My Rant About Opinions on my Question on the Manchester Terrorist Attack

My Rant about opinions on my question on the Manchester Terrorist Attack

I posted my question last night about the Manchester Terrorist Attack. Over the past 17 hours there have been many send their condolences and prayers being civil on the matter. But, there are some smartass people who make jokes, ridicule Ariana Grande,and Blame Islam in general when the time for that is not appropriate.

First of all I know there are those of you who do not like Ariana Grande. Im not a huge fan of her singing myself, but there are a lot who are. She's a human being, her well being and safety matters just as much as others who were in the explosion. She is someones friend and family member just as many of the young people were in this attack. I bet her friends,family,fans,agents etc... lost a lot of sleep last night as did survivors, parents of the missing,family member of the deceased, family and friend of the living etc... The survivors including Ariana will probably have nightmares and flashbacks for years to come.

Second of all people are saying this is why refugees should have not been let into Europe. The Islamic State does not represent all Muslims or a majority for that matter just like the Ku Klux Klan or Westboro Baptist Church does not represent all Christians, Adolph Hitler did not represent all Germans, and Neither does Trump represent all Americans.Even Muslims are killed by Isis, Isis is not the true representation of Muslims Its a terrorist group like The Klan, The IRA, and The Taliban. I know there were probably people in the UK and around the world of the Muslim faith just as terrorized and upset over this as much as others.

I feel like I needed to get this off my chest because we lost so many innocent lives because of one evil monster who let the guidings of Isis lead him to do a henious act. This is not a time to put the blame on one religion or ridicule and upset a lovely young lady because she is a famous celebrity. This is a time of sending prayers, condolences, and good vibes to the people of Manchester and the United Kingdom.


My Rant About Opinions on my Question on the Manchester Terrorist Attack
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  • lumos
    I 100% agree with this take. Whether you like Ariana or not does not matter, she doesn't deserve to be hated or blamed for what happened, and neither is dismissing her trauma appropriate. She is just as much of a victim as anyone else who attended or worked at the concert. I've seen some extremely tactless and disgusting comments made towards her, and even the fans who were there (for enjoying her music). This is not the time nor the place to express your preference in music/lack of interest in her. It's extremely disrespectful to push such views right now, when so many people are mourning the loss of their friends and family members, and Ariana is mourning the loss of her fans' lives. Completely heartless to direct any sort of hate towards her and her fans.
    I also agree with you on your point about how these terrorists don't represent Muslims. Not to mention that the suicide bomber was born and raised in Manchester. Closing any borders would not have stopped him and will not stop other terrorists from succeeding with these devastating and cowardly acts.
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  • AleDeEurope
    I have to disagree with your second part.
    You seem to be pretty upset about what happened, rightfully so, I am too, and I think every decent person is, yet you don't want to solve the problem. Prayers and condolences do nothing. Did they do something after Paris? What about after Brussels? Nice? I don't think so, because today we're mourning the death of children and innocent people... again.

    All we do is nothing but give condolence and put a filter on pictures, but when it comes to solving the problem (which we ALL know what the problem is) we do nothing.
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  • cth96190
    No matter what spin, or perhaps I should call it taqiyya, the authoritarian regressive left and Muslims want to put on this, there is an undeniable logic that if there were no Muslims in the West there could not be Islamic terrorism in the West.
    Put simply: no Muslims = no Islamic terrorism.
    There is no place for Muslims in the West for no reasons.
    1. They are not white.
    2. They have a religion and culture that is utterly at odds with Western Civilisation.
    Were I to be in a seat of responsibility, a few things would happen.
    1. All Muslims would be given a certain period of time to get their affairs in order and leave.
    2. Those who resisted would be subjected to the full force of the military and the police. In other words, lethal force would be applied ruthlessly. If you want a precedent, look at what Mohammed did in Medina. :-)
    3. There would be a complete ban on the entry of Muslims, with the exception of diplomatic personnel and recognised political and business leaders.
    No Muslims = no Islamic terrorism.
    It is the only way.
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    • are you saying non whites have no place in western civilization?

    • cth96190

      There is no place for non-whites in white homelands.
      Africa for Africans = okay
      India for Indians = okay
      China for the Chinese = okay
      White homelands for whites = racist.
      There is obvious hypocrisy at play in the world.
      Further, there is nothing wrong with racism. It is a manifestation of instinctive own-group preference. It is only whites who are told that there is something wicked about this natural instinct, because the Jewish global elite want us to miscegenate into extinction.

    • no, it'd be racist if some guy from africa started hating on a guy from the UK, we know ISIS is racist and radically religious, but to give someone a bad chance for the colour of their skin, how childish do you have to be to think that a guy from the cradle of civilization itself (the legendary fertile crescent also known as the southern middle east) is somehow a lesser person than you? it's what you do that makes you who you are, and if you're going to act like a real cock to those who don't deserve this, and a child in the middle east is willing to give up their life to save their family, well you're the greater idiot in this situation, so congrats for being higher on that scale, but you're far far down the pecking order in terms of how highly you're regarded in society.

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  • front2back
    The problem is not terrorist attacks representing Muslims, the problem is usually 20-40% of the muslim population sympathizes with the terrorists and will not rat them out (sometimes stockpiling weapons for them in mosques) to help them achieve their goals.
    Also, Muslim terrorist attacks happen about as often as it rains, meanwhile other terrorist groups maybe attack once a solar eclipse.
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    • G-Daz

      I think it could be mostly to do with islam but partly to do with muslim inbreeding
      fellowshipoftheminds. com/.../

      According to Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist who has done extensive research into Muslim inbreeding, close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred:

      70% of Pakistanis are inbred.
      67% of Saudi Arabians are inbred.
      64% of those living in Jordan and Kuwait are inbred.
      63% of Sudanese are inbred.
      60% of Iraqis are inbred.
      54% of Muslims in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are inbred.
      25-30% of those in Turkey are inbred.
      In England, at least 55% of Pakistani immigrants are married to their first cousins.
      In Denmark the number of inbred Pakistani immigrants is around 40%.

  • G-Daz
    This was a disgusting attack, to be honest i'm done with cucks and sjw's. I will be very surprised if a Muslim DIDN'T do this. ISIS have already claimed it as an attack on the west. That may be false but in either case i'm pretty sure it was another muslim attack.

    Now waiting for the prime minister to come out to reassure us that Islam is a religion of peace and that Muslims love the west. Let's be clear, Islam advocates terrorism, not all muslims follow it
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    • G-Daz

      Muslims have been inbreeding for generations, so that's a major issue here. Half of worlds Muslims are inbred
      fellowshipoftheminds. com/.../

      According to Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist who has done extensive research into Muslim inbreeding, close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred:

      70% of Pakistanis are inbred.
      67% of Saudi Arabians are inbred.
      64% of those living in Jordan and Kuwait are inbred.
      63% of Sudanese are inbred.
      60% of Iraqis are inbred.
      54% of Muslims in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are inbred.
      25-30% of those in Turkey are inbred.
      In England, at least 55% of Pakistani immigrants are married to their first cousins.
      In Denmark the number of inbred Pakistani immigrants is around 40%.

    • we have no proof that they did or didn't do this, but we know this was an awful stance, but why the hating on SJWs? sure they're annoying but if you're going to start off your argument with "i'm fed up with -Blank-" it kind of defeats the purpose of your argument, there are around a billion Muslims in the world, if Islam advocated terrorism, we'd all be dead. take a step back and think.

    • Danher525

      he was a muslim and went to libya for 3 week before bombing

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  • Nmalinova
    Of course it is sad that it happened and I do feel sorry for the families that have lost someone and others that will have nightmares from it. I just always feel kind of gob-smacked how people expect a wave of condolences, where when there is a bomb going off in Africa or in the Middle-East, killing at least 10x the amount, they don't even deserve a mention or some sort of support?
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  • Belgie
    If these were the sort of countries and regimes that could keep all Muslims out... then they wouldn't be the free and open societies that I would want to live in, or defend.

    I'd rather live in a free country and say "Fuck you" to repressive theocrats who demand I change my life to suit their ridiculous stupid bronze age book of bad superstition, than live in a pseudo police state under a regime that demanded I shit myself every time some camel jockey decided he didn't like Taylor Swift.
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  • TheFlak38
    Ariana Grande is one of those who support open borders policies that allow these terrorist attacks to happen in the first place. Yes, I do hope she will be getting nightmares and hopefully realise her stupidity and naive worldview.
    The fact alone that muslims themselves are victims of their own religion should shake your naive head about some communist utopia of peaceful co-existence. The reason these things don't happen in countries like Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and many others is because they have closed borders and repel the waves of millions of third world invaders who happen to adhere to an ideology that is the most oppressive in the world for centuries. Our kids are being bombed, killed and raped and the only thing you're afraid of is the hurt feelings of muslims who have no place here anyway. The islamic state muslims are the best muslims of the world. They follow the quran word for word. The rest of them support them morally with their silence. They laugh their asses off when they see dead Europeans. The future of our children does not look so bright. They inherit a society where their race and religion alone makes them a target. Haven't you had enough warnings by now? That's what happens when different religions, races and cultures are forced together, conflict arises for whatever reason.
    The idea that all of these different groups will live together in peace and harmony is absurd. This will happen again, and again, and again and still people will be repeating the same old nonsense about 'unity' and 'solidarity.' See you after the next terrorist attack.
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  • englisc
    He was the son of refugees. There were 16 people from his Mosque who have left to fight for ISIS. Nothing to do with Islam? You idiots need to stop burying your heads in the sand.
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    • we've already seen he was exiled by his sect, i'm going to guess we should all bury our heads in your sand of nationalism? start hating on those who aren't us, get your head out your arse and start caring about people.

    • englisc


      I care about my own people first, not pandering to everyone else. It's because of retards like you who support these people coming over here that this shit keeps on happening over and over again, and you people always say the same stuff every time.

    • these people coming here to create a new life are your people! there's no divide, although there's quite a low chance that out of 7.5 billion people on this planet there would be someone as idiotic as you, i'm honoured, really. Please start caring about people who need our help, we're a big, strong nation with good ethics and morals and a kindness at our heart, get out there and make the UK great by being great, don't sit at your keyboard arguing with me because you're too insecure to acknowledge your blatant racism.

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  • Blitzkrieger
    Democratically elect president, president does not represent all people of his nation (americans) it doesn't get more dumb than that to be honest with you.

    If you associate yourself with a religion that supports terrorism even though you are a holy little angel you must take heat for what the bad guys in your religion do.

    I have a lot pagan sentiments and when varg vikerness burned down 2 churches do think i went on some apologitic rant lmao? Nope.
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    • powerwoman

      "Democratically elect president, president does not represent all people of his nation"-- I mean personally I feel like the candidate who got the most votes is the best representative, but what do I know?

      Hey I know! Let's ask the president:
      Wow! A surprisingly coherent take from our commander in chief!

  • 20sofia
    That's just messed up. This whole thing is messed up. The people who bombed are messed up. This world is becoming crazy and unreal. I thinksome people should just calm down and stop bombing people. Everyone needs to just go and, calm down.
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  • Kaylyne
    I actually had a few friends attend that performance last evening, and by the grace of God they are all safe and well.
    The husband of another friend of mine is a schoolteacher somewhere within the Manchester area, and how I feel for him having to deal with the turmoil of any possible casualties or worse still those pupils who tragically will not be coming back.
    My heart and sole along with my very sincerest thoughts, sympathies and condolences go out to all those suffering bereavement.
    And to those critically/seriously injured, I wish you all God's speed for a full and speedy recovery.
    And now it's been announced that one of the tragic victims was an eight year girl.
    For Christ's sake I ask you, just a very sweet innocent little eight year old girl.
    Dearest little one, may you rest in God's arms for at least you are now safe.
    I'm so sorry if this has been such a long comment/opinion.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    It's very sad that there are people that don't have sympathy.
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  • jacquesvol
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  • Maxemeister
    People went off on Grande? Do they not actually have better things to worry about?

    I've noticed that the Islamophobia thing is just going to happen every time
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    • G-Daz

      Do you know that the term "islamophobia" was invented by the taliban as a means to sway discussion. Then cuck liberrals adopted it

    • @G-Daz The use of the word cuck is a telling way to identify yourself as someone who doesn't engage in civil discourse

      Islamophobia, xenophobia, whatever tf, I don't see how it doesn't describe the situation perfectly.

    • G-Daz

      please describe how there is an "irrational fear" as the quota of islamophobia should lead to. Explain the xenophobia

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    It's well known that a guerilla faction cannot long exist without a considerable support from someone in the common crowd. So who keeps supporting ISIS in Britain? Why is it that, statistically, 25% of British Muslims have said they would not report a known ISIS member? Is it really driven solely by fear? Another 33% won't report a fellow Muslim for killing anyone, if the excuse is that the targeted victim is alleged to have insulted Muhammad.

    By contrast, it was hard to find anyone willing to come to McVeigh's defense.

    Also, Ariana pandered to the America-hating mobs, and tried to curry favor from them. She learned the hard way that ISIS doesn't respect traitors - not even those that prove beneficial to ISIS.My Rant About Opinions on my Question on the Manchester Terrorist Attack
  • MaxPower123
    if you go through the muslims "holy book" you will quickly find out their main purpose of their religion is to convert others and if you don't convert you die. The religion itself has things inherently wrong with it. Not to mention their prophet was a pedophile.

    The mughals invaded India and tried to convert all others who weren't muslim. Mainly the Sikhs and Hindus, those who didn't convert where killed. Sikhs fought back that is the only way to stop this terrorism. You can't help people when their religion dictates their sense of right or wrong.
  • Paris13
    @smahala First Off Here, dear, How long have you been on this Site? You should Know that with other Gaggers, who are Not always a Baker's Delight... There is a Muffin Top not always Wrapped Tight.
    Consider the Source. If you want to be Even this Editor, then Accept What it is With What will not Change. Printing this Here, dear, I Fear, is Not going to do anything.
    If I Made a Stink out of Every New and Old Gagger, as Master and Influencer, then I would Not have gotten This Far thus Far.
    The More you Fuss and Fume about it, the More "Smart Asses" are Going to Try and Get your Goat.
    Good Luck, Hope this Helps. Keep up your Always Good Work. xx
    • Paris13

      *Use Trump's own Words: "Evil Losers."xx

  • FakeName123
    The islamic state might not represent all muslims, but if even only 1% of muslims (and it statistically is way more than that) are positive towards the islamic state who come here and you had 1,3 million refugees coming to Europe 2016 - then that means you have at least 13.000 potential suicide bombers right at your door-step.

    And due to the high number they simply aren't spotable. At all.

    And that is only going by 1% when the number is somewhere around 10-20%. Just look at the statistics here:
  • zagor
    So let me get this straight - you are shocked that there are assholes on the internet?
  • amanfromtheworld
    You are right. Terrorism will not be religious or racial. I hope everyone understands and fights together
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  • 1truekhaleesi
    Great take! All of this is very true.
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