Are you comfortable going places alone or do you NEED a companion around?

I enjoyed Vegas alone. A lot of people assume you need a group of friends but you really dont. The strangers there easily become your friends and you hangout like you’ve known eachother for years. I did not enjoy the club but i’m totally fine going to the pool alone. I also like going to the casino alone as I’m focused on making my money. Im fine going to a restaurant alone because I usually sit at the bar and flirt.
I haaaate going to the mall, grocery store, and movies alone lol. I need someone to walk and talk with. I’m fine traveling out of state alone but im not fine traveling out of the country alone. I want to go to so many of the theme parks we mentioned yesterday but that is not a place I want to go to alone. I’m all about coasters but refuse to ride them alone lol. All my family and friends fear coasters. The few acquaintances who would ride are likely to flake on another trip, so there's that. I went apartment hunting alone in another state but that was fun and may as well be comfortable since I’ll be alone once i move there.
Overall, I prefer traveling places alone because I can do what I want when I want. I’m definitely the type to walk off from the group and go off alone. Thats just me. I’m not a people person and can't hang with someone for more than 2 hours a day because they piss me off quite quickly.
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Its weird. When i’m in a familiar place around town, i need someone with me. However, when im out of town and alone, i feel so relaxed and confident. I tell myself “these people dont know me, so if i do something to embarass myself, it won't matter much” lmao
Are you comfortable going places alone or do you NEED a companion around?
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