A Message to America: Don't Panic


A Message to America: DONT PANIC!
A Message to America: Don't Panic

I woke this morning in what I think was denial. I still haven't officially taken it all in, but here are my thoughts on what happened:

A Message to America: Don't Panic

We can't give up now! Don't panic because we live in a beautiful world.

Here's my original post:

#DontPanic #OurFightIsntOverYet #Election2016

A Message to America: Don't Panic
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  • Cccgala
    I agree. It's still the beginning.

    Your support does not end in voting alone; it must be eminent in your daily activities as a citizen. Electing a leader is just a start of a new administration-- the resolution of new problems can be participated by citizens by using their freedom of speech.

    All citizens are encouraged to vote because it is a right bestowed by the Constitution and shall be exercised by everyone of age that are inhabiting the Nation. Every vote counts. Every election is historical. Inputs of all voters compose the statistical results we rely as factual information today.
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  • juliaanita
    Love your message. As a woman, these results are pretty disconcerting. I remind myself of one fact; Hillary won the popular vote, so we are in fact a majority.

    And i pledge not to utter the name of the orange dictator that has become our uh... strongman.
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    • kxera

      Thank you

    • juliaanita

      so welcome:) and don't panic.

    • EmoKate97

      The reason for the electoral college is so states can't impose on other states. For example, lets say the entire world ran on a non-electoral system, that would mean India with 1.252 billion people/votes would be able to have say over Europe with 743.1 million people/votes and Africa with 1.216 billion people/votes would be able to say over America with 318.9 million people/votes.

      Perspectives form both sides would argue that Africa and America have 2 different ways of life and Africa wouldn't have Americas best interest and the independence of Americas way of life should be respect despite the lesser population while it can also be argued that independence should be ignored in favor of mathematical accuracy and the strength of the larger population even if steps on independence and means Africa has more say so in the world then America.

      The Electoral College was founded on the balanced of fairness, rights, freedom and independence.

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  • FakeName123
    People are way too emotionally involved and self-important. The majority (and it wasn't even a close one) voted. That's what democracy is about. If you dislike it, move to North Korea.
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  • Rawrzz
    Why would someone care if people wanted to leave the U. S. because they hate the leader of the U. S? Fuck it man. If I had the finances, I would leave, too.
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Very good take and sound advice
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  • Rissyanne
    This is hilarious... lol
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  • Adigelunar
    nice post
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