American Muslims For Trump


I watched some interesting interviews on Fox News tonight with Muslims who not only support President Trump, but who also wholeheartedly support his ban in immigration from the terrorist countries of the Middle East.

One Muslim woman said that because of the ban she feels a lot safer having lived in one of those countries. And that she knows that Islam has a very serious problem with terrorism.

One of the most interesting interviews was with the Iraqi man who served as the interpreter for American Navy SEAL hero Chis Kyle whose bravery and heroism was chronicled in the superb movie American Sniper. The Muslim interpreter, who now lives in America said that President Trump's ban makes the entire country safer and he and his family are grateful that the president is so bravely standing up to those in our own country who don't understand the threat that he witnessed first hand while he lived in that region for most of his life.

But even more than the interviews themselves, one thought went through my mind the entire time I was watching them. It occurred to me that I never heard anything like that for the last 8 years while the former president -- what was his name again? -- was in office. The question kept being raised over and over again -- where are the Muslim American voices protesting the terrorism coming out of their religion? Why aren't they louder? Now, suddenly there are so many Muslim voices speaking out to support the war on Islamic terrorism? What changed all of a sudden?

The answer is clear. When America had a president who sided with the terrorists these people were afraid to speak out. There was nothing in this country to protect them. They could not trust their own president. They did not feel safe.

But on January 20, 2017, when Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, that all changed. Those Muslims in America who feared for their lives along with the rest of their fellow Americans, under a president who seemed more concerned about the rights of foreign terrorists than the lives of American citizens, have finally found a home. They have FINALLY escaped the tyranny and oppression of their homeland, feel the power of American liberty and feel safe enough to come out from the shadows.

God Bless America

President Trump .... FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Shireen Qudosi: Why Muslims back Trump on radical Islam - American Muslims For Trump

=== American Muslims For Trump ===

American Muslims For Trump
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  • Anonymous
    Only the biased media could take something so mundane as a restriction of non US citizens coming into the US from 7 countries temporarily, and call it a "Muslim Ban."
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    Is this still revelant?
    • So, if a candidate campaigned on a promise to ban Muslims from entering the country, and other Republicans say he expressed an interest in legally banning Muslims, and then he issued an executive order banning people from predominantly Muslim countries... you wouldn't assume it's a Muslim Ban?

    • Anonymous

      First of all it is not a "Ban" it is as stated temporary travel restrictions on non US citizens from 7 countries. As for what Trump "said" he has been misquoted so many times from the media they have lost all credit in my eyes quoting him, like the boy who cried wolf.

      The fact that they continue to call a restriction of non US citizens coming into the US from 7 countries temporarily A "Muslim Ban" when it clearly is not, to spread ignorance, hatred, and further a biased political agenda, I see no reason to change my view of them.

    • Oh but is IS a ban. It's a ban on radical Islamic terrorism!

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  • martyfellow
    There are many currents among US Muslims. Some are traitors to their own people and have sold out to the media securocratic apparatus, and say whatever Washington wants them to say.

    Just as there African American stooges who support Trump, so there are Muslim and Arab stooges, carefully cultivated by the media and the government.
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  • John_Doesnt
    This is ridiculous. The ban has nothing to do with any countries that have ever attacked America. Never! The ban also gives preferential treatment to Christians, which violates the first amendment.
    The fifth amendment is also being violated by not giving these people due process.

    Seriously: none of these countries have been involved in attacks against the US or involved in ISIS activity.
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    • "The ban also gives preferential treatment to Christians, which violates the first amendment. "
      False for two reasons:
      1. The ban includes all people from the banned countries. Christians were turned away with Muslims.

      2. Foreign nationals residing outside of the United States have no First Amendment rights.

      No foreign national has any constitutional right to enter America. It's a privileged that must be granted. And the Constitution gives the power of granting or not granting that right to the president. PS: Breaking -- President Trump just fired the acting Attorney General -- an Obama appointee -- for breaking her oath of office and insubordination by refusing to enforce his lawful executive order regarding immigration.

    • "The fifth amendment is also being violated by not giving these people due process."

      Also false since foreign nationals residing outside the United States have no Fifth Amendment rights, or any constitutional rights at all.

    • No ban on Saudi Arabia. It's just a ban on countries where Islamic terrorism is out of control.

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  • Map4Territory
    But the two people you mentioned in your post wouldn't have been allowed into the US under Trump's ban. I'm not calling them liars, but I seriously question the wisdom of someone who can't see the hypocrisy.
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    • It is a temporary ban for six months on immigration from countries that are run by terrorists and have vowed to send them over here disguised as refugees. Obama put a six month ban on immigration from Iraq in 2011... exactly the same kind of ban that President Trump just employed. Did you protest that? Was that racist? Where were the demonstrations then? If this is hypocrisy, what is that?

    • Obama suspended a specific type of visa because of a specific and real threat. He never suspended refugees, people with green cards (they walked it back but it was confirmed by the White House that they wanted green cards suspended previously), or blocked visa's from an entire country. I'm sure you think literally all of that is a lie, but it certainly shows people aren't being hypocrites.

      If this was just about visa's, I personally wouldn't be so upset. It's incredibly hard to get refugee status and much easier to get a visa. If terrorists are coming over, they are doing it on a visa.

      But this ban has nothing to do with safety. If it was than Trump would have mentioned literally anything that is currently wrong with our immigration policy or proposed even a single way to make it better. He would have written an EO that wouldn't be torn apart by courts. He could care less about safety, he's just trying to reframe anti-foreigner bigotry as a safety for political purposes.

    • It was about visas. They specifically stated that green card holders are exempt from the temporary ban.

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  • disgustingweebtrash
    I have a pakistani best friend who I have know for many years (He isn't a Muslim anymore, he has been an atheist since he was very young and has also educated his family who are also no longer Muslim) and he has supported Trump ever since Trump announced his campaign.
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    • Don't be fooled by the people who want you to think that supporting liberty is racist or Islamophobic and anyone who supports what President Trump does is a racist or an Islamophobe. It doesn't matter what your religion or national origin is. All people who support liberty and freedom, no matter where they are in the world, will support what President Trump is doing. He owes no apologies. America owes no apologies. Don't expect President Trump to apologize for a false motive his detractors ascribe to him that he doesn't have. And you should never do that either. Enemies of liberty want to distract you with that false claim. Whether your friend is a Muslim or not, an American or not, if he values liberty and the right to individual self-determination, than he is a friend of America and a friend of President Trump and his followers.

  • Browneye57
    Perhaps more Americans will quit fighting everything and go along with what's best for everyone else. The left has become completely un-hinged.
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    • I don't mind if liberals want to destroy their country. The problem is that it's my country too.

    • The left isn't going to the destroy this country, Trump is, and I'm waiting with my popcorn on hand. It's funny how me and a friend predicted what he'll do for kicks in high-school and a lot of them is coming true. Again, waiting with my popcorn.

    • Browneye57

      @RhythmBlack gonna be a long wait toots. The democrat party is going to become so insignificant that likely they will never come to power again.
      You see, the poor people the left CLAIMS to represent have been down-trodden by them for the past 20 years. Once they see what true growth and prosperity looks like in our country they will no longer support the democrat party. The minorities, the women, to the point where those left will become so insignificant that it won't matter.
      A good example is this immigration flap - all the shreaking and clamoring for the same things that have been said and done for the past 20 years - Trump is finally doing something about it. Check out this vid here:

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  • TripleAce
    A young boy yhat just came straight from Syria, he's only been in North America one month, told me directly that muslims back at home all were against Hillary because they all now know she linked to the establishment that erected terrorist groups in islamic countries. He said they didn't like Donald Trump but even with the ban prefered him over the opposing side because at least he will fight to actually beat them

    That says a lot coming from a 23 year old boy living in Syria
    • I believe that. No one could possibly like living in one of the Muslim countries of the Middle East. All of their governments are tyrannies, and they are at the mercy of a large group of their fellow Muslims who are homicidal lunatics. Who could live that way?

      Their flaw is this. When Americans were faced with tyranny, they didn't cower to it. They laid down their lives to overthrow it because for the people of this country liberty has always been more important than life itself. Apparently something in their moral fiber, culture, religion and/or values is vastly different. They do not seem to be prepared to lay down their lives to stop the tyranny in their own midst. Hence it becomes OUR problem and the problem of people all over the world. It's difficult for me to understand their mindset and not hold them accountable for their own predicament because of their lack of courage and their inaction.

    • Oddly enough, the country of the Middle East where Muslims have by far the best life is in Israel. 20% of the population in Israel are Muslims and it's the only place where they are truly free. It's the only democracy in the Middle East and Muslims who are Israeli citizens have 100% of all the rights of other citizens including voting and holding political office. Also, they have good jobs and the highest average income of any Muslims in the Middle East.

    • No wonder all the Muslim countries want to destroy Israel. They cannot stand the competition for their own people!

  • Red_Arrow
    "Now, suddenly there are so many Muslim voices speaking out to support the war on Islamic terrorism? What changed all of a sudden?" Hardly any at all. You want to see huge numbers of Muslims protesting? Watch your TV or go into the streets, and see the many, many thousands of Muslims protesting the ban which is keeping families separated and keeping many in danger of losing their lives to the terrorists they have resisted from coming here, even after already being completely investigated and vetted, cleared for entry. In fact, many already work or study here. Many have homes they are not allowed to return to here. Many have families here and cannot return after leaving for a short while to conduct business or see relatives.
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  • Dimmu
    Ironically , statistics say that Muslims in the US are twice as peaceful as non Muslim
    But who cares about facts and numbers
    Let's just hate cause we are "civilized"
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  • jacquesvol
    They want you to forget the bowling Green Massacre.
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  • ThugUgurcan
    Its purpose is to prevent terror.
    ındia endonesıa malesıa egypt suudı arabıa turkey There are many more Muslims in these countries.
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  • madhatters4
    i love reading great fiction
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  • Djaaaay
    I saw it too. I agree with your take. Well done !!
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  • Anonymous
    fox news. the same news site that feature kellyanne conway, the one who coined the term "alternative fact" or, another word for "lie"
    • This is such a false argument. Any person with a brain knows what the term meant. It means that your side gives one set of facts making your case, and our side gives another set of facts making our case -- the same thing that happens in any debate. The fact that your side twists the clear meaning of what she said into something that was never meant or said only proves the disingenuous nature of your entire approach to discourse. You are the intolerant and dismissive of any other views except your own selfish take to the extent that you engage in the very fascist tactics that you wrongly accuse the other side of committing. It's really nasty and disgusting. And don't expect us to respond to your assault with anything less than as aggressive a retort as is necessary to make you pay they price for your tyranny.

    • Anonymous

      so like a republican to bring in FALSE STATEMENTS

  • Anonymous
    Fox News regularly falsifies things to support the republican agenda.

    Here are some actual facts on the ban and the lies trump tells you and you jump to believe.
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    • Yawn. You are a testament to hallucinatory pharmaceuticals.

    • Anonymous

      And when actual facts are presented you dismiss them.
      Nothing like retarded republicans.

    • It's about time some news sided with Republicans

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  • Anonymous
    Typical, conservatives patronize naive minorities that think they're going to benefit from voting Republican. Much like there were women in Europe that were AGAINST the women's suffrage movement.

    Please google "false consciousness"
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    • It's racist to think minorities should vote Democrat because they can't decide for themselves

    • Anonymous

      @Iraqveteran666 Of course, that's the typical argument. Forget the fact that you morons have been chanting "All lives matter!" except for now when refugees are fleeing for their lives. "Well, I mean, fuck all those Muslims!"

      This former black panther days it best.
      But all lives do matter I see nothing racist about that, it would only be racist if I said white lives matter or black lives matter. Well you can blame Obama for the refugee crisis.

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