Trumps People Remove Protection on Transgender Bathroom Use


And all this in public schools! The place where most bullying happens!

Trumps People Remove Protection on Transgender Bathroom Use

Xenophobia anyone?

Nice, very sweet stuff...

The freest country in the world is sweeping transgender people (kinds and teenagers no less) under the rug.

Ask yourselves these questions:

Is this in the American spirit?

Do you still believe America will remain the freest country in the world during these next 4 years?

Have you ever expected this before Trump came into office?

How about after he won?

P.S. Maybe a 'gender neutral' bathroom would be the best idea... But then again...then we may have to put faith in school aged kids - which is almost always a mistake...

Trumps People Remove Protection on Transgender Bathroom Use

Trumps People Remove Protection on Transgender Bathroom Use
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  • ChrisBUK
    Why don't we just have genital bathrooms? If you have a penis, go to the penis room. If you have a vagina, go to the vagina room. No one needs to use the words man or woman if it's going to trigger some snowflake. Just piss or shit in accordance to your genitals.
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    • It would only work if the population gets enough information about it. If not, cis women would freak out if they sees a trans man in their bathroom. Same with cis men seeing a trans woman in their bathroom. I bet most women would wondering why this guy entered the women's bathroom. Hard to notice he's trans.

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  • Rissyanne
    He is putting it back in the states hands. So talk to your congressmen about it. I am glad... I dont want to take my god daughter in a bathroom with a dude in there.
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  • ShortCircuit
    Remember when you were able to assume that if someone "identified" as a certain gender, they would have the corresponding genitals? Ahhh, those were the good old days.

    Now we can't do that anymore. Honestly, I think it would be in everyone's best interest to just say "everyone with a penis, use this bathroom" and "everyone with a vagina, use this bathroom", regardless of how you... "identify". That way, it won't be about gender anymore. Maybe we can avoid nation-wide rioting that way...
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    • You're 16, neither of us was alive during then. Shut up, that era had problems too.

    • @FallOutBoy2001
      I'm talking about 2 or 3 years ago. These are new issues.

    • No, I remember 2 or 3 years ago, we had these problems then

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  • Jager66
    Trump only put the decision in the States hands, the way it should have been from the start.

    Trans gender people need to learn how to cope with their mental illness. The solution is not everyone else enabling them.
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  • Maypai
    I'm actually happy about this. I was pretty pissed that Obama fed into any of this bull shit. There are two genders, if you're a male, you go to the male bathroom. If you're a female, you go to the female bathroom. If you decide to mutilate your body to look like the opposite sex, that's your problem. You should have thought of the repercussions before doing so.
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  • katiesmuff
    Gender neutral bathrooms would be a better form of ending the debate about this. Problem is that US has made us think that nudity is something weird instead of looking at how many of the European cultures handle it. If seeing the opposite sex au natural were more a normal thing nobody would give much a damn about neutral bathrooms.
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  • GraveTruth
    It's all stupid. They need to ditch this transgender lenience.

    99% of transgenders are just crossdressers and 100% of them are prostitutes, drug users, and people with serious mental disorders.

    Of course the GOVT wants to accept them pretty much ALL of revenue from the govt is through medication. this topic is all about money, not rights. It's the same reason the govt stopped bullying and parental discipline. They want to medicate 11yr olds now.
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  • TheFlak38
    Yeah sorry for taking steps against mental illness. I bet you've seen plenty of transgender mentally ill people in public schools Mrs. Social Justice Warrior.
    As for your freedom, America stopped being a free country decades ago. It might only get a little better with Trump, hopefully.
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    • Don't kid yourself - this has nothing to do with mental illness.

    • Nojudge

      Let me rephase when, my computer went awry.
      Transgender is not mental illness... Its not a choice when, they were born with wrong body.
      Gay isn't a choice either.

    • TheFlak38

      If they are born with the wrong body then this means there is such a thing as a woman's or man's brain which means there is a biological basis on male of female behaviour, which means that gender is not a social construct. And this already blows your social justice theory out the water. I hope you're not really 52 years old.

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  • Dred1614returns
    Anything that keeps men and women out of the same restroom is fine by me.
    The thing is, if you're a post op tranny, people aren't going to be paying enough attention to you to notice that you shouldn't be in there.
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  • AleDeEurope
    Well, kids in schools should be taught there's only two genders, instead of bullshit. You go to the bathroom that corresponds to your gender.
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  • Paris13
    Obama Illegally Here, dear, went Behind the Backs of the People when he Did this EXEC Act, so President Trump is Undoing it. Simple as that.
    Let me be Clear Here, dear, he is Leaving it UP TO THE STATES, which is More than Fair with this Flair. xx
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  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    Mr. Trump's supporters have no interest in freedom or what it means to be an American. Sure, they talk a big talk about it but when it comes to actually doing something about it, they always choose the path of dictating what people can't do rather than enabling them to do more.
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  • Turkish_Delight
    Just some un-open minded, uneducated dumb people. They can't stand to see free people because they're dependent to a d1ck-tator themselves...
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  • Kuraj
    And he is right.
    We should focus on actually treating mentally ill people, instead of catering to their delusions.
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  • SuccessfulHornDog
    This is a states rights issue. He was completely correct to remove this from the federal level and let the states decide for themselves
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  • JustinTheGreat
    Gender neutral bathrooms is a terrible idea. They opened a gender neutral bathroom somewhere and as soon as they did a 10 year old girl got sexually assaulted
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    • Maypai

      The fact that people think that it's okay for males and females to share one bathroom BLOWS my mind. I've seen gender neutral bathrooms, but they were one person bathrooms.

    • @Maypai Yeah i've seen those too. Single unisex bathrooms are fine

  • jacquesvol
    Mainly Mike Pence's voters consider transgenders do NOT have to pee or that their pee is very DANGEROUS.

    Save America!
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  • Nojudge
    Wait until this issue will drag to the Supreme Court.
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  • Neverrrmore
    He put this issue where it should have been to begin with... with the states. This whole thing is a safety concern. I'm not concerned about the transgender individual who wants to use the bathroom with me and my children, but what I am concerned about is the fact that this opens an extremely dangerous door for any pedophile, rapist, whatever to walk into the wrong restroom with my children. And if this everyone welcome restroom wasn't a thing then someone might be alarmed whenever a man walks into the womens restroom or a women into the mens. There are some sick people out there who would definitely use this to hurt someone.
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  • ProjectBaby1K
    Good job Mr Trump. There is no absolute standard that constitutes what is a man or woman, we are better off without that nonsense Obama passed.
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  • Blitzkrieger
    Its about time. They are the most privileged and protected class of citizens in society. Thats hardly democratic.
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  • lord_chilled
    well, good. traditional bathroom use, as it should be
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