American Muslims For Trump


I watched some interesting interviews on Fox News tonight with Muslims who not only support President Trump, but who also wholeheartedly support his ban in immigration from the terrorist countries of the Middle East.

One Muslim woman said that because of the ban she feels a lot safer having lived in one of those countries. And that she knows that Islam has a very serious problem with terrorism.

One of the most interesting interviews was with the Iraqi man who served as the interpreter for American Navy SEAL hero Chis Kyle whose bravery and heroism was chronicled in the superb movie American Sniper. The Muslim interpreter, who now lives in America said that President Trump's ban makes the entire country safer and he and his family are grateful that the president is so bravely standing up to those in our own country who don't understand the threat that he witnessed first hand while he lived in that region for most of his life.

But even more than the interviews themselves, one thought went through my mind the entire time I was watching them. It occurred to me that I never heard anything like that for the last 8 years while the former president -- what was his name again? -- was in office. The question kept being raised over and over again -- where are the Muslim American voices protesting the terrorism coming out of their religion? Why aren't they louder? Now, suddenly there are so many Muslim voices speaking out to support the war on Islamic terrorism? What changed all of a sudden?

The answer is clear. When America had a president who sided with the terrorists these people were afraid to speak out. There was nothing in this country to protect them. They could not trust their own president. They did not feel safe.

But on January 20, 2017, when Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, that all changed. Those Muslims in America who feared for their lives along with the rest of their fellow Americans, under a president who seemed more concerned about the rights of foreign terrorists than the lives of American citizens, have finally found a home. They have FINALLY escaped the tyranny and oppression of their homeland, feel the power of American liberty and feel safe enough to come out from the shadows.

God Bless America

President Trump .... FULL SPEED AHEAD!

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=== American Muslims For Trump ===

American Muslims For Trump
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