My Rant About Opinions on my Question on the Manchester Terrorist Attack

My Rant about opinions on my question on the Manchester Terrorist Attack

I posted my question last night about the Manchester Terrorist Attack. Over the past 17 hours there have been many send their condolences and prayers being civil on the matter. But, there are some smartass people who make jokes, ridicule Ariana Grande,and Blame Islam in general when the time for that is not appropriate.

First of all I know there are those of you who do not like Ariana Grande. Im not a huge fan of her singing myself, but there are a lot who are. She's a human being, her well being and safety matters just as much as others who were in the explosion. She is someones friend and family member just as many of the young people were in this attack. I bet her friends,family,fans,agents etc... lost a lot of sleep last night as did survivors, parents of the missing,family member of the deceased, family and friend of the living etc... The survivors including Ariana will probably have nightmares and flashbacks for years to come.

Second of all people are saying this is why refugees should have not been let into Europe. The Islamic State does not represent all Muslims or a majority for that matter just like the Ku Klux Klan or Westboro Baptist Church does not represent all Christians, Adolph Hitler did not represent all Germans, and Neither does Trump represent all Americans.Even Muslims are killed by Isis, Isis is not the true representation of Muslims Its a terrorist group like The Klan, The IRA, and The Taliban. I know there were probably people in the UK and around the world of the Muslim faith just as terrorized and upset over this as much as others.

I feel like I needed to get this off my chest because we lost so many innocent lives because of one evil monster who let the guidings of Isis lead him to do a henious act. This is not a time to put the blame on one religion or ridicule and upset a lovely young lady because she is a famous celebrity. This is a time of sending prayers, condolences, and good vibes to the people of Manchester and the United Kingdom.


My Rant About Opinions on my Question on the Manchester Terrorist Attack
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