Why Mexico *SHOULD* And *WILL* Pay For The Wall


This is not a difficult case to make. President Trump has a remarkably good patriot compass. He seems to intuitively know what is good for America and have an unstoppable drive to achieve it. I am astonished at his ability to see the goal and cut through the din of disingenuous and dishonest opposition to get things done. I've never seen anything like it. After 8 years of living in a country without a leader, President Trump's unparalleled leadership skills seem like a life preserver for America thrown off a ship in the middle of a hurricane. This is a world class leader who can literally lead the entire world ... EXACTLY what America needs so dearly at this point in time.

If President Trump has a shortcoming it would be in his communication skills. Although you could argue that his direct method of communicating is not a shortcoming at all but rather an asset: especially when coupled with the rest of his modus operandi that allows him to get what he wants with coercion if needed. Together it all works remarkably well...no stupefyingly well! What a breath of fresh air! He is a one man army who true to his word, whether you agree with his methodology or not does appear to be doing it all for the good of the American people.

But there are a lot of people in the world who don't want the good of the American people. In fact they want America and its people to fail. And some of them are Americans. So they are overwhelmed with anger and their heads are exploding because due to the ubiquitous false propaganda the liberal press was feeding them for 2 years they fully expected Hillary Clinton to finish the job of destroying the country that B. Hussein Obama made such an impressive start on. They are utterly shocked it didn't happen because all along the corrupt media all but assured them they were but one president away from the end of America and Hillary Clinton was that president. It led them down the primrose path. If I was one of those people I'm sure I would having seizures too because President Trump is the most formidable adversary I have ever witnessed. I'd hate to be an enemy of America with him in the White House.

President Trump has clearly explained that the wall on the Mexican border will be built while he is president. And in spite of those who said that it never will be (Don't they EVER get tired of making bad predictions about President Trump? I mean how many times can you be wrong and still make the same erroneous predictions?) after just days in office, the plans are already in progress to build the wall. President Trump said he would build the wall how many times? 1,000+? And so he will. So you have to wonder why the Mexican president was so surprised about that, that he canceled his meeting at the last minute because he said he's not coming if we build the wall. Did he not expect President Trump to keep his promise? Again how can ANYONE keep repeating such bad predictions about this man? I feel embarrassed for them. I guess its just wishful thinking from people who have been so badly defeated that they feel utterly demoralized. So the president made it pretty clear (ya think?!)....The wall is going up.

But whether by design or not President Trump hasn't spent a lot of time explaining why Mexico SHOULD pay for the wall. And why he knows they WILL pay for the wall. The answers are is pretty simple.

Mexico is a corrupt country. The government there is in bed with the drug lords and conspires with them to smuggle illegal drugs into America. Drug overdoses account for more than 50,000 deaths in America every year. This is a form of terrorism. Yes I've heard the argument about how if Americans didn't buy the drugs it wouldn't happen. And I reject it. If someone wants to commit suicide, does that give you any justification at all to shoot them? How is this any different? Never mind that a state government is intentionally violating its neighbors laws. That alone is a cause for retaliation.

The Mexican government also has a longstanding intentional plot to dump its criminals across the border in America. This is how they deal with crime there. Instead of building prisons, which cost money, they send them over here. Is it any wonder that our cities are filled with Mexican criminal gangs that are assaulting, raping and murdering our citizens and costing us a fortune in law enforcement and incarceration expenses? In effect, Mexico is using our prison system to house their criminals. And Americans are paying the price. At this very moment, the biggest Mexican drug lord of all times is being afforded justice at the expense of the American people after being extradited here because he escaped twice from Mexican prisons and they don't want to pay for him. They want America to pay for their crime. AND WE ARE. *** BIGLY ***

And finally, there are the illegals who have the nerve to break into our country -- *** encouraged by their own government *** -- knowing that their first official act upon coming here is to violate our laws. I've also heard a similar failed argument about them as has been made about the drugs: that they wouldn't be coming here if we didn't have jobs for them. What? Is that any different than a bank robber saying that they wouldn't rob the bank if it didn't have so much money in it? What an utter piece of rubbish.

You cannot have a welfare state, like American socialists want, and also have open borders, like American socialists want, and expect to survive as a country. The two together is a recipe for destruction. And the answer is to have neither.

So why does the Mexican government encourage illegals to come here? Because that way, they export their poverty to our country (just like they export their crime) and don't have to deal with it. They make us pay for it instead. They had it figured out a long time ago and play America like a harp. Why should they pay for their crime and poverty when America is a sucker who is willing to do it for them?

You may ask why on earth would the country that is the 9th largest oil producer in the world need to export its poverty? Shouldn't its citizens be swimming in prosperity? The answer is YES. So why aren't they? Because the government of Mexico is CORRUPT. A small group of elites who run the country ARE STEALING ALL THE OIL MONEY. It's that simple. And they are playing American generosity to take advantage of us like a symphony.

When I used to travel in Mexico, people lived in cardboard boxes in the desert and police stopped you every 50 miles and shook you down for cash bribes. The government there is CORRUPT TO THE CORE. And they, along with their American liberal accomplices, are putting one (no not one, more like 20 million) over on Americans costing American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.... dollars that THEY CAN AFFORD but would rather spend to line the pockets of the corrupt elite there.

Because of all of the above, Mexico is not the angel that some want you to think it is.

By the way *** THIS *** is the case for the wall, NOT the trade issue. That's an entirely different topic. In effect, what President Trump is telling the government of Mexico is "Because of your past behavior, the wall is going up. You have lost your right to have any say about it. And furthermore, if you don't pay for it, and start dealing with the drugs and illegal border crossings, there will be more to come. What do you want to do?"

Mexico, like so many other (if not all other) countries in the world depend on the United States for everything. They would be living in the stone age without us. Americans buy $270 billion dollars of goods from Mexico every year, by far their most important source of foreign revenue. They could not survive without that not to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars we just give them outright out of the goodness of our hearts because America is such a generous country.

So from Mexico's point of view ... Let's see, pay America a few billion dollars for the wall, or lose $270 billion a year, hundreds of millions of dollars of gifts and become cave dwellers?

...Tough choice.

And now you know why Mexico *SHOULD* and *WILL* pay for the wall.

Godspeed President Trump. YOU ARE RIGHT AGAIN. And God bless America.

Why Mexico *SHOULD* And *WILL* Pay For The Wall

Why Mexico *SHOULD* And *WILL* Pay For The Wall
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