US President kicks off first foreign trip abroad by using his trademark term 'Loser' to describe Islamic and homegrown Terrorists

US President kicks off first foreign trip abroad by using his trademark term 'Loser' to describe Islamic and homegrown Terrorists

Look I don't think any of us are trying to champion terrorists but we were certainly hoping for a more dignified address to the Manchester atrocity than simply using a podium to call the assailant, his go to move, a 'loser'.

If Trump plans to go abroad and not be an isolationist he needs someone on his team that is experience in foreign relations. And since we all know that isn't going to be anyone in the State Dept that position is up for grabs by any reasonable right winger who wants to salvage current partnerships the US has.

This performance is simply shameful. Protocol would be to make contact with he PM and then have a separate scheduled address on the issue. Not to throw it in as part of your ongoing stump speech.

He did the same same thing with the Paris attacks and the same with the nightclub massacre in Florida. His favourite word is "I" and using it as the US chief diplomat when our closest ally has suffered a great blow isn't okay.

When the Paris attack happened John Kerry started referring to ISIL as Daesh and did France. It's an acronym of the groups Arabic name and means to be crushed under foot or one of discord.

Meanwhile we have Trump still speaking to his majority base in the US on a very intimate issue between comrades that needed him to put someone else before himself for once and he didn't.

It was all about him. Im very concerned.

Manchester, you might not be my club when it comes to football, but I'm certainly rooting for you to be stronger together in the face of this heartbreak.

US President kicks off first foreign trip abroad by using his trademark term 'Loser' to describe Islamic and homegrown Terrorists
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  • RegularTK421
    So let me get this straight, your biggest issue is that he used the word loser in front of the press? People were just bombed at a concert, they have had their limbs blown off and their faces mutilated and your fucking worry is Trump's admittedly uneloquent speech? It was the left that allowed 1.5 million "refugees" to flood into Europe to begin with. There has been an increase in terror attacks and crime ever since you welcomed the refugees from all over the middle east and north africa. When the right expressed security concerns, you guys brushed it off as xenophobia, nativism, and racism. Now these attacks are happening frequently and all over Europe. They are seen in the U. K, France and Germany. We are told to live with these attacks, because it's simply "part of life" now. Yeah, that is a real inspirational and encouraging speech. But don't worry, when you bury your child, we can hold candlelight vigils. When your leg is gone, you can witness "solidarity" in the aftermath. Fact of the matter is that Europe was much better before the refugees came in. Their quality of life, security situation, and their social entitlement programs were better. What a foolish and stupid move, and that's why corrupt Hillary lost the election. She was willing to import that bullshit over here. Dearborn Michigan is already having issues due to the Islamic immigrants.
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  • LittleSally
    Well... no surprise there...
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  • BellePepper
    He can't think about anyone but himself which is why he portrays everything in relation to himself.

    There's a part of me that wonders if he didn't know there was chatter of an attack in Manchester but chose not to say anything because the UK isn't Russia. I hope I'm wrong.
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  • englisc
    You're mad because he called terrorist losers? Who do you think that calling terrorists losers will offend, other than terrorists?
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    • sjoes006

      It's a translational issue. His words can't be translated adequately into other languages and it's also just not how one speaks diplomatically on an issue involving our closest ally.

      He hasn't the right to make this about him and his agenda. He needs to use words that translate well and don't insight further violence.

      The US simply doesn't comment or go off cuff like this when it's not our place to before consulting with head of state for the U. K.

      Are we going to be isolationists or globalist? He can't have it both ways.

      He breached the trust between our nations by speaking without warrant as he did on foreign issues it wasn't his place.

      Manchester refused to share any intel with the US at one point because of his behavior and our country being such a mess.

      When speaking to a new media of more than 20 languages on an issue you have to pick words wisely.

    • sjoes006

      We both speak English but our English is not the same. Words have different meanings, now take that to be translated to dozens of languages and things get messed up.

      "If it feels good do it. Something goes wrong? Blame somebody else." GW Bush.

      This man is not your friend. Lock Step with him and welcome another world war. He ran as the president for the lower class but has since sent bills to condemn them to certain death.

      These people make $7 an hour, get $300 a month in food stamps and medicaid. This is Trump's base.

      He's going away with funding for midicaid, trying to end healthcare entitlements and lowering taxes for the top 2% creating a huge deficit.

      I'm so embarrassed and nonblame seeking for rural Trump voters. I'm just trying to pick up the pieces and hope that Trump makes enough problems that nothing can get done.

      I feel for the people who believed in him like a cult. They were cheated and know they are facing losing healthcare. I feel it.

    • Recovering

      I think the question is about dignity, diplomatic demeanor and conventional public presentation when addressing the world community. These are things far beyond trumps's comprehension and ability.

  • rjroy3
    He's saying, we feel for you but you need to get your shit together. Which they do. Meanwhile EU reporters are saying this is a way of life they need to get used to. Maybe shaming these terrorists and giving the right people a kick in the ass will be more effective than being just another person saying "we're with you" and going back to their every day lives.
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  • Recovering
    Dignity and trump just don't belong in the same sentence.
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  • jacquesvol
    Next thing he'll say the pope is a cuck
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    • sjoes006

      It would offend his base. I'm just insanely tired of his flaunting and show boating casualties to say I told you so and call people losers.

      People pushed back when he tried to make the Paris attacks about him but now hat he's President no one wants to say anything about him leveraging the Manchester incident for his tour.

      The center left won't do it because they certainly don't want to pile on at this point and politicize a tragic event. If they did it would be taking away from where the attention belongs which is Manchester.

      On what is supposed to be a peace tour this guy flies off the handle and starts calling people losers and talking to the crowd the same as if he is talking to his base waiting for cheers.

      It's just so shameful. I'm so ashamed. This was a perfect glove in hand moment for him to unite, stand together and be dignified and he just can't even bring himself to try to do it.

    • sjoes006

      I'm so sorry we owe England better and we certainly owe the world better.

      We're an utterless ship missing 1/3 of our government right now literally as the executive branch has basicallyno employees and the ones still remaining have been placed in silo

  • Waffles731
    well, at least he trieed
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  • zagor
    Quit expecting the leopard to change it's spots.
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  • abundantlyrich
    He's senile
  • CT_CD
    Donald Trump is the man
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  • inventboot
    he would...
  • Lumberman53
    See what;s next