America, Please Choose Wisely

America, Please Choose Wisely

So, the election is in 2 days.

You need to vote for a good president. And not just anyone. *The* one. A president who will keep the country strong. Keep the nation united. Stand for what is right. Unfortunately for the world, you don't *really* have that as an option.

America, as an Australian, I want to let you know as a nation, that if you choose the wrong president, you had better deal with it. America is in charge of a lot. A major political giant. If you choose the wrong president to rule the country and the world, that's on you. I don't want for my country to have to go to war with ANYONE just because (with all due respect) you can't keep your crap together.

And all of you MUST vote. You should. In Australia, you HAVE to vote, but you guys have the choice. You need to choose the right person. The wrong president could create another "Great Recession". What a disaster that would be, if the international stock markets crash, and jobs are lost.

America, Please Choose Wisely

I honestly don't know if anyone understands what this means. Because of this election, my future is potentially in America's hands. Not only mine, but others of the youth. We will have to grow up with the choices that you would have made. I do NOT fancy living in a world where Muslims are seen as all terrorists, or millions of babies are being murdered by their OWN mothers in the womb.

Australia is a diverse nation. All races, religions, ethnicities, cultures are accepted. Not to say that we are perfect, but at least there are no murders of others simply for the colour of their skin. America NEEDS, no, the WORLD needs for America to have a president who knows what they are doing, and can help move the world forward, in peace and harmony.

America needs a smart leader, not one who wears rose-coloured glasses, or sees the world as a glass half empty. A leader who takes charge, not sits back. A leader who is a peacemaker, not a trouble-seeker. A leader who values life, not who wants to take it away.

America, I URGE you, I IMPLORE you, I BEG you. Choose wisely. Or let the whole world suffer the consequences. It's your choice. Time to make history here.

America, Please Choose Wisely

(Thanks for reading, this is my first MyTake. It's also preparation for an English exam I am doing on the 8/11. Let me know how I did, as I will have to write a speech for school.)

America, Please Choose Wisely
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  • RationalMale
    "Australia is a diverse nation. All races, religions, ethnicities, cultures are accepted. "

    You Aussies literally intercept immigrant's boats and tow them to Indonesia or such...

    While we have illegal immigrants marching in the streets with foreign flags

    How about we elect a President who has an Aussie attitude and will enforce immigration laws as well as Aussies do?
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    • Here's an example of how multiculturalism works out even for Aussies

      Court transcripts show Judge Michael Finnane, in sentencing one of the rapists, feeling for the light switch that might illuminate the offences. Misogyny, contempt, drunken parties or even mass rapes by Japanese soldiers in Manchuria spring to his lips. The Bankstown rapes, he muses, are events "you hear about or read about only in the context of wartime atrocities".

      Or as those wonderful diverse arabs asked as they raped "Aussie pigs" "does leb cock taste better?"

    • Curmudgeon

      THIS. So much this.

    • @Curmudgeon Tell her to back off it's nothing to do with her

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Most Helpful Girl

  • BrunetteNYC
    Thanks for posting this. I hope that all Americans will do the right thing and make the right choice. I am voting for Donald Trump because he will do right by Americans but this also enriches us as a nation and helps us do better abroad as well.

    Obama has made bad choices, always taking the back seat, and allowing people from outside (and inside!) the US to suffer, to struggle. Hillary will be a continuation of Obama and his policies, which simply leads to failure for people all over the world.
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  • justagirl5
    Vote third party. Johnson is the most sane candidate out there and is looking to protect our freedom. I highly recommend looking into his website, as well as the libertarian website, if you haven't already.

    And to the poster, I think you mean 9/11, not 8/11:)
    • pooper89

      He supports fracking. He's a tard

    • @pooper89 he may be a "tard" but he doesn't belittle people to get his point across nor is he a corrupt liar.

    • Yeah, but I mean that the 8th is the day of my English exam..

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  • gotc147
    The right choice is Trump, period.

    No matter who wins, we're in for a very rough ride, the only question is will that ride lead to long-term ingraining of corruption or will it lead to a cleaner slate?

    If you want the cleaner slate, vote Trump, voting Clinton means you support the elite living by one set of rules and us peasants living by another.

    And kiss my ass Australia, you did this to yourself by going along with the whole globalist agenda, sit down.
  • BlueCoyote
    Not to be cynical here but the time for earnest entreaties has already passed. You say "please choose wisely" when America has already chosen the two worst candidates one could possibly imagine. Why didn't the democrats choose Bernie? Why didn't the Republicans choose somebody like John Kasich? Why does it always need to be the worst of the worst? No, Americans are really not that smart when it comes to politics. They had the opportunity to choose a great president but they chose to go with two morons. Now, all they're left with is a choice between pestilence and cholera, as we say in German.
    • Luckily, I did say that: "A president who will keep the country strong. Keep the nation united. Stand for what is right. Unfortunately for the world, you don't *really* have that as an option."

    • BlueCoyote

      Alright, that's a fair point.
      You see, I would generally vote Hillary if I was American. Not because I agree with her on everything (I certainly don't) but because the other option is just pure insanity. What I really worry about when Hillary gets elected is her confrontational attitude towards Russia. I'm European and I have to say that we've been very blessed for the past 75 years. We managed to cooperate and talk about things and thereby avoid serious conflicts or even wars. But now, this is the first time in my life that I'm seriously scared about a new, big war breaking out in Europe because America and Russia decide to have shoot-out. For Americans, that wouldn't be such a big deal because you guys are far away but we are right smack in the middle.

  • Curmudgeon
    "Australia is a diverse nation."

    Not as diverse as the USA is.

    Nor does diversity make people happy in itself. Without a common culture all people can rally around, "Diverse" nations turn into bloodbaths.

    And the big proponents of "Diversity!" here are *destroying* the common culture the USA still has.

    Think about it.
    • DiegoO

      Diversity is not an issue, intolerance is, and the cultural and racial problems in the US are even older than the US it self. Europeans brought to The Americas not only superior science and technology they also cause social issues that persist till these days.

    • Check out YouTube vids of Muslims in the UK and see where diversity has gotton us... no go areas and thousands of men whipping themselves on the streets and telling Brits they are taking over... thats were diversity got us..3rd world slum becomming

    • Kicking our poppies is a Slap in the face to us as well... America needs to look towards the east in Europe to see it fall apart before they vote... they either want diversity or they don't...

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  • TheFlak38
    "Australia is a diverse nation. All races, religions, ethnicities, cultures are accepted. Not to say that we are perfect, but at least there are no murders of others simply for the colour of their skin"

    The typical 13 year old indoctrinated girl, always victim of what's most popular, trendy and socially acceptable. The fact alone that you believe race is just skin color shows how much you have to learn instead of writing cute article like the above.
    • Yes, I have a lot to learn.
      Now please, let me make some mistakes, that would be great. Y'know, so I can *learn*...

    • TheFlak38

      Yeah the problem is that you expect to learn from your globalist marxist school teacher like the whole article above which is not your words.

    • I hope you know that I wrote all of that myself. I take offense to the fact that you think I copied someone's words. Maybe that was you as a teen, but I however do not associate with any form of plagarism. And I would appreciate it if you would not insult my teachers. Teachers are the foundation of society- you wouldn't be where you are without them.

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  • BruceJender
    This is the one thing I hate the most: foreigners telling Americans who to vote for.

    • Good stuff we have Indians Muslims and everyone telling us what to do... we being bullied by the EU! Take from example and tell them all to fuck off... UK has faith in Americans choice least u lot have it..

    • Afro-dite9

      Lol yeah basically @BruceJender

    • I didn't tell you who to vote for. I just said choose wisely. Glad to see you read the Take properly.

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  • TayTay21
    You're right, we need to elect Trump or we will suffer from the botched foreign policies of Hillary for the next 4 years.
    • Yes we will suffer - of shall I say, suffer more. She's really, really got a horrific track record of poor judgement calls. Astonishing that people would be able to overlook that. I wish Dems would have had a better candidate.

    • Djaaaaay

      @BrunetteNYC Well said , once again !!

  • Negrodamuss
    The stock market is likely to crash either way, but it will likely fall harder and sooner under trump. The American way seems to be to elect a retard every now and then (last one was bush) to fuck things up, then pin all the blame on him for doing exactly what they wanted. Let's hope the latest retard, trump, is kept away from power
    • Jersey2

      20 trillion in debt going to 40 trillion in debt will eventually crash the country. As if that isn't enough, throw in the entitlements. It doesn't matter why that is, but rather that it is the reality.

  • Brokenheartedx
    I'm sure Americans will cHoose who they think is best without the outside interference of other bloody countries!

    Isn't Australian where the Brits sent all the criminals? Pipe down huh...

    They should not be forced to take people in America is as crowded as the UK..

    The latest from the likes of India on brexit- take our mangoes and more immigrants... how dare another country dictate to someone else's? This is exactly the same thing.. u have no right to tell these people what they should or shouldn't do!! They will vote for who they want and u butt out

    2 nations going to dirt the United States and the untied Kingdom because of outside interference... I have trust in the Americans I see it here in the United Kingdom and they are reading about it... they see it.. so faff off huh
    • It *was* a convict place.
      Look, I just wanted to write a MyTake as exam prep.

    • Don't think u should tell another country to take more migrants in... look at what happening? The Rotherham scandal for one.. why would anyone want scum like that in their countries? Would u want these people in raping kids ESP white kids right under ur nose and police government sweeping it under the rug? Old women getting dragged off the street into bushes raped? Cold blooded murder in the way of honour killing? Also dealing with poles Romanians and everyone else out to fleece your country dry like cockroaches? Meanwhile ur sitting with not a pot to piss in working long hours and paying heavy tax for these wasters to come in and take everything?

    • Please just calm down. No need to get butt-heart.

  • JoyGirl
    You did good! Well done! 👏👏👏
    I hope you pass your English exam! 😊
  • jman46241
    This is part of the reason why I am voting for Trump on the 8th.. It's not because Hillary is a worse option, it's not because anyone else is viable to vote for. It is simply because we need a builder to not only to help the great country I live in, but also to help the rest of the world with free and FAIR trade. Honestly I fail to see where Aussies would be impacted one way or another..
  • Phoenix98
    I've known from the beginning who I am voting for Trump because I don't want my country to turn into Australia it's a nice place to visit but I would never ever live there.
    • Ironlak282

      Just out of curiosity as an Aussie what is it that you don't like?

    • @Phoenix98
      Yeah, as a fellow Aussie, what's wrong with Australia?
      Too many kangaroos? hahahahahah

    • Phoenix98

      I'm not an Austrilian lol.

      But here's what I don't like about it.

      Restriction of free speech.

      Your crazy high real estate prices your people are getting screwed there I can basically buy a mansion for what a house near the beach cost over there.

      Your high prices in general.

      Restriction of freedoms.

      The fact that you guys just made accepted and made legal this freaky type of sex were you have sex with plants, dirt, tree's and nature. Not only sick but really unsanitary.

      Your goverment is seriously corrupt so is ours but unlike you guys we're making a change.

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  • Rainie_
    There is no "choose wisely", banks rule America these days anyway.
  • treshonbrown4
  • Blobb
    The USA is fucked... too late. That also means the world by extension, unfortunately a giant like that floundering, fucking up or going down will take half the world down the shitter with it...
  • TKasap
    It doesn't matter if Trump wins. Mexico says they ain't paying and no ones gonna make them! Even if the wall is built they'll just dig holes, sail around in boats, or climb over it with ropes.
  • genericname85
    wow you basically have the choice between hillbilly hitler 2.0 and the creator of isis xD great choices.
    • Trump is not Hitler. People who do so need to stop watching MSNBC and actually study real history about ww2.
      Hillary did help create for the Saudi and Qatari

    • @UdontNeedtoknow i´m not even watching msnbc. i just watched some of his speeches, which made it obvious that he´s sepeaking for the lower class of people, which isn´t bad but the tone of his speeches have a strong national-socialist tone with a clear lack of intelligence (might be strategy for his focus group) and some hints towards racism. strongly reminds me of how hitler started back then (i happen to be german, i know what i´m speaking of xD).

      now considering the latest Assange interview he might still end up being the better choice though, which i find depressing... i would have loved to see Bernie Sanders win tbh.

    • There is nothing wrong with Nationalism. In fact its American nationalism that made this county great. Globalism is a lie that enslaves the masses into debt driven servitude.

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  • John_Doesnt
    Who's really a bigger dumbass though? The voters for Trump or the millennials wasting their vote on a third party? Only a master of psychology could figure that out.
  • TheDevilInside
    Maybe we should bomb those two. candidates and re-elected new candidates. Both candidates now deserve some hard ads spanking. Dunno why the lot of You murricans hate Obama so much, but I think he is quite decent compared to what awaits you in the future. Either way, the US of A. along with the entire world is doomed. Seems like trump is gonna win and that would mean the end of peace where there are still peace and the end of. women being respected. I think he's gonna turn the entire world into a giant whorehouse, the way mr. Orange turdface sees women...
  • Table20
    the US is going down the shitter either way.. but i still vote trump
  • ProbablyTooMature
    I dated an Aussie girl and she old me the "land down under" is rife with racism toward aboriginals. Or does racism only count when it's directed at those from OUTSIDE of the country, as opposed to the few remaining who actually belong there?
  • UdontNeedtoknow
    Maybe you Australians should stop electing socialists who ruin you own county.
  • mike5150
    Looking at all the polls both Trump and Clinton are hovering around mid 40's in percentage. Meaning whoever is elected will have over 50% of voters who do not want them as there president.

    Candidate A -
    Says outlandish things that can be considered racist and misogynist.
    Has no political experience and refuses to believe certain things the Military and other agencies tell him.
    Scares people who are unsure what he would do with classified knowledge or the nuclear codes.

    Candidate B -
    Has a long history of corruption and secrets. As well as Special interests and media personals in her back pocket.
    Likely will be under constant investigation by the FBI through her term
    Has already asserted herself as an enemy to Russia (A country with a strong nuclear program)

    So you see either way this election goes down were going to be in for a long 4 years.
  • Minerate
    We have the right to OR not to vote and there's nothing wrong with choosing to not have your name associated with a lackluster/disappointing/lying/ignorant candidate.

    This election has been particularly bad, because although there technically are 5 options, you don't really hear about anything except the democratic and republican sides. Add in the fact that some people will not vote "third" party because they won't "win" (despite agreeing with most of their stances/positions) and that some will vote Clinton out of spite of Trump (and vise versa), it really makes you think if people are really voting for what they want/believe or simply out of spite/party alignment. (IE: A family that has always voted democrat/republican and therefor, will vote democrat/republican because that's how it's always been.)

  • Gommers
    Vote for the write in candidate and don't write anyone in.
  • Triss
    Tbh I hate both hillary and donald
    • Phew, I'm glad you replied to this. Now more people will respond now that you deemed this Take cool. Thanks for the popularity boost!

    • Triss

      Hahaha hahaha you're welcome gurl

  • Saoirse_Nua
    Nearly there - I will be glad when it is over - There might nearly as much division afterwards - It will be a weird 48 hours
  • steveguitar
    Anyone who votes for trump is an unfit human being
    • Baumber

      Anyone who votes for Hillary is a liar.

    • Stop drinking the Kool-aid :)

    • @Baumber I don't live in the US, I'm watching and laughing at one candidate who shouldn't even be known to the population of the world, and one who deserves better competition. and as the question poter said, please choose wisely

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  • StiffLeg
    Simple, choose the one who is capable of governing their own basic behavior, I choose Hilary, she may not be pure, but at least she's not shit-house Trump crazy.
  • Blueheartt
    No matter who wins the us is already done. Either an economical collapse will happen. If not a war will break out and it is not going to be a good one, remember that our planet is fragile and many if not most countries are missile ready and even nuclear so something has to be done and no one is making a real solid change we've been throught war a lot this won't surprise me. Anyways if any of this happens then prepare to see the rich come more and more powerfull until most people completly poor.

    Please go watch Zeitgest, Cowspiracy and the American dream on youtube.
    abortion is always murder no matter how you slice it
  • Mrwoo99
  • Thisperson98
    Good news!!! We chose wisely.
  • Rissyanne
    I plan to
  • Waffles731
    Better a lizard than a wizard
  • Adigelunar
    good job!
  • Noxifer626
    You had one job america, one job.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    dude fk off the multiclutural thing works with two cultures not ten, keep it whites and blacks and thats it kick everyone out.
  • Anonymous
    Already voted for hillary.

    sorry to break your heart if that's not who you wanted but you're not American anyways so who cares what you think.
    • I don't have a preference. I'm just sayin' don't vote for someone just cuz everyone else is. It's about who you think will help America the best.

  • Anonymous
    I am going to vote for whoever's on the Green Party.
    • Baumber

      Sad how you don't even know that the name of the candidate. Shows your level of education

    • Anonymous

      @Baumber Jill Stein

    • Baumber

      I'm glad you have the capability to use Google

  • Anonymous
    Talking about being overly dramatic. My future is certainly not in America's president's hands, I will tell you that.
    From ancient history, big empires have risen and fallen and the world still goes on.
    • Yeah I know. But that's how you write a speech in English class. I think it's called a hyperbole.

  • Anonymous
    I'm going to vote Trump! So yes I'm choosing wisely.
  • Anonymous
    People in America aren't murdered for the color of their skin that's just the media blowing two incidents out of proportion. I'm sure there has been something like that twice in Australia.
    As for voting I hate both candidates so I won't vote. Period.
    • Baumber

      I liked your comment up until you said you aren't voting

  • Anonymous
    Oh, I have chosen wisely. I'm actually smart