Muslims United For Manchester: The Heartwarming Compassion From The Local Muslim Community

Muslims United For Manchester: The Heartwarming Compassion From The Local Muslim Community

After the Manchester carnage some people were accused of exploiting the news of a terror attack to spread fear and prejudice against ALL Muslims , but the rest of social media praised Muslims for their compassion, support and generosity.

Britain’s local Muslim community ,and Muslim leaders came out in condemnation and solidarity with Manchester City.They condemned the Manchester terror attack ,and have come together to set up a fundraiser - “Muslims United for Manchester” -for the victims and families caught up in the Manchester Arena attack .“Muslims United for Manchester” appears on LaunchGood, a crowdfunding site. The campaign is led by the British Muslim Heritage Centre , and seeks to raise at least $65,000 in short-term aid for the arena-bombing victims and their families.In a statement they said: “We wish to respond to evil with good, as our faith instructs us, and send a powerful message of compassion through action.” As part of their mission statement, the creators were asking for like-minded Muslims, mosques, imams, and community leaders to “endorse and promote” the message, providing a front of support, the sort of outpouring that makes it clear just how much ISIS’s views are universally rejected by Muslims

Harun Khan, the secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Great Britain said: "I urge all those in the region and around the country to pull together to support those affected."He added: 'May the perpetrators face the full weight of justice both in this life and the next.'

Mohammed Shafiq

Muslims United For Manchester: The Heartwarming Compassion From The Local Muslim Community

Mohammed Shafiq,is the Chief Executive of Manchester based Ramadhan Foundation. He made a statement condemning the terror attack in his own community. In his statement he said: “I utterly condemn this terrorist attack and reaffirm our support for the police in bringing the culprits, their financial backers and supporters to justice. I offer my deepest condolences to the victims and their families, we will not forget your loved ones and justice will be served.He added: “We reject this barbaric terrorism, we commit to exposing the evil ideology of violence behind it and stand together with our fellow Mancunians.”

AJ Singh

Muslims United For Manchester: The Heartwarming Compassion From The Local Muslim Community

AJ Singh, a kind Muslim taxi driver in Manchester offered free lifts to people affected by the Manchester Arena bombing . Singh, stated, “I’ve had people who needed to find loved ones, I’ve dropped them off to the hospital, they hadn't any money, they’ve been stranded,”He added "i was trying to help out everywhere i could." Nowhere was too far for this kind hearted man to travel .One woman's aunty was frantically searching for her friend and her cousin, and AJ took her to find them.One woman stated : "It was a Muslim taxi driver that got me out of that hellish situation and to safety". He drove one man home , gave him water and charged his phone,so he could contact his family . These were just a few of the acts of kindness by AJ Sigh


Manchester Central Mosque

Muslims United For Manchester: The Heartwarming Compassion From The Local Muslim Community

Manchester central mosque hosted a meeting of Imams on Tuesday to condemn the 'barbaric attack'.Many Muslims,and Muslim leaders also voiced their outrage .

Muslims join prayer vigils

Muslims United For Manchester: The Heartwarming Compassion From The Local Muslim Community

Muslim male and female pay their respects , and prayer for all those killed ,and affected by the Manchester slaughter

Muslims United For Manchester: The Heartwarming Compassion From The Local Muslim Community

United In Grief

Muslims United For Manchester: The Heartwarming Compassion From The Local Muslim Community

Muslim,Sadiq Patel and Jewish lady , Renee Black were united in grief as they prayed at a memorial to the victims of Monday’s Manchester Arena bombing attack. They travelled together to pay their respects and grieve for the victims of the horrific attack.

Renee said: “No matter the colour or creed or whatever you are, we’re all the same people. We bleed just like everybody else.”

Sadiq said: “No words can express what we’re going through, but one thing we do definitely know is we’re in this together and we’ll get through this together.

Muslims United For Manchester: The Heartwarming Compassion From The Local Muslim Community

Sadiq was seen comforting Renee , as the pair sat together in the city’s Albert Square to pay their respects to the victims

Fears of race hate attacks

Muslims United For Manchester: The Heartwarming Compassion From The Local Muslim Community

Fears of race hate attacks in wake of Manchester concert massacre as arsonists hit mosque within hours of the Manchester Arena suicide bombing. Just a few miles away from the scene of the terrorist attack,a mosque’s door was burned down prompting fears of a race hate attack in retaliation.Somebody started a fire through our letterbox. .Greater Manchester police have warned they won't tolerate hatred Also, the Bishop of Manchester rebuked Twitter trolls and others looking to exploit the terrorist attack to fuel hatred and fear of Muslims in the UK.The reality is we are a diverse society and so the only response can be to unite closer together to remove the gaps where extremism flourishes.

After terrorist attacks we see amplified mass media coverage and extreme unjustified hatred towards ALL Muslims. In reality though, most Muslims condemn violence and voice outrage at such atrocities They express their support of communities affected by a group of radicalized terrorists with their own ideologies , that’s obviously not representative of the values and religion Muslims hold so dear

Islamophobia, the fear of Islam and Muslims, is irrational. The truth is that the number of acts of terrorism committed by radicalized terrorists who are misguided —in violation of clear Quranic texts and established Islamic principles—is only a tiny fraction of the violence committed in the world.It is not based on reality, as statistics from Europe, America, Australia and the world show.

Regardless of the opinions of others , i won't be reduced to hatred towards Muslims or Islam .In the aftermath of the Manchester bombing the world has witnessed the sincere compassion and genuine kindness of Muslims within the local community and worldwide. No rational person can claim, “All Muslims are terrorists!”because this is patently false,and totally unfounded

Muslims United For Manchester: The Heartwarming Compassion From The Local Muslim Community
Muslims United For Manchester: The Heartwarming Compassion From The Local Muslim Community

Muslims United For Manchester: The Heartwarming Compassion From The Local Muslim Community
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  • LittleSally
    It's a terrible world where all the representatives of one community are viewed as monsters because of some.

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    • Danher525

      yet the majority agree with suicide bombings

    • @Danher525 And now the attacks in London again...
      It's really difficult to not let this influence your feelings for the entire religion.

    • Danher525

      well the 109 passages about killing other religions was a factor too

Most Helpful Guy

  • JCT666
    AJ Singh is a Sikh, not a muslim...
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  • smahala1991
    Awesome job!
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  • englisc
    This is ridiculous. The reason people comment on Muslim terrorism is because the terrorists are Muslims. For some reason people want to pretend like there's nothing that links these terror attacks, pretend that it's all completely random and that it just happens to be a coincidence that they're Muslim. It's getting desperate now, and it's this complete inability to notice the real threat that is what endangers the people of Europe, and it's the reason this keeps on happening over and over again.

    When people warn that this will happen and predict that it will happen, the left call us bigots. When it happens, and when we say "see? another Muslim terror attack" they say "you don't know whether it's a Muslim yet don't jump to conclusions". When it always turns out to be true, both the prediction and the fact that the terrorist is Muslim, they go "you're just an Islamophobe using this to spread hated, he's not a real Muslim, not lets light some candles, cry, chat some bollocks about solidarity, and carry on as usual". This happens again and again, and these people act shocked as if they don't know why it happens, every single time.

    Now, AJ Singh - how many Muslims wear a Turban? They don't - Sikhs do. He's a Sikh. Those who tell you he's a Muslim are intentionally lying.

    You people want to deny reality and you're so quick to fall for the bullshit. I lived and worked in the area the terrorist came from, and where 16 other ISIS members have come from. There's a very good reason I left.

    Check out this Muslim showing her "love" for Manchester:

    How appropriate, right after a terror attack, face completely covered, wearing pictures of guns and grenades. Openly mocking us. Heartwarming right?

    Here's a guy who said the exact same things you're saying, that people shouldn't be Islamophobic, that it's nothing to do with religion. Here's a tweet from July 2016:

    He was killed in the recent terror attack:

    This is what's happening to people in the West. They're being brainwashed into believing this bullshit and attacking others who just want to prevent this stuff, and in doing so they're endangering themselves, their own people and their own children. This angers me so much.
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    • goaded

      They call you bigots because you're being bigoted.

      One of the comments at Martin Hett's tweet: "Lol. This guy was killed in the explosion at the Ariana Grande concert! Deserved it 100%". Nice. The facts remain that ISIS kill more Muslims than Christians, and that the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists.

      You're right that Mr. Singh is obviously a Sikh, I haven't found another place where he's described as Muslim, but he gets a lot of coverage for being a good human being.

      The woman in the costume? I saw a man dressed as bin Laden outside Buckingham Palace a day or two after the September 11th attacks. Some people are just stupid, and probably trying to stir up shit.

    • englisc


      I don't care if I'm called bigoted for speaking the truth just because it isn't politically correct, so fuck off with that shit. This is why people keep on getting killed, because people care more about being PC and defending people who despise you than you do defending your own people.

      I agree that some of the comments to Martin's tweet were disgusting - I never tweeted against him. I think it's sad that people are so brainwashed that they can't or refuse to notice such an obvious threat and an obvious pattern and it's getting them killed. They've become suicidal. They'd rather be dead than be called a bigot or a racist.

      Yeah he's a Sikh. Nobody here has a problem with Sikhs, and for good reason - they aren't blowing people up, they aren't forming paedophile rape gangs that are raping thousands of young girls like the Muslims did in Rotherham and elsewhere, they aren't creating no-go zones where normal British people and even police can't go without being attacked.

    • @Englisc: Some people just are hell bent on turning a blind eye to real Islam to their own demise, space and country.

      No matter how much you present facts, it just won't matter to these his fools who refuse to see the truth for what it really is.

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  • TripleAce
    The free taxi driver is not a muslim... go figure lol

    lo and behold, a few voice their opinions after an event that is creating a bright spotlight right not them... unfortunately lets not be blind to this... today its convenient for them... tomorrow when everyone forgets and that spotlight dims a little, you conveniently stop hearing voices from the muslim community

    Nothing is done without purpose... that is the key statement
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  • Riggers
    Taxi driver was a Sikh, Not Muslim. Sikhs were also out all of the following days giving out free food and drinks to people, And free taxi rides etc etc, Theyre a genuinely lovely and amazing people.

    Stop confusing the two. Sikhs and British people get along very well, Have done for centuries, They fought alongside each other in many wars and shared an empire together. Whereas Islam and Britain has done nothing but fight for nearly 1,400 years.
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    • Sikhs hate Muslims. Just like anybody else who lives next to Muslims, no matter how peaceful and tolerant you are, nobody likes fucking Muslims and this shit is why...

    • Uhm, most intolerant people don't know a Sikh from a Muslim.

      Bigots are not really guys who do much research.

    • @RolandCuthbert Yeah, which is just more proof that the liberals are the real racists, basically reducing other cultures to puppets they can use to virtue signal and play the "enlightened white savior."

      "White Man's Burden" by Rudyard Kipling is far, FAR less offensive, in comparison.

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  • NearlyNapping
    Words. That's all it is, words. Action is what's needed. And unfortunately that is going to mean bloodshed. If anyone thinks words will solve anything, they won't.

    They can talk about the "religion of peace" all they want, but it's just more words. Nobody has been given the option of peace. Until someone goes in and wipes out the radicals, then nothing will change. Ideally that should be done form the inside.

    Repeatedly saying religion of peace does nothing. Put some teeth into it.
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    The taxi driver was a Sikh.

    Also, it's nice to hear that at least some Muslims in Britain aren't actually cheering for what happened. Even so, that's no excuse for the Brits to have such low vetting standards on immigration, that they can't separate the garden snakes from the rattlesnakes.
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    • MlleCake

      Thank you. I thought he was Sikh too.

  • FakeName123
    "My peers are blowing your kids up - but at least I offer you free taxi rides. We good?"

    There is a problem with terrorists being mainly muslims. Yes, not all muslims are terrorists - but most terrorists are muslims. So something is fundamentally going wrong there. And I would think that once children deaths are involved, people would take their political correct head out of their ass. Apparently they don't.
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    • But whats the problem? Its not islam. Otherwise we would see Turkish terrorism and we really don't, we would see terrorist from indoneisa, but we don't. Its not islam that is the problem, its the middle east. If you look back at photos and videos you will see that the middle east was peaceful and in fact looked not unlike the western world in the fifties/60s but now its completely different. Its not islam that is the problem its that the middle east had their political, economic and infrastructures destroyed, they had power hungry people put into power, they even had democratically elected presidents over thrown simply because they where socialists. This is in part because of the fall of the ottoman empire which left them disorganized and created a power vacuum but its also because of the cold war between (primarily) the US and the soviet union which used the middle east as its battleground manipulating groups in the area to gain power over their adversaries.

  • springocelot
    Great. Now lets have these people reach critical mass so there could be some real meaningful change from within. Because there sure is not enough of them.

    by the way, AJ Singh is a Sikh
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  • cth96190
    Taqiyya, the Islamic doctrine of lying to the infidels (that is us).
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    • Won't matter. People that aren't interested in the true nature of Islam will continue to turn a blind eye and be in deniel about Islam.

    • TripleAce

      @Hispanic-Cool-Guy But lets just assume for a second... that most muslims are big time devoted followers... now if Allah would discard them and they truly believe that... Would they actually follow this particular verse...(at 2:45)

    • TripleAce

      very interesting...

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  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    Not all Muslims are terrorist, but 99% of terrorist tend to be Muslims.

    Keep turning a blind eye to real Islam, while the fundamentalist keep plotting to blow you to bits with explosives.
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    • Using the corpses of the victims as a stairs to promote evil propaganda.

    • MlleCake

      No, most of the terrorism you HEAR about is Muslim, but there are all different kinds of terrorists from all over the world. We have several non-Muslim domestic terror groups in the US.

    • 0112358

      In the US it's closer to 2/3 with most of the remaining 1/3 being far right or anti abortion.

      IE Timothy McVeigh.

      That's in recent decades. 40 years ago it was more far left.

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  • Rissyanne
    This will not make me believe Islam is a religion of peace...
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  • TrollG0D
    They can say this stuff all they want but that doesn't remove the fact that their book tells them when they kill a "khafir" they're doing "Allah" a favor...
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  • Jen_Jen
    I wish the focus was on the victims and their families and not people on their political stance just for a bit.

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  • Dale1982
    Muslims lie like hell. They've been caught out on camera saying they're peaceful whilst secretly spreading hate doctrine. its even in that roll of toilet paper the quran held says a Muslim can bullshit to distract and disarm his enemies so take your tambourine and go bang it somewhere else
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  • altair212
    in my opinion you can't let the good muslims represent all of islam and you can't let the bad represent it all either. but what you can do is study the main part of the religion which in this case is Muhammad whos last words were "MUHAMMAD: "May Allah curse the Jews and Christians for they built the places of worship at the graves of the prophets." Bukhari, Vol. 1, #427 [Muhammad had been poisoned years earlier by a Jewish woman whose husband was killed by the Muslims and the poison had slowly worked its effect. He said this while dying in the arms of his wife Aisha]. ". now many of you will bring up the crusades because lets be honest your too stupid to realize that your wrong. Jesus last words were "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Luke 23:34. i have many muslim friends that i love to death but the facts stay facts you cannot stand for a group of people just so you can act "accepting" my recommendation is move to saudi arabia for a bit and come back to tell me how wonderful sharia law is...
  • Commander_Red
    Thank you so much for this. I have Muslims in my family and they were incredibly heartbroken when they heard this happened, and like everyone else, want justice.

    What many people don't understand is that these terrorist don't really believe in Islam. Majority of ISIS's victims are actually Muslim, but you don't see that on the mainstream news a lot. It's actually very frequent.
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  • Bananaman177
    The "Muslim" Taxi driver is a Sikh, there's a huge deal about how Cosmopolitan reporters KNEW he was a Sikh, and they reported him as Muslim anyway because he's wearing a turban and they think their readers are too stupid to know the difference:



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    • Total fake news once again. There so stupid they can't tell the difference between a Muslim and a sikh

    • @Iraqveteran666 No, that's just it, the reporter from Cosmo KNEW he was a Sikh and not a Muslim because the picture she asked permission to use said on the CAPTION that he was a Sikh.

      It's not like some innocent mistake, forget that Muslims don't wear those Indian-style turbans, forget that he clearly has more Asiatic features and doesn't look Semitic, this reporter passed off this "mistake" to her readers because fuck them, they're too stupid to confuse them with facts, she needs to just tell them what to think and what to believe and make sure the facts support her agenda, not the other way around.

      Cosmo has even deleted this story because of all the backlash (Oh, it's not like Sikhs and Muslims HATE each other or anything...) but that won't stop millions of retards from reposting it and retweeting it and hashtagging it and whatever else people do to shit.

    • That's it leftist reporters are always on message no matter the facts

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  • front2back
    Obviously not Muslims as a whole are to blame, but the problem lies in that his family and mosque KNEW he had ISIS sympathies and did nothing about it, and also he traveled out of the country to receive ISIS training in the Middle East yet was let right back in.
    That's why people get upset at Muslims as a whole. It's rarely just a lone wolf acting out, they are usually either supported by or at least not stopped by the local family and local Muslim community, and it has been found at least time and time again around 20-40% of Muslim communities have sympathies for terrorists.

    THAT is what people are upset about. We can say "not all Muslims" and it's true, but the Muslim community just wants to apologize after, not actually stop it from happening.
    And yes, Zionists want this to keep happening.
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    • Poppykate

      I agree. If Muslims want to stop terrorism they need to report ISIS sympathisers in their communities!. Not only will it stop horrific events like this from occurring, but they will stop poisoning their own communities of negative influence.

    • @Poppykate?

      How do you think many terrorist attacks are foiled before they are carried out?

      By Muslims being silent?

  • 1truekhaleesi
    Oh look something the right media doesn't want you to see.

    Seriously though, great take. I wish fear, hatred, and ignorance weren't so damn influential.
    Disagree 2 People
    praying isn't working. You guys are just sitting ducks if you continue to be in denial that what you have is a real problem on your hands that will get worse the more you sweep it under the rug. Look at great old sweden now. its sad what is happening over there
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