Guy friend wants to see a movie at his house aloneee... WHAT DO I DO?

I've been talking to this guy online for a month now. We worked together at the movie theater. I had just started when he quit so I only really worked with him a couple of times. He messaged me on my birthday and we've been talking every day ever since. We have a ton of fun talking because we have really similar senses of humor but I don't like him as anything more than a friend - I think. He's also 5 years older than me - Im 19, he's 24. We hung out for the first time outside of work and alone a few days ago. We went to see Spiderman at the theater (a public place) and we both had fun and it was definitely not a date despite him picking me up. We've kept texting since that day and today we were talking about horror movies and I guess I brought this onto myself when I said that I'm too much of a wimp to watch horror movies alone. I didn't mean for it to sound like an invitation but he took it as one and he was like do you wanna watch them with me? I didn't answer his question but he went ahead and rented a couple of horror movies from the library that we were talking about and he asked me what days i had off.

Now i'm stuck. I'm not comfortable going to this guys house to watch movies with him alone. I could ask him to invite our other coworkers but the problem with that is I'm new so im not nearly as close with the coworkers as he is and im pretty sure one of them hates me lol so it would be weird for me to be there as a random person while the rest of them have been long time buddies. Do I just go and hope for the best? Or do I suggest that we go see a horror movie in the theater instead? Or like literally anything else would help. he's a really great friend but I only want to keep this guy as a friend and even if I developed feelings for him, I know nothing could happen because it would get too complicated and I don't want that. so basically WHAT DO I DO?
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So i just told him the truth. Kind of. I told him about my parents and how they wouldn't let me go to a guy's house alone and he totally understood! But now he wants to do something else. Something other than going to see a movie. What can we do without it seeming like a date? I suggested going to a board game cafe but i know no matter where we go people will think we're dating or something when i want to just be a completely platonic friend with him.
Guy friend wants to see a movie at his house aloneee... WHAT DO I DO?
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