your phone. Otherwise, you are in huge trouble then.

    • anniisa

      People manage to hack into baby monitors... I'm pretty sure someone would manage to hack into a cat at some point.

      ... I would pass on the car, thanks 😂

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  • scott04sa22
    I have the new generations of flip phone using Android. The Motorola Razr 2019/2020Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available
  • Hermes-Paris
    Awesome things to come for sure. But no self perpetuating beer yet. Never have to get up and go the fridge for another again. Well maybe in 2120.
  • Bandit74
    These are cool but it's hard for me to be optimistic/excited because it seems like these kind of things are always just a decade away but never actually come to fruition.
  • Whatthefluff
    This is awesome, but I feel that some of these things are used already in the current time for uber-rich people
  • zagor
    I don't think interplanetary travel will ever be a matter-of-fact thing. Yeah, maybe we can set up colonies on Mars, but they will likely be heavily dependent on Earth. And getting back and forth will be expensive and time-consuming.
  • ryancg
    A cybernetic knee brace sort of like the one in Dark Knight Rises would certainly be nice, at least then I wouldn't have to walk with a cane. People stare.
  • elisa_0
    I love all of these!
    All I want is to be able to live until I decided it was enough living (hundreds of years) 😂
    • If you stay on GaG long enough that time may come sooner than you want.

    • elisa_0

      Cannot argue with that

  • NightOwl8801
    I'm all for improving life and advancement of technology.
    I hope they can do most if not all of those things in the near future
  • Yaaten
    Well, I'm glad I will not live to see this bleak future, a future where everything is controlled by machines.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Very Cool Stuff. How do we stop China from stealing it all?
  • jasco
    I do that half of those become true and i hope they come true in my life time
  • DCooper
    Those are cool and all, but how's the bipedal android sammich maker coming along? :p
  • Conspiracy_Theorist
    seem pretty boring to me.
    • More like useful

    • Not really...

    • That’s what everyone says about smartphones, yet most people still use them.

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    Eh. Let's focus on the more important stuff.
    • This is all important stuff.

    • Yaaten

      No it's not. It's just more gadgetry we just don't need. Self-driving cars? I won't be getting one, that's for sure.

  • Crankor
    Problem with advancment is greed.
  • BoxySama
  • Annewithane
    Its amazing
  • msc545
    Very interesting - thanks!
  • MagicalHero212
    Im not sure