The Digital Homicide Fiasco

The Digital Homicide Fiasco

I don't know if you've heard of any of this so lets start from the beginning.

Back in 2014, a game developer known as Digital Homicide Studios released a terrible game about zombies called The Slaughtering Grounds on Steam. Now, as any Steam user knows, there are a lot of terrible games that get uploaded everyday. What really kicked this whole fiasco off was that after it was released with the price of 9.99 and it was reviewed by the rather well known games journalist Jim Sterling.

The Digital Homicide Fiasco

Now let's get one things straight: The Slaughtering Grounds should not have been released AT ALL. Lets get down to why.

1. First, it had stolen assets; it was discovered that the blood texture was take RIGHT FROM GOOGLE IMAGES.

The Digital Homicide Fiasco

When I said right from Google Images, yeah it was right from one of the first few results and they didn't even remove all the white background as you can see.

2. The assets it did use, it just used a standard unity pack. These guys literally bought assets from the Unity store and used them in the game when Unity assets are meant as placeholders.

3. In several ways it was less technologically advanced than the original Doom. You know how in the original Doom if you have one weapon and you come across ammo for another weapon in your inventory, you get ammo for that other weapon? Well, despite being released in 2014, a full twenty-one years after the original Doom, The Slaughtering grounds devs couldn't code in multiple ammo types. You only got ammo for the weapon in your hand.

Another way it was less technologically advanced than Doom is the fact that in Doom there were proper level ends. In The Slaughtering Grounds, the level was over after fifteen minutes and it didn't matter if you killed all the enemies in three minutes, meaning you had no objective for twelve minutes. You had to wait twelve real life minutes for the next level.

There are actually a ton more problems with it but we gotta move on or we'll be here all day. So when Jim Sterling reviewed it, Digital Homicide decided to send a copyright strike against him to take his video down at least temporarily, but you actually had to start legal action after a certain amount of time or the video was re-uploaded and it ended up getting put back.

Jim Sterling was threatened with legal action a month or so after but nothing came of it. Digital Homicide kept releasing terrible shovelware and Sterling kept calling them out when in March of this year, they launched A TEN MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT AGAINST Jim Sterling, though Digital Homicide openly admitted to not having enough money for a good enough attorney and turned to crowd-sourcing which for their various acts of douchbaggery (a lot of which I've had to skip) and the fact that they really never released anything but shovel-ware it failed.

Now anyone following his videos thought it had come, the big showdown.

The Digital Homicide Fiasco

Only it turns out it Digital Homicide hadn't finished picking legal fights. On the seventh of September (yeah, this month) Digital Homicide decided to ask for a subpoena for the real life info of 100 Steam users who left negative reviews for the product on the review page of the game. Why, BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO SUE A HUNDRED GAMERS WHO WERE DISSATISFIED WITH THEIR PRODUCT FOR 18 MILLION DOLLARS.

The Digital Homicide Fiasco

Valve who owns Steam decided to give them the boot and removed all their games from Steam.

Valve is a 2.5 billion dollar tech company who has a better employee to profit ratio than any other tech company in the world including Google and Apple.

So now without the money to hire a lawyer Digital Homicide decided to also sue a 2.5 BILLION DOLLAR TECH COMPANY AS WELL who can afford AN ARMY OF LAWYERS. So it seems like a game development company has finally gone completely berserk and is devoid of all reason.

Any thoughts?

The Digital Homicide Fiasco
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Most Helpful Girl

  • NatashaJ

    Well they just lost fans for even thinking of suing people that will be playing their games idiots.

    • Waffles731

      They didn't even have fans, they made nothing but nearly broken (and sometimes utterly broken) shovelware

    • NatashaJ

      Exactly but anyone who wants to become one or is one is gone now.

Most Helpful Guy

  • OlderAndWiser

    Insanely high drama and the lawyers keep making money. Not bad if you're a lawyer! :)

    • Waffles731

      Not at all,
      I love that they just took blood spatter off google and didn't bother removing the white background completely,

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    • I didn't realize it had been remade. The only games I play on a PC are solitaire games and sudoku and no xbox, PS2 or whatever in my home.

    • Waffles731

      Yeah, it got remade. It was actually Amazing.

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  • JudgmentDay

    LOL, what are they gonna do next? Dig all over the internet and sue everyone that has ever brought up how terrible they are? And that is not just for being terrible game developers, but would easily get butthurt and unable to take any criticisms at all from their customers or former customers.

    So what are they going to try next? Try to start a whole new other lawsuit here too just because you brought up how terrible they are?

    Are they that serious?

    Criticisms and rejections are going to happen anywhere in ANY industry. Sometimes they can be really fucking harsh.

    Why can't they just learn to deal with it and try to improve upon what they didn't get right the first time around?

    I even checked their website:

    Their games are all very low budget, so none of them are going to be anywhere close to being like an award winning viral indie developed game of the year. It's expected. So if they have over inflated egos and have unrealistic expectations, well then, that's where their problem is to begin with.

    It takes time to grow there a business such as a indie game development business. There will be always be younger and immature customers that will post stupid harassing comments or death threats to developers, it's nothing new. Otherwise they could have released beta demos and have people give them lots of feedback on what they could make it appropriate for a final retail release that requires payment to purchase their game, which I very much doubt they even bothered to consider or ever had considered at all in the first place. As that could have saved them from being all butthurt over those criticizing comments from the Steam community.

    But they have to learn to look at the big picture when there is valid, consistent and constructive criticisms such as a consensus from the community of where and what they fucked up and didn't get right, then they NEED to start LISTENING.

    And by listening to their customers and audience will then they be able learn from it and make note of what they had done wrong and ask for feedback on what they can do to actually improve and not keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again as they develop other games in the future.

  • PrincessofNohr

    These guys are just scam artists masquerading as game developers (if you can even call their products games). I've been following this story for months, and I'm glad to see they finally got their asses booted from Steam. They'll never succeed in suing Valve, though it would be a riot to see them try!

  • Mustachekitteh

    lel People like Digital Homicide lack any kind of brain cells and get extremely butt hurt easily. All because people don't like the completely crap they call a game didn't please them. I think what went through Digital Homicides head was, "We made a video game so now y'all have to like it and give us your money." It's pathetic entitlement honestly.

    • Exactly.

      If I make a video on YouTube, and it gets more negative votes than positive, I either take it down or disable voting and then look for a way to make a better video. I only block comments if I'm getting nothing but spam. I only go after commenters if they are using their hate of the video as a platform to retaliate through illegal activity, such as posting links to illegal porn sites on my video or begin stalking and selling info on the few fans that actually did like my video. (Yes, I've had haters who've gone to illegal extremes like that before.)

      But to sue someone simply for saying: "It could have been better" seems idiotically childish. "Pathetic entitlement" is putting it nicely.

  • ObscuredBeyond

    This is why, though I have a lot of ambition for the two video game ideas I have, I would want to make absolutely certain that the licensing fell into the hands of a company that believed in the vision as much as I do, before any actual production moved forward.

    I would want an inspired storyline, and a game that fit that storyline and did it justice. I would urge companies to take their time and get it right. If the story were marketed right, then the profits would take care of themselves - provided solid gameplay backed it up.

    (The first idea I had uses a combination of GTA and Gods Among Us mechanics for its levels and fights, so it's hard to go wrong with that. The second game alternates between GTA mechanics and classic Ghost Recon mechanics, depending on which player character is chosen. Again, hard to go wrong with that.)

    I would only sue if attackers made it personal. It's one thing to hate the game for some tiny flaw. But to give out the address of the developer along with threats of violence would be grounds for a lawsuit.


    Digitial Homicide, apparently, cannot be bothered with such formality. They took no effort to prove there were the grounds I've stated above which would justify legal action, and instead tried to abuse lawfare to punish anyone simply for not liking their product.

    I'm beginning to suspect that they were Obama supporters even before anyone had ever heard of Obama. Because they want to force the public to approve of and adopt their product, as if it were Obamacare and it were the law that you had to use it - and (pretend to) like it.

    That is not how the free market works. If your product doesn't sell, you invent a better product. You don't sue the customer for not liking it! You also especially don't subvert the entire due process of law to create a public policy that forces everyone to buy it either!

    And they actually stole assets from Google? To make a game inferior to the original Doom? Insanity! They have set themselves up to be hated. I would have at least trimmed out the white fringe! That's just plain lazy and immature to leave it in!

  • TheLuckyPizzaDog

    Lol. This made me laugh out loud for realsies. That's some hardcore 'lol, fuck it' mindset, especially when they were like 'k guiz, we're gunna sue steam now because this is obviously the most logical step to take'.
    Triggered lvl9000

  • LadyTerror

    I've heard about this but all I had read was the title of an article on another site.. Wow, they really think this would even hold up in court?

  • Fathoms77

    Not much to say, really.

    Sterling has always been a colossal douchebag (he only got big by letting his fat mouth run about various topics of which he seemed shockingly clueless), but Digital Homicide is just wacky. The whole thing is nuts.

  • SnowHearth

    People working there should quit, before it damages more their careers.

  • takumii

    12 year olds should stop making games.
    End of story.

    • Waffles731

      Actually I went to school with a friend who had been fiddling and playing with RPG maker since he was like 8, He learned how to code when he was 12 but he knew that he wasn't making anything that would be worth paying for.

  • BellePepper

    Sometimes I think people should have to take a drug test before filing lawsuits.

  • Bobbyhill1

    im sorry but this is hilarious so these ''digital homicide'' guys are basically suing anyone for 10-18 million dollars for anyone who isn't on their side haha. if you can't beat them, join them

  • Kylesar

    This is North Korea vs America

    Good luck to them. Valve is about to wipe DH off the internet.

  • Josht13

    I remember this, it's pretty old at this point.

    • Waffles731

      Didn't find out till yesterday night I knew that Jim Sterling was being sued not valve and random gamers

  • Riggers

    Haha, this is actually almost funny.

  • Blonde401


  • Zinkr7

    Are they stupid?
    It's not going to work.

  • Anonymous

    ... does anyone know what's going on here lol