Politics is Getting Toxic


Politics, the driving force of a nation, some have lots of in-depth politics, and some just have one leader with rigged elections to keep them in power.

But politics is getting dangerous, especially in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Politics is getting toxic

Here's why.

this has happened in the past in history, a problem is prevalent in a nation, and one man/woman states they can solve it by focusing on the easiest to think of problems, they get into power and subsequently ruin the country. I'm not however stating that any current leader is likely to ruin their country, that's not the focus of this Take, what i am saying is that the people are getting more toxic, more extreme, more worried. This is a problem. Politics in these two countries is reaching a full polarization, namely, the poor vs the rich, the left vs the right, and as the nation is driven more to extremes, it strains the very societies that exist in the foundations of these nations. Democracies don't usually do this, and that's because parliaments and congresses tend to act as a "political valve", releasing the tension in long debates and reducing extremism and partisanship.

Politics is Getting Toxic

"why is this changing though?, these two countries are world renowned democracies!" you might say, well it's simply that people have found a way around it, simply ignoring the system, or labeling it as corrupt, helping to de-legitimize the system that's stood for hundreds of years, and create a new system in which revolves around either an oligarchy or autocracy.

Politics is Getting Toxic

I'm not suggesting this is what people like Trump and May are doing, but more stating that their rhetoric (along with farage, Le pen, Wilders and others), is driving the nations to extremes, which could cause the very collapse of the countries we reside in, in violent revolution, or in dissolution, or creation of a new, different form of government, and could very well cause someone like an autocrat to come to power.

Now, how are you feeling?



Want to rip my head off because i insulted your god emperor?

well don't worry, calm down, relax and realize there's more to life than politics. It's true Its a focal point of our nations, and we need to stay involved with it to keep it alive, but that doesn't mean we need to be at each other's throats about our political view, if we listen, listen to each other we can create a system which everyone is happy.

And lastly, don't forget to live, the world is turning some dark corners, but for some they're light, they're help and freedom, it can help to just get out there and adventure around the world, or go surfing, or sailing, or rock climbing, or every just for a walk, spend time with loved ones and make your life happy. it doesn't matter who you are, you're religion, race, sexual orientation or star sign, you, we, all have the capability to be great and do great things, so don't just argue behind a keyboard, go live your life.

and be happy.

Politics is Getting Toxic

Politics is Getting Toxic
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