Russian Hacking... Why This is a Non-Issue


Well, this has been a very annoying last week and a half or so, listening to all this craziness about Russians allegedly hacking the 2016 Presidential election... Let's go over some basic points about this whole thing...

Russia did not hack the voting machines

Barrack Obama himself said it just last week, all votes that were counted were made by real people and the ballots were not stuffed by hackers working for Russia or anybody else, this does bring up a very important point however.

The way the issue is being pitched to the American people makes it sound like Russia DID hack our voting machines and stuff the ballot. Think about this for a second, someone tells you that Russia hacked the election, is your first thought not going to be that they stuffed the ballot? It would be an entirely reasonable assumption to make given the wording of the statement. Fun fact: only 41% of people actually read an article before they share/tweet it. It makes one wonder how many people have the completely wrong impression of what this Russian hacking business is actually all about.

What actually happened was Russia allegedly hacked into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and gained access to the email account of John Podesta, they then allegedly leaked the emails within that account to WikiLeaks, who posted them on the internet.

Was that a dick move on the part of Russia? Yes and no, on the one hand it really wasn't anything much beyond what our media is supposed to do. The whole point of having a free press is to root out corruption and wrongdoing, which is really all leaking the emails did.

Russian Hacking... Why This is a Non-Issue

On the other hand it was just Democrats who got their emails leaked. Though that might have more to do with the Republican National Committee (RNC) having better cybersecurity.

The emails were legit

The leaks began dropping in batches in July right at the beginning of the Democratic Convention. To date, nobody has claimed any one of the emails leaked was fake.

Russian Hacking... Why This is a Non-Issue

This is an important point to note because while it is an issue that Russia is the one making these emails public, the information contained within the emails is quite damaging. More on this in the next point.

There are articles and articles and articles of Democrats and media pundits talking about how the emails are mundane and uninteresting, that they're not going to damage Hillary Clinton's campaign and there is nothing to worry about. This is a clear indication that the emails were in fact real, not fabricated propaganda.

Everybody who is concerned about WHO hacked the emails is completely unconcerned with WHAT was in those emails

As I just stated, nearly everybody on the left side of the political spectrum thought the emails were no big deal and uninteresting. Never mind that they referred to Latino outreach as taco bowl engagement, leaked debate questions to Clinton and planted people to put Bernie Sanders on the spot, among many other things including but not limited to bribes, from Russia, no less.

Russian Hacking... Why This is a Non-Issue

It is simply intellectually dishonest to cry foul over WHO leaked these emails while being absolutely unconcerned about what shady activities were revealed by them. How can I take a Bernie Sanders supporter seriously when they make a stink about this Russian hacking business when they have said and done nothing about what the DNC did to Sanders?

Why do we need to have more investigations if we already know what happened?

With calls to investigate the alleged Russian hacking coming in day in and day out, I really have to ask: why? What do we need to investigate? We (supposedly) already know what happened and why so what need is there for more investigations? Given who is calling for the investigations, as well as the timing of said calls, I again find little incentive to take this whole issue seriously. It seems more like an effort to cast a shadow over Donald Trump's Presidency, remember that a lot of these same people claimed Edward Snowden was spy for the Chinese.

Of course, maybe the Obama administration has no evidence and the emails got leaked a totally different way...

Russian Hacking... Why This is a Non-Issue


Given the history between the Clinton's and Russia, the fact that Democrats have come up with a new excuse every week since the election (from fake news to James Comey to millennials to, yes, the Russians), the wholly un-American campaign to convince Electors to change their votes, the riots and the total absence of any articulated evidence of the Russians actually being responsible for the hacking, I simply cannot and will not give this issue any respect.

Did the DNC get hacked? Yes. Was it the Russians? Maybe. Why? Don't know, maybe to help Trump, maybe to give their propaganda machine more ammo, maybe it wasn't even the Russians. Whoever it was however did the American people a service by exposing corruption, something the media could not, or simply chose not to do.

Russian Hacking... Why This is a Non-Issue
Russian Hacking... Why This is a Non-Issue
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