Russian Hacking... Why This is a Non-Issue


Well, this has been a very annoying last week and a half or so, listening to all this craziness about Russians allegedly hacking the 2016 Presidential election... Let's go over some basic points about this whole thing...

Russia did not hack the voting machines

Barrack Obama himself said it just last week, all votes that were counted were made by real people and the ballots were not stuffed by hackers working for Russia or anybody else, this does bring up a very important point however.

The way the issue is being pitched to the American people makes it sound like Russia DID hack our voting machines and stuff the ballot. Think about this for a second, someone tells you that Russia hacked the election, is your first thought not going to be that they stuffed the ballot? It would be an entirely reasonable assumption to make given the wording of the statement. Fun fact: only 41% of people actually read an article before they share/tweet it. It makes one wonder how many people have the completely wrong impression of what this Russian hacking business is actually all about.

What actually happened was Russia allegedly hacked into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and gained access to the email account of John Podesta, they then allegedly leaked the emails within that account to WikiLeaks, who posted them on the internet.

Was that a dick move on the part of Russia? Yes and no, on the one hand it really wasn't anything much beyond what our media is supposed to do. The whole point of having a free press is to root out corruption and wrongdoing, which is really all leaking the emails did.

Russian Hacking... Why This is a Non-Issue

On the other hand it was just Democrats who got their emails leaked. Though that might have more to do with the Republican National Committee (RNC) having better cybersecurity.

The emails were legit

The leaks began dropping in batches in July right at the beginning of the Democratic Convention. To date, nobody has claimed any one of the emails leaked was fake.

Russian Hacking... Why This is a Non-Issue

This is an important point to note because while it is an issue that Russia is the one making these emails public, the information contained within the emails is quite damaging. More on this in the next point.

There are articles and articles and articles of Democrats and media pundits talking about how the emails are mundane and uninteresting, that they're not going to damage Hillary Clinton's campaign and there is nothing to worry about. This is a clear indication that the emails were in fact real, not fabricated propaganda.

Everybody who is concerned about WHO hacked the emails is completely unconcerned with WHAT was in those emails

As I just stated, nearly everybody on the left side of the political spectrum thought the emails were no big deal and uninteresting. Never mind that they referred to Latino outreach as taco bowl engagement, leaked debate questions to Clinton and planted people to put Bernie Sanders on the spot, among many other things including but not limited to bribes, from Russia, no less.

Russian Hacking... Why This is a Non-Issue

It is simply intellectually dishonest to cry foul over WHO leaked these emails while being absolutely unconcerned about what shady activities were revealed by them. How can I take a Bernie Sanders supporter seriously when they make a stink about this Russian hacking business when they have said and done nothing about what the DNC did to Sanders?

Why do we need to have more investigations if we already know what happened?

With calls to investigate the alleged Russian hacking coming in day in and day out, I really have to ask: why? What do we need to investigate? We (supposedly) already know what happened and why so what need is there for more investigations? Given who is calling for the investigations, as well as the timing of said calls, I again find little incentive to take this whole issue seriously. It seems more like an effort to cast a shadow over Donald Trump's Presidency, remember that a lot of these same people claimed Edward Snowden was spy for the Chinese.

Of course, maybe the Obama administration has no evidence and the emails got leaked a totally different way...

Russian Hacking... Why This is a Non-Issue


Given the history between the Clinton's and Russia, the fact that Democrats have come up with a new excuse every week since the election (from fake news to James Comey to millennials to, yes, the Russians), the wholly un-American campaign to convince Electors to change their votes, the riots and the total absence of any articulated evidence of the Russians actually being responsible for the hacking, I simply cannot and will not give this issue any respect.

Did the DNC get hacked? Yes. Was it the Russians? Maybe. Why? Don't know, maybe to help Trump, maybe to give their propaganda machine more ammo, maybe it wasn't even the Russians. Whoever it was however did the American people a service by exposing corruption, something the media could not, or simply chose not to do.

Russian Hacking... Why This is a Non-Issue
Russian Hacking... Why This is a Non-Issue
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  • KellySpree
    This is fairly dumb. You have to be really partisan and biased to think that Russian involvement in an American election isn't a serious problem. It's pretty much confirmed fact at this point that they were involved, though we don't know the full extent of it. This should concern every American. Yet look at polling, and Putin's approval rating among Republicans has been climbing, even surpassing OUR OWN PRESIDENT, Obama. Something is gross and wrong when Republicans like a guy who literally has political opponents and journalist critics killed, over our own President becuase they are so biased and partisan. LIke the OP obviously is.
    You lack a severe sense of perspective.
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    • gotc147

      Please show me this "confirmed fact", give me a date the breach took place, how many accounts were affected, how many attempts were made, show me the trace to Russia.

      I won't be holding my breath.

      Democrats have no room to talk given they mourned heavily for Fidel Castro, who did the exact same things you call Putin out for doing in your answer.

      Russia simply told the American people the truth about the Democratic party, and the only people willing to listen were people who already knew the truth about the Democratic party, you'll notice the polls indicated the emails had no effect on people's opinions.

    • KellySpree

      The CIA, FBI, NSA, as well as multiple independent firms have stated with high confidence that this is the case. Who denies it? Trump, Russia, and partisan fools like you.

    • jacquesvol

      Even Trump admitted it.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Blitzkrieger
    Strange. Wikileaks said there was a defector within the DNC and russia didn't hack anyone. Contradicting evidence.
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  • madhatters4
    free elections are a quintessential part of American democracy. it is a foundation of our country. regardless of who you support. if there is any evidence that our elections are not 100% free it should be a big ISSUE to all americans... it may not have negatively impacted the person you wanted to win this election but it could negatively impact the person you want to win next election, or the next, or the next

    and for that simple reason it is an issue
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    • Well the e-mails proved Clinton colluding with the DNC to cheat Bernie Sanders out of the primaries but let's just ignore that shall we?

    • gotc147

      Except as of right now, no evidence has been made public, it's been all anonymous sources giving vague descriptions of secret reports read behind closed doors.

      Did you even read what I wrote? Nobody hacked the voting machines.

    • yes i read what you wrote. there have been reports by various IT security groups that said their machines were hacked but that hasn't been part of the CIA or FBI reporting as those groups handle the security privately depending on the voting machines

      @Words_and_Wisdom... not we shouldn't ignore that and we didn't did we? the FBI investigated these issues. both sanders supporters, trump supporters and people who just want free elections (this guy) all cried foul here and it is something that should be addressed... however what happened here was not illegal

      @gotc147 "as of right now, no evidence has been made public". and? at the time of the initial FBI reporting of Clinton email indiscretions there was no info made public. but it didn't stop trump supporters or better clinton non-supporters to call for queries. of course this stuff is vague and behind closed doors. CIA and FBI investigations are never made public until much later

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  • BrileyCat
    Reading Backwards :::
    -Whoever it was however did the American people a service.
    -Did the DNC get hacked? Yes. Was it the Russians?
    -Maybe. Why? Don't know, maybe to help Trump.
    -Why This is a Non-Issue.

    Are you serious? . You can't be serious .
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    • gotc147

      Other than the reasons I posted, the leaks didn't even help Trump anyway.

      Now the only people making a big deal about this is Democrats (who maybe should not have done the things they did to get themselves in this situation) and a small handful of establishment Republicans who should have been term-limited decades ago.

  • vishna
    There is corruption in both major parties, if Russia was so concerned about revealing the truth, the RNC would have been hacked as well. People should always be concerned when other countries are able to hack into supposedly safe data bases.
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    • gotc147

      They tried to hack into the RNC, but failed.

    • According to the CIA, FBI and a bunch of republican members of congress the Russians didn't fail, they just chose to only air the DNC's dirty laundry.

    • gotc147

      @JohnDoe3000 source please.

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  • JohnDoe3000
    1) It is not "reasonable" to infer from quality media headlines that the voting machines were hacked. That's just dumb

    2) You lie when you say the republicans weren't hacked, they actually were.

    3) You leave out that there would have been dirt on the republicans too, this would have leveled the election in that respect.

    4) You repeat a right-wing conspiracy theory about some staffer being assassinated, showing your biases.
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    • gotc147

      1. If I tell you your phone got hacked, what is your first thought?

      2. There was at least one attempt to hack the RNC, it failed.

      3. This is an assumption, there was no secret that all of Trump's rivals were trying to find ways to at least ensure he did not win the nomination, the Democrats tried to hide the fact they were trying to make sure Sanders lost. Additionally, the polls from August to late October found Trump losing by at least 5 points, in some cases losing by much more, so the email leaks were not affecting the election.

      4. It was simply an alternate theory, one that has yet to be publicly disproven. If the CIA has proof, why are they not showing it?

    • All I read here is butthurt. You fail to make good arguments.

      In regards to point. 2. Show us the proof or gtfo

  • front2back
    From what I heard the Emails were leaked mostly.
    Even then, all the Russians did was help the Democratic Party deliver on their promise of transparency.

    Don't believe the fake news of CNN and the rest of the liberal media.
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  • Blueeyes81
    Makes you wonder what the Republican emails would have looked like. It is an issue. A foreign power intentionally trying to sway public opinion in their favor is something every American should be concerned over. Is an investigation needed, yes. As you stated about good journalism it's about exposing wrong doing and corruption. I see the same with a government investigation. Who knows what we might uncover.
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  • douride2
    Do they have substantiated proof the Russians actually did this or is it all hearsay?
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    • gotc147

      They claim to have substantial proof, but they have not presented it, thus it is as of this writing hearsay.

  • RegularTK421
    Is this the same CIA that knew Saddam had weapons of mass destruction? What is released to the public is meant to sway public opinion. Corrupt Hillary was the intended target to win the election, and whoever hacked the DNC revealed corruption worse than watergate. It doesn't matter if the hacker was Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese or Anonymous, they did the American people a huge favor, despite their own motives. These motives may or may not be good for the American public, but either way Trump has won the election and he will have four years to prove himself.
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    • gotc147

      In the world of espionage you learn to get comfortable with people doing bad things for good reasons and good things for bad reasons.

    • Truth.

  • Ironic_Pepe
    I don't care that the Russians chose not to release the Republican emails they hacked. They released what they released and the best MAN won!
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    • gotc147

      They didn't get anything on the Republicans, their hacking attempts failed to get through the RNC cybersecurity.

    • That is true, but the fake news media tried to emphasize that the "Investigation calls it [hacking the RNC] a less aggressive and much less persistent effort than the hacks of the Democratic National Committee." They can't just admit that their was no bias!! I would rather believe Russia and Trump to our "Intelligence agencies" any day!

  • Rissyanne
    I hope some of these liberals on here read this... good job.
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    • Jennifer88

      yea, good job *L*

    • Rissyanne

      @Jennifer88 Are you being sarcastic?

    • Jennifer88

      No! My goodness where did you get that idea? I'm only sarcastic on the 3rd Thursday of the 12th month, one day after the winter solstice while having my first period ever (ehww yucky)

  • SovereignessofVamps
    I don't see why the emails especially wouldn't have been real. Why fake thousands of emails?
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  • Eugene
    • Eugene

      Don't get me wrong though: I really do enjoy hearing how awesome we are, how strong our military is and just how deadly our "fake news" and hackers are. It's so flattering, it raises my patriotic boner.
      Did we actually hack it? Not really, as it was likely an insider, but I don't mind us taking all the spotlight :)

      As an old saying goes: if the West rages against us, it means we're doing it right.

    • gotc147

      You guys get to enjoy some liberal tears, tastey aren't they?

    • Eugene

      It's not exactly about liberals (although I do despise left-wing, liberals included; besides, our liberals are significantly worse than American liberals, but it's a veeeeeeeeeery long topic to cover), but rather paralysis, hysteria, tears and agony of the geopolitical opponent that makes me smile. And damn, it is absolutely delicious.

      I genuinely do hope US and EU will establish de-facto censorship in their regions on the hype of current Russophobic hysteria, as it's going to be a godsend to us, as forbidden fruit is always desirable.

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  • TripleAce
    Let's get one thing clear, the gov't is not with us. As far as I'm concerned, if it was the Russians, the citizens need to thank them for revealing the truth
  • echoaj
    Maybe if you are a Putin supporter Russian hacking is a non-issue but for the rest of us who want a democracy, it is an issue.
    • gotc147

      You are aware that the United States has intervened in other nations elections at least 81 times right?

      I explained why the issue is a non-issue, mainly because there has been no forthcoming evidence to demonstrate the accusations have any truth to them. They haven't even given us a date as to when exactly the breach was made, how is that not suspicious to you?

      And if you want to live in a democracy you're going to have to move to another country. The United States is not, and never has been, a democracy, we are, and always have been, a Constitutional Republic, and that will not change within our lifetimes or likely ever.

    • echoaj

      1)81 times exactly? Where do you even get that number from? Either way Your first point is completely irrelevant. tu quoque fallacy.

      2) All I'm saying as there should be a thorough investigation and that the government needs to declassify any evidence they have.

      3) Definition of Democracy: A system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives.
      We have elected representatives. The US is a democracy and a Constitutional Republic.

      It's not either or it is both.

    • gotc147


      2. A thorough investigation has been done, supposedly, it has 17 intelligence agencies agreeing that Russia hacked the DNC, supposedly. Please see my last point. I fully agree the evidence needs to be declassified, but it won't be, I suspect because they have none.

      3. Democracy is simple majority rule, Republic is rule of law require much more broad, though not necessarily overall larger, support.

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  • goaded
    It wasn't ignored by everyone on the left, just (most of) the corporate media. Their system of having on two "opposing views" to lie to their viewers and leaving it up to the viewers to decide which one is lying most is pathetic.

    TYT's reporter confronted Donna Brazile over passing on debate questions to Clinton, and didn't take "Russia" as an answer...
  • jacquesvol
    The FBI knew the hacking was going on and didn't even alert officials:

    *-Russian hacking: FBI failed to tell US officials their email was targeted:

    *-FBI gave heads-up to fraction of Russian hackers' US targets - AP-News:
    • jacquesvol

      At that moment the FBI director was Comey, the same Comey who twice violated the Hatch act of 1939.

  • disgustingweebtrash
    Russians hacked this MyTake
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  • Jan1ssary_
    Trump won.. accept it.
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  • Anonymous
    Clinton being a typical politician doesn't make election hacking unimportant. Both parties are becoming full of blind sycophants.
    • gotc147

      But the election wasn't hacked, an email account was and emails were made public, emails that exposed a lot of dirty deeds that undermined the Democratic primary.

      The intended affect from releasing these emails was likely to turn people off Clinton, but it obviously failed at that goal given the poll numbers.

  • Anonymous
    GAG certainly has become a haven for rednecks fascists and blowhard impotent men. Oh and you rissyanne. Your a guy aren't you
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    • gotc147

      It's impossible to be a redneck and a facist, the ideologies are incompatible.

      by the way Jennifer88, you keep spelling "facist" wrong.

    • Theyre both as right wing as you can get. But keep telling yourself otherwise

    • gotc147

      @LetsGoRangers Maybe rednecks, but facists are about as left-wing as you can get.

      You can't have facism without authoritarianism, you can't have authoritarianism unless you have a strong, centralized power, and the further to the left you go, the stronger and the more centralized power becomes.

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