Olivia Munn's Ever Changing Face


Olivia Munn was one of the most beautiful women in the world (at least to me)... But when I saw a picture of her the other day I was shocked! She doesn't even look like herself! She looks like a Megan Fox look-a-like!

Olivia Munn's Ever Changing Face

What is this world coming to?!

Olivia Munn's Ever Changing Face

What has she had done?

Lips - enlargement.

Eyes - widening.

Jaw - shaving off the bone.

Chin - filler.

(In the process of having it done...)

Olivia Munn's Ever Changing Face

Olivia Munn's Ever Changing Face

WHY!?!?!?! >>> To that question I have no answers...

Obviously it was done gradually, but when you put it all together - you get the end result that completely erases the beauty she once was. Why is this happening to so many beautiful people? Is Hollywood that toxic?

Have you noticed this with other celebrities?


Olivia Munn's Ever Changing Face
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  • Afro-dite9
    I had the BIGGEST girl crush on her back in the day, not anymore though. She has fallen under Hollywoods plastic spell. She was stunning, those freckles and her Asian features <3 a real beauty now look at her. ewww! Now I've moved on the melaninated Gorgeous goddess Ryan Destiny and Chastain and that red hair <3
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  • vishna
    I think she's really pretty both ways :) I do miss the freckles and tan skin from before, but she's still pretty now. I have kinda hooded eyes too, and I can understand why she'd change that (it's easy to look kinda dazed and not alert) I wouldn't slice up my eyelids though, but, I'm not bashing her for spending her money to make herself feel better and honestly advance her career..
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  • Centurion20000
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    • Did they change their jaw or chin with makeup? Nope...

  • RegularTK421
    She was beautiful as she was. I knew her from when she was attack of the show, and the show just wasn't the same when she left. I'm pretty sure the ratings plummeted. Either way, it's crazy to think a woman like her who really doesn't need plastic surgery, would choose to do such a thing. She looked much better pre-surgery.
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  • BrileyCat
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  • K-Cool-Dude
    Some people have really weird sense of beauty. They try to make adjustments, go under the needle to fix little things of their faces that they consider 'defects'. But they eventually come wrong. They later realise those were not the 'defects', it was a unique symbol none other had. They were already perfect.
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  • KatGrabber83
    I visited a country club that my girlfriend's family are members of as their guest. I was shocked that all the young women had boob jobs, botox, nose jobs, butt jobs, fillers etc and of course fake tan and blonde hair was uniform. Thing about it was it made them all identical and unattractive.
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  • SC4321
    She's still incredibly beautiful, and what surgery she's had is not obvious and overdone like a lot of celebs. If you ask me, Aaron Rodgers is one lucky guy.
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  • pr3ttybr0wn
    she should have left her pretty face alone. she looks nice now, but she doesn't have that natural uniqueness anymore
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  • 0112358
    To be honest I mainly see makeup. They hid the freckles. The rest? Maybe but it's sort of pointless. You're also comparing three open mouth smiles to a bunch of closed mouth. Does she smile like that less now? It would make her lips and jaw look different.
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  • levantine99
    the extreme pressure over appearence and the superficiality of places like the movie industry. also self image issues and probably mental disorders.
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  • Mrwoo99
    Women do these things to themselves so they can attract high status wealthy/rich men, tall jacked douchbags, pretty boy players, violent bad boys and chauvinistic playboys. They would rather go through all these surgery procedures rather than find a good caring loyal nice guy and provider on minimum wage attractive.

    Women like that never have my sympathy; all I would say is good riddance.
  • kitty71
    You know how being an actress in Hollywood is a job where you are under a HUGE and LOT of pressure to look good because they have to have a certain image for the public and also for appearances.
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  • peachblossomluck
    If anything, I see more Asiatic traits now. My face has changed a lit through the years andI have had no work done. I have a mix of ethnicity and I have different traits prominent and different times.
  • Kuraj
    Honestly, she just looks like she is aging and lost weight.
    Some people's faces tend to change drastically with weight loss.
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  • rjroy3
    I always thought she was beautiful, but honestly this just might be aging in that world. Stress does a lot of early aging. The changes seem more like subtle changes in makeup, hair, light and aging.
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  • writing_essays
    I agree - she looked a lot better before - she looked natural - now she doesn't look realistic
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  • BubbleBoy69
    A lot of Asian in West are self hating and want to be white so bad.
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    • jordan_98

      LMAO white people don't have full lips. More like 5% has them the rest has nothing.
      Her before chin is more white then it is now. a lot have white people have that chin. They do not have a rond chin from themselfess So stop spreading these nonsene and look in the mirror.

    • Is she Asian?

    • @SuccessfulHornDog " Her mother, Kimberly Schmid, was born and raised in Vietnam, of Chinese descent.[4][5] Her father is American Winston Barrett Munn."

      Many Asians are self hating of themselves especially if they are biracial and one parent is white. It's like they are torn between which race to identify as and since America tends to be pro white in a sense they often get swayed to become white as possible.

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  • Thrifty
    She looks the same to me. Maybe better quality makeup, loves herself more and exercises (meaning "fucking") because she's with Aaron Rodgers. Obviously higher income now due to blockbuster movie roles (X-Men).
  • TuMeManques
    She's pretty either way. I wouldn't do it but I respect her choices to.
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