My Top Five Prom Proposal Ideas

My Top Five Prom Proposal Ideas

As we enter the middle of the month of May, many high schools have already had their prom, or are having/about to have their prom.

Instead of focusing on the doom, and gloom of prom season(Read about my high school prom story here), I'm going to focus on the positives of prom season!

So, below are real life prom proposals that I have personally heard about, or witnessed while in high school(Or OF high school). I understand that if you Google the internet, you'll find the greatest prom proposals of all time. However, the fact I witnessed/heard about these prom proposals in this boring little area I live in is quite remarkable. So, here are my top five!

Honorable Mentions: I'm not saying this to be politically correct, but I've still never witnessed a non-heterosexual prom proposal, OR a girl asking a guy to prom(Despite the fact many girls ask guys on dates these days). So, any situation which falls into these categories, go as an honorable mention in my book!

5. Catholicism in a Nutshell

When I was in my freshman year of high school, I went to a local Catholic high school
(I transferred to a public school for grades 10-12, since my parents couldn't afford the tuition at the Catholic school).

Anyway, this was the first prom proposal I witnessed. There was a biology teacher who was fascinated with animals, and would have several of them bound by cages, and tanks in her classroom. She also had a pet squirrel, and it was a very well trained squirrel(I had no idea you could train a squirrel).

One of her former students was a senior(Who went by the name "Chico"), and had a creative prom proposal idea. This teacher had plastic toy nuts(The food, not Caitlin Jenner added testicles) and would give them to her squirrel. So, her, and this student went in the hallway, and had the student's girlfriend at the other end of the hallway. We all gathered in the hallway to witness this. Chico had the squirrel take the plastic nut to the girl, and inside the nut, it had a relevant Holy Bible quote, and below it, it said "You must be nuts not to go to prom with me." We all clapped, and thought it was awesome! One teacher who had been teaching there for over 30 years said it was the best prom proposal he ever saw.

My Top Five Prom Proposal Ideas

4. A Very Brady Prom Proposal

In my sophomore year of high school, it was my first year at the local public high school I graduated from.

Anyway, there was a guy named Randy who was a big theatre "geek", and absolutely loved to dress up, and act. He admitted his guilty pleasure was his love for the famous sitcom, The Brady Bunch. Another aspect of Randy was he was actually a good singer as well.

So, what happened? In an auditorium with close friends, and teachers, he apparently dressed up like the character Greg from The Brady Bunch, and sung a short song of his he made up, in front of the girl he was asking to prom. Apparently, at the end of the song, he said "Will you go to prom with me(Insert girl's name"? I really wish I could have witnessed this one.

Again, a long-time veteran teacher who had taught there over 25 years said it was the best prom proposal he had ever seen.

My Top Five Prom Proposal Ideas

3. It's Funny Because He's...Funny.

In my junior year of high school, not only did I witness one of the best prom proposals
I've ever seen, but I probably the the most unique prom proposal situation as well.

There was a sophomore at the school named Jimmy. Jimmy was very popular, but for a sad reason: He was a heavy-set guy. Except "heavy-set" is an understatement-This guy was about six feet tall, and weighed about 400 pounds. He was very popular-Even among girls, because he was known as the "fat funny guy." Think of the late comedian Chris Farley, and that's an accurate comparison

So, how crazy was this guy? Well he wanted to ask out a senior girl to prom, and it wasn't just any senior, it was the "hot, popular cheerleader." We knew he would do it, because the guy would literally do anything. So, a lot of his friends set up the football field after school, and I went to witness it as well(For some reason, there weren't any teachers there). Jimmy was on the field, and the girl he wanted to ask to prom(Her name was Courtney) was there was well. She had just went through a breakup, so I think this worked in his advantage as well.

Suddenly, he whipped off his shirt, showing off his very large stomach, and man-boobs, and started singing "I'm Fat" by Weird Al Yankovich, and danced as he did so. He then ran around the field like a maniac, did a cartwhell(sorta), and said "Hey babe, will you go to prom with me"? The girl's face was red(After bursting out laughing), and she actually said "yes."

Whether she said "Yes" as a friend, to be nice, or because she actually liked him, that was the wildest prom proposal I saw. Due to his courage, and boldness, I had to rank this as one of the best.

My Top Five Prom Proposal Ideas

2. He Wasn't Horsing Around

This is the most recent prom proposal I've heard about, and this one would have been awesome to see.

Last schoolyear, I Student Taught at a local rural high school, where the student body consists of farmers, and "country folk." As you may guess, these rural high school probably have the most creative prom proposals.

My cooperating teacher(Who I taught with during my Student Teaching) called me one day, and told me about this prom proposal. This guy was a former student of mine, named Josh, and wanted to ask his girlfriend Courtney to prom. He was a senior, and knew this was his last chance to do something special.

This guy lived on a farm, and he happened to have his own horses as well. He drives his girlfriend out to his farm, and they ride horses together. After they get done riding horses, they get off of them, and he asks her to prom. He pushes her to quit "horsing around", and he apparently had the words "Prom? Yay, or Neigh" spray-painted on another horse on the farm. She made her decision to spray paint a circle around the word "Yay."

Some people might be reading this wondering why I would have this as number two, but I thought this was very creative, and he utilized his environment well.

My Top Five Prom Proposal Ideas

1. The Whole Town Asked Her to Prom

Numbers 5-2 on this list could very well be interchanged. In other words, I feel number five on my list could be number two, and number two on my list could be number five. With this being said, number one will remain number one, without a doubt.

As a matter of fact, this could probably compete with the greatest prom proposal of all time. I've known a guy named Jake since I was in seventh grade, and he dated a girl named Kara all four years in high school(I have no idea why they broke up after high school).

Anyway, he was a high school student at the local Catholic school I mentioned earlier, and lived in the rural town of the high school I just mentioned with the horse scenario. While he didn't go to the rural high school nearby, he knew pretty much everyone in that town. Keep in mind, unless you have community involvement such as this one, there is no way you could pull off this prom proposal.

It was a Friday night in April, and he drove his girlfriend to these softball diamonds in the rural town he lived in. It was our senior year, so he knew he had to make this special. They walk out on the diamond, and it's pitch black. Suddenly, the lights turn on, and the guy in the announcer's booth said "Kara, will you go to prom with Jake?" Afterwards, a choir of kids were standing in the bleachers, singing about Jake's accomplishments, and then there were groups of people who chimed in to talk about Kara, and Jake, and other miscellaneous things they've done. Jake also had some of his friends there to brag about how fun it would be. Obviously, she said "yes" and was surprised by the whole thing. I still can't believe I missed something this epic: To get an entire town to basically ask a girl to prom for you? How? The amount of effort he put into that cements this into the number one position for good.

My Top Five Prom Proposal Ideas

So, what are some of your favorite prom proposal ideas?

My Top Five Prom Proposal Ideas
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