Austria Will Ban Niqab In Public


In public spaces such as schools or courts.

It has also been considering decreasing or maybe eventually banning all religious symbolism in public arenas and areas.

Austria Will Ban Niqab In Public

Freedoms of speech is one thing, freedoms of expression also...but maybe religious symbolism should be banned in public - for your own physical self protection and to avoid being discriminated against due to your religious beliefs.

What they've said about this symbolic step: "We are committed to an open society, which also presupposes open communication. A full-face veil in public places stands in its way and will therefore be banned."

France and Belgium introduced a burqa ban in 2011, while the UK does not ban burqa nor the niquab.

Austria Will Ban Niqab In Public


Austria Will Ban Niqab In Public
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  • ElissaDido
    Niqab/face cover is not even an Islamic requirement.
    It's an Arabian tradition predating Islam, even some women from Arab Jewish tribes (like in Yemen) wore/wear them.
    It's already illegal in some Muslim majority countries. And as a Muslim I don't find it unfounded to ban it especially in a non Muslim majority country and this opinion I is also held by many Muslims.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Jan1ssary_
    Thats nice, honestly fuck burkas/hijabs/niqabs or some shit. Who knows if they are hiding bombs under these clothes? Or anything else? I am Muslim but I don't support them ever and never will. This shit has nothing to do with religion, and not necessary at all.
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    • ElissaDido

      Niqab and Burkas are not part of Islam, but regarding Hijabs I would disagree with you :p

    • Jan1ssary_

      @ElissaDido I don't know Miss 😎 I don't think god would force women to cover their hair and if they don't punish them. God created humans with loving them I don't think he will punish women who don't cover their hair, I know there are some informations about it in Quran but since a lot of years passed on it and it was translated for many times, I think there might be some mistakes. For me wearing hijab isn't compulsory but it was an "advice" for women to protect theirselves by stranger males.

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  • Blitzkrieger
    Belgium and france have not only banned burqas. They have banned all face veils for everyone. Religious or not. Its not about burqas its about not being allowed to make your unrecognizable.
  • RichardWilson
    I don't see a problem with it. In some Muslim countries even non Muslim female tourists have to abide by Islamic dress code. So if Muslim countries can have a dress code, than other countries also have the right to have their dress code.

    Hell, even Morocco wants to ban the burqa for security reasons.
    • cipher42

      "If they can do it we can too" is a shitty argument. If other countries commit human rights violations, should we be allowed to do the same? I sure hope the answer is no.

    • @cipher42 Finally, someone with critical thinking.

  • sovetskii13
    There are too many dumb rules in today's world. Can't do anything without running into some kind of conflict along the way. No more freedom of speech, and at some point no freedom at all. We will be getting criticized for everything we do.
    - You write too many myTakes. Give other users a chance.
    • YaBaba

      Right? The no freedom at all part is worrisome.

    • cipher42

      Even freedoms would run into other freedoms if they were all unlimited. In this case I'm kind of on the fence as to whether this is justified (I kind of lean towards no because it does seem like a rule inspired by islamophobia) but regardless I think hyping up freedom as the ultimate good is silly and a bit short sighted.

  • TripleAce
    Makes sense, when you go into someone else's house you abide by their rules, if they don't like it they can stay in an all islamic country and be as islamic as they like but when you go into a different culture... you should assimilate to a certain extent

    All I ever hear from Muslims is that everyone else is wrong and their shit is right... they make zero effort to expand their horizon to what else the world has to offer
  • Valkyrie1
    To protect to from discrimination we discriminate against you! That logic doesn't sound very logical...
    • It's not discrimination - it's protection by not revealing your religion in public...
      The state of the world today - this is a smarter decision - in my own opinion. Especially if there are many violent haters out there.

    • msg812

      If a hater harm a muslim woman because of her appearance the state must punish this idiot hater to protect the woman. In that way all haters would know how badly they will be punished, if they do something wrong. The real protection is that. It is not banning freedom.

    • @msg812 that's a good point, but mostly those people are never caught... and that's why this is happening.

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  • BrittBratt2416
    Discrimination at its finest.. I'm Christian. Next they'll start telling use we can't say "Jesus" in public or wear a cross. If you don't stand up for them who's gonna stand up for you? I'm sick of this "every Muslim must be a terrorist" mentality.
    • No ones going to tell what i can and cannot wear, no ones going to tell me where i can and cannot pray, no ones going to tell me to hide my faith in God.

    • Thank you.

  • Turkish_Delight
    Eh, I cannot distinguish between ninjas and Nikab/Burka wearing women... A shot from Iran 😂
    P. s. It's such a convenient costume for terrorists...
  • LoveHorses
    Good for them. I'm not a big fan of religion of any kind.
    • Yup, fuck their rights.

    • LoveHorses

      @FroggyDoggy96 I agree, religion is just a cult

    • yeah, we should just call anything we disagree with words like "cult", and then proceed to take away their fucking rights. Fuck them, especially because they are women. We men will tell them how to dress.

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  • Maypai
    People should be able to wear what they want. Covering YOUR face is NOT effecting someone else. Some people just need to have control of others lives.
  • Waffles731
    is anyone else getting some weird symbols across the quote?
  • oddwaffle
    If they allowed hidden face ninjas running around in. public places then there would be a problem.

    Imagine, a legion of Guy Fawkes hanging around in public. Or maybe masked face anarchists with molotovs. Gunmen with hidden faces shooting people.
    • Except that these are not hidden face ninjas, but "free" women practicing the religion they believe in.

    • oddwaffle


      Are you going to believe that some Ninjas tell them their religion of Hidden Hand requires them to wear face masks, shuriken, katanas and probably grenades in public? Or maybe the Anonymous Legion with a Guy Fawkes mask tells you their new religion allows them to be 'anonymous' with the mask. Or maybe, some dude with a bomb just want to pretend to be a religious woman?

      A lot of religions have ridiculous rules. Just because a religion allows or encourages the husband to beat his wife and control her (and she somehow agrees to it because she didn't know any other religion) doesn't mean you should let them be.

    • We're not gonna discuss hypotheticals here. If a woman chooses to practice her religion by wearing a veil, it's none of your business, and you should very well let them be. This is like Christians banning tattoos for a country they rule over. The west, which should remain non-religious in law, has no business in enforcing how religious dress may be worn for any of it's citizens.

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  • SnowHearth
    Anyone who cover their face can be considered a threat.
    • The same can be said for people who don't cover their face. Unless there is ample evidence that women in these countries have been using this style of dress to avoid being held accountable for crimes, this is wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself for not defending a fellow woman's right to dress as she pleases. Never mind, i've given up hope on bitches like you.

    • SnowHearth

      @FroggyDoggy96 good you've given up, because this bitch got 2 PhDs at age 23, and can kick a special forces ass as it were a puny leaf.

    • Irrelevant. You're referring to physical and mental prowess, I'm referring to ethics and morals. Something which you are a complete dunce in.

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  • Omar5881
    I completely agree with their decision, niqab ain't Islamic and it ain't safe I mean a theif can wear it and you won't know if he is even a man I think muslim scholars should teach people more tgat niqab is a tradition rather than a relgious thing
  • abundantlyrich
    It may be a good thing to promote no head dress that totally conceals their face. They are living in a western european country that isn't islamic run.
  • Hollywood-Glam
    To be honest, the burka scares me a bit, but that doesn't have to with anything. As much as I think there should be freedom to wear whatever we want, I think these women should show their faces for social security reasons.
    • You've a good point. But I thinks it should depend more on the situation. In their spare time they should be allowed to wear whatever they wants to. In certain jobs and schools having some dress codes isn't a stupid idea.

    • Unless there is evidence to show that women have used the veils to break the law, you are being just as discriminatory as the people who wouldn't allow transgenders to use the bathroom they please.

  • lumos
    "Freedoms of speech is one thing, freedoms of expression also... but maybe religious symbolism should be banned in public - for your own physical self protection and to avoid being discriminated against due to your religious beliefs."

    That's like telling a bullied kid at school that they should cover their freckles with makeup. That they should stop wearing glasses and use contacts instead. That they should straighten their big, curly hair. That they should buy more expensive clothes. That they should get plastic surgery. Just so that they can avoid getting bullied.
    As far as I'm concerned, nobody should have to correct themselves; what they look like/what they wear etc just to please others. Just to avoid being the target. That is condoning discrimination and putting the blame on the victim, not the discriminator. Is that really the sort of society we want to live in?
  • lime_rampljuset
    Burka and Niqab were originally used to protect face from the conditions of the desert, since there is no reasons to use them in Europe I don't see any problem with the ban...
  • curiousnorway
    I thinks people should be allowed to wear what they wants to in their spare time. Just because I'm disagree with their clothing style, culture and opinions doesn't mean it bothering me what they wears. If a person feels comfortable with e. g. cosplaying, I'm fine with that. Same with religious outfits. But in some jobs and schools I thinks dressing codes is fine. (With dress codes/rules, I doesn't necessary mean uniforms) But the government deciding what people wears at their spare time removes a bit of their freedom and I'm a bit skeptical to that. I don't want rest of the world to adapt dress code laws like many Middle-eastern countries. Doesn't matter you wears a cross, hijab or a "blanket" at your spare time? It's fine.
  • JayGarrick
    I feel sorry for people whose beliefs are challenged by the government that they are under. However, people are scared and they are just acting in accordance to their fears
  • Hihikinn
    by the way do thise muslim women have rights to choose not to wear niqab without judging or death threats from their family and society?
  • Liisjak
    Muslims are worse than roaches anyway. If people move to a different country they should adapt to that country's culture and not vice versa.
    • So if you or I were to move to a foreign country, do you think we would adapt the culture so quickly? No, it's a process that takes a great deal of time.

  • IceCubedude
    about time already the west starts having some balls
  • pooper89
    I agree with the ban. Fucking assimilate or get the fuck out.
  • RegularTK421
    Good. They shouldn't be able to conceal their faces in public.
  • Jackblue
    Well I can't say I believe Islam to be the true faith, but Muslims have rights too.
  • yourmom89
    thats cause england is forward thinking, many of our european allies are still relatively backwards thinking
    • Yup, taking away people's rights is forward thinking.

    • Especially women's rights at that.

    • baakkmn

      @FroggyDoggy96 If it's supposed to be your right to wear that clothing in public, then why can't you wear nothing at all? It's your right, right?

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  • fueledbythc
    I just realized I can be a ninja in public and blame it on Islam! !! Wow I wish I thought of that as a teenager.
  • disgustingweebtrash
    This is not about "hurr durr ur takin about wymyn's rights!!!1" this is about security, you can wear what you want as long as it does not cover up your face.
  • Kuraj
    Austria once again cementing it's position as one of the best countries to live in.
  • ColinHarvey
    Yeah looks like France and Austria lead the charge for modernization.
    • cipher42

      Mandating what people can and can't wear isn't modernization, it's pretty much the opposite. Like, I could maybe see the "public safety" argument, but the "modernization" or "liberty" arguments definitely not.

    • @cipher42

      I'm sorry that women having the ability to remove an oppressive face covering is somehow not modern to you. Wow I didn't know I was going to meat a real misogynist today.

    • cipher42

      Lmao it's not giving them the ability to remove the face covering, it's forcing them to. It doesn't give them choice, it takes it away.

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  • BigBallerSodaPop
    They need to get these damn Muslims a science book and some LSD
    • As a Muslim I have to say that in my religion you dont have to cover your face hands foot etc..
      There is no force like that it is traditional not religious

    • I'm a Muslim but i dont cover my hair too so not all muslims like that as I said these clothes are related with their culture not religion

  • ThisDudeHere
    About time.
    • Yup. Let's just take a woman's right to dress as she pleases because of our ignorance and fear of their religion and culture. After all, deciding what women should and shouldn't be able to do is what men do best right?

    • @FroggyDoggy96 it's about not being able to completely cover up the face.

    • Mr-Kabuki

      @FroggyDoggy96 yea but what if i wore a burqa then killed a bunch of people? Its illegal to conceal your face because of security reasons. but people can start doing it and hide behind the "religion card". not safe

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  • dipta
    Well, it's probably a good thing.
  • pinkanon
    where is equality?
    • One could argue that equality is everyone looking the same... and everyone being recognizable when outside - in the world.

    • That's totalitarianism, not the equality she's talking about.

    • pinkanon

      I think people must be free to wear whatever they want

  • katiesmuff
    Sounds like a very positive approach