Las Vegas Shooting - At least 58 People Dead


Many more injured...

An open air music festival which 22000 people attended was under attack by a lone gunman (64-year old, Stephen Paddock).

At least 58 people died up until now and many more are injured.

Las Vegas Shooting - At least 58 People Dead
In the room where the lone gunman was found dead (suicide) 10 additional guns were found.

In a country where it's so easy to get guns...the authorities should DEFINITELY put into action a MUCH heavier screening process...or any screening process for that matter...

But I'm side tracking.

Las Vegas Shooting - At least 58 People Dead

The attack wasn't - to the best of authority's knowledge - a terrorist attack, it appears he was acting on his own.

The attack is the worst mass shooting in recent US history.

The assailant had no prior police records, and his motivations remain unclear.

A rough estimate of people injured at this time is around 517!

The problem Americans should turn to is the problem of mass shootings in their country, clearly encouraged and helped by the absence of gun laws and restrictions.

The country music festival has been desecrated - a place where people can have fun, relax and be in the moment has turned into a blood splattered massacre of enormous proportions!

Las Vegas Shooting - At least 58 People Dead
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  • Browneye57
    It ain't the guns kids - it's the FUCKED UP PEOPLE.
    When are going to do something about the mentally ill? Why are we giving them guns?

    And stripping rights from the GOOD PEOPLE is NOT the answer. You don't punish the best of society because somebody is crazy. That's as dumb as the shooter himself.
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    • But the why are these kinds of mass shootings mostly concentrated in countries where gun laws are the way they are?
      There's an obvious answer... + good people can have mental health issues too... and they certainly shouldn't be able to have guns.

    • Browneye57

      If you'll really pay attention, the majority of mass shootings are in no-gun law areas, primarily democrat areas. So we don't have a gun problem, we have a democrat problem.

      Further restricting law abiding citizens is going to do NOTHING to curb gun violence, nor stop murder-crazed individuals. The thought logic here is incredulous.

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  • Shiba1490
    It makes me scared to gatherings or concerts because of dumb fucks like him.
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  • meowcow
    Gun laws will never work in America.

    I'm no fan of guns. I do not own one, and have only fired guns while on vacation as a tourist. But you'd have to be either delusional or an idiot to think gun restriction laws could actually pass in America.

    Laws that restrict possession of anything only work... if you never give the population to acquire it in the first place. Once you give people something, you'll never be able to take it back.

    Example: In Japan, guns have always been illegal. After Japan lost WW2, America confiscated virtually all of the weapons held by Japanese citizens. Nobody has guns, and they are very very hard to acquire in Japan. Even police do not carry guns. So it is easy to regulate.

    In the US, there are more guns among the population than people. These people grew up with guns, many people own businesses that depend on guns, and people who now support guns represent a huge percent of the population. Any politician who proposes gun legislation is going to lose the next vote and lose their job. The chance of any law passing all the legal barriers is virtually 0%.

    Once you give something to the public, they feel entitled to it.

    1. Just look. People feel entitled to own guns because it is allowed under law.
    2. When the government started to give out welfare and food stamps, a huge number of people grew up using them. Recipients of welfare do not think they are charity or handouts... they actually believe they deserve welfare and that they are entitled to it.
    3. Even when the office has a free coffee machine, employees will feel entitled to it. If the office removes the coffee machine, forcing everyone to buy their own, everyone will lose their shit.
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  • HikerDude
    First of all, this loser is dead. One less. Second of all, all the glee over the fact that he is white shows how fucking sick our country is. Third, guns didn't do this shooting, a person did. Every man in Switzerland has an assault rifle in his closet, yet they have a peaceful society. Why?

    The reason is that they take care of family and community, whereas we Americans are obsessed with money and living some bullshit lifestyle. This sick fuck had money and was "living the dream" gambling and staying in high-roller suites in Vegas. From the outside, he would appear to have had the American Dream. Bullshit. This guy was a miserable loser who even told a car salesman this year that he was miserable. So what that he had a net worth of $9 million? He was far poorer than the Mexicans down in the barrio because he lost the most valuable thing of all--his mind.

    The bottom line is that American society is sick, and it's breeding sick people at an alarming rate. We need to start focusing on community and health as national priorities, rather than worrying about what people are doing in Syria and Afghanistan. Let them worry about themselves.
    • jacquesvol

      HikerDude, according to my information, not every Swiss has an assault rifle at home: many keep it at the local army base and nobody is allowed to keep ammo at home.

    • HikerDude

      @jacquesvol Yes, they do have ammunition at home. 7.62 NATO is not hard to get, even in Europe. But even if you don't like that analogy, substitute in Canada for Switzerland and it still holds true.

    • jacquesvol

      Then it's illegal.

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  • Malaya
    It just so sad to think about this I mean why would we have guns ( besides. War ) in the first place and why is people killing each other should not we love instead of hate? Should not we do unto others the way do unto yourself? May we forgive them with all of our heart and mind and may God forgive them to
  • Phoenix98
    How about you stop dancing on the graves of dead people in order to further your anti-gun agenda and depriving people on their rights.

    Keep in mind gun restrictions, gun laws and gun free zones did not stop Charlie Hebdo, Murolo, Giulio, David Ali Sonboly or the Bataclan massacre.
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  • DonkeyRick69
    Guns are part of America and banning them won't help as it's so easy to buy one illegally.
    We have super strict gun laws here in Europe and have never had the right to bear arms yet we have an increasing amount of mass shootings. Guns can be easily manufactured in any modern machine shop.
    There is something going on with people today that they think nothing of killing as many people as they can to further their own aims or take revenge on the world. There needs to be a study done to see if taking certain anti depressants are linked to murders, bombers and mass shooters.
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    • *As easy to get as it is legally? Not in the least...

      Europe still has a minuscule portion of mass shootings compared to America. That's just a fact.

    • Yeah but we get more bombings.

    • *Not really...
      More bombings than mass shootings, but no more bombings than America gets, and they also had 133 mass shootings that ended in genocide from 2000-2014, while the rest of the world got 33 mass shootings ending in genocide within those years. So basically the US gets 80% of mass shootings of the REST OF THE WORLD...

      Research and also reading the news helps.

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  • itwasmelaniasfault


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    itwasmelaniasfault itwasmelaniasfault
    3 Xper Age: 25 mho 8%
    "ghost guns" look it up. If you want to control guns you got to add border patrol as well as Port patrols. Lots of ghost guns come from philipina women through water ways. Also Mexico border with the gangs that come in.

    Not that Mexicans and philipinos are all bad, but they are the main suppliers of ghost guns.
  • Zee15
    Disappointed by how the republicans reacted to this. All of a sudden they want people to "wait" before they can politicise the shooting. ( this of course is something that's never bothered them before)
  • Goodwifie
    Any sane person can buy a gun but who's to say that sane person will stay sane.
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  • MarkRet
    It used to be, if somebody was mentally disturbed and wanted to end it all, they'd just commit suicide. Now the in thing is to kill as many people as you can before killing yourself. It's like they're playing a real-life 1st person shooter game, with the 'game over' being either a suicide or the cops blowing you away. I don't even consider these pathetic losers to be human beings.

    The sad thing is, there's not much anybody can do about it. Tougher gun laws aren't going to stop something like this, and having the police or government analyzing everybody to determine who's gonna go nuts violates the freedom this country is all about. What do we we do? Wear full body armor 24/7?
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    • I mean your chances of dying by mass shooting are insanely low.

  • BruceJender
    1) The County (not sure which) Sheriff has said that he believes it is UNLIKELY Paddock worked on his own. There was far too much planning for one guy.

    2) STOP making this an argument for your anti-gun rhetoric. Paddock was clinically insane and the US simply must do everything it can to get the guns away from these kinds of people.
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  • QuestionEverythinq
    I dont know why they have not called this a terrorist attack the police went in his house as he off his self and they found more weapons and bombs... People are crazy now a days. Let me just say this a gun dont think a gun dont have emotions a gun can't pull a trigger so why are we blaming guns when we dont blame the people who pull the triggers?
    • meowcow

      There are specific requirements for an attack to be called terrorism. A terrorist has a specific agenda - usually political or religious, and motivated by more than just violence.

      This characteristics of this attack are more in line with one of the following:
      1. A man who had a mental illness
      2. A man who gambled all his money and was angry at the world
      3. A man whose relationship or life recently fell apart, and he is blaming the world
      4. A sociopath

      If we find out later that the guy was schizophrenic and didn't take his medicine, do you think it still falls within terrorism? If so, when people say that we need to fight terrorism, how would you tackle a random, unpredictable event caused by illness and not mal-intent?

  • jacquesvol
    Another mass shooting in the US. Aren't we yet used to that?
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    • jacquesvol

      Given the fact that his father was a bank robber he had probably criminal connections.
      Given the money he's said to have had and his Casino visits I'd think he was moonlighting as money launderer.
      Given the mob control in Las Vegas I'm wondering why the mob let him do this.

  • NJ_Casanova
    The worst part is that the people... Stood their like Deer in the headlights.

    WTF will just lying on the ground do... Makes them an EASY Shot. The smart people ran away from were the shots where coming from.

    Hysteria /fright killed most of the people. If they would have ran toward the airport 50% wouldn't have died or gotten hurt.

    In the American Sniper movie there is a TRUE/HONEST phrase... You are either the WOLF, SHEEP or SHEEP DOG.
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    • Bro, I couldn't believe how stupid people are. I actually saw two men on camera standing around talking while bullets are flying and the rest of the morons just laying on the ground waiting to get blasted. Many people brains are goods as dead. Smh

    • That video was so on point.

    • Paul09

      Or maybe they layed on the floor, he would not shoot at them because he would think he already shot them?

  • juliaanita
    I thought NRAs argument was that the more guns there are in America, the safer we all will be.

    Doesn't seem to be working.
    • The gun he used is highly illegal.

    • juliaanita

      @Thisperson98 the salient word is "gun"

    • Most Killings are done by people that DON'T get the guns Legally. SO Gun laws won't do anything except keep guns from the good guys... this guy obviously cracked... but until then he was a Good guy.

      Im in the northeast USA NJ... and most of the guns used by gangbangers, etc are bought in the south (legally) and sold Illegally up here... and 99% of them are hand guns not rifles.

      9mm/beretta type guns and rifles with magazines are the issue... not guns in general. IF the USA banned manufacturers making them... then it would get better.

  • ATuairiscean
    Yeah until motive is known who knows where the narrative will go - It is looking like maybe a mental health issue at the moment which will push gun control front and centre again.
  • TripleAce
    The states is littered with gun shot wounds and deaths... it even extends to police officers getting trigger happy and panic shooting

    Somewhere around 300 mil guns in circulation
    • Yeah, and millions of the guns are in the hand of criminals. I say let every law abiding citizen stay armed and protected. Cops can't be there for you 24/7.

    • TripleAce

      @Hispanic-Cool-Guy ya but we are yet to see a situation where it really helps other than one tucked away under your pillow for the odd chance someone breaks in, which like barely happens

  • anewgirl
    So sad. Sorry to the families. Thank you to the first responders
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  • tinymeep
    and within minutes people took to the internet to start attacking constitutional freedoms or post insane conspiracy theories
  • Belgie
    No other country in the world has this problem, but clearly, there is nothing that can be done.

    No proposed solution would immediately guarantee the safety, nigh immortality of every American, so it's a waste of time even trying to do anything.

    No evidence proves conclusively to everyones satisfaction that even the tiniest gun restriction laws would improve anyone or anything anywhere, so it's pointless to even try.

    So now that we've all agreed to do nothing, let's repeat "It's a tragedy. A senseless tragedy. I wish there was something we could do, but there isn't. And besides, now is not the time to discuss it."
    • Strict gun laws in France didn't prevent Charlie Hebdo or the Bataclan massacre... The US need to get the guns out of the hands of the mentally insane.

    • Belgie


      Like I said "No proposed solution would immediately guarantee the safety, nigh immortality of every American, so it's a waste of time even trying to do anything."

  • poopedmypantsagain
    This idiot that targeted all of the crowd like only a coward would do was nothing but a piece of dirt and many have been there before him.. it does make me ask a lot of questions.. one.. how did the dirt bag get all those guns up to the room with out being detected and. two. he even used cameras in the hallway to watch for the police.. how did he also get away with that one.. seems now that security will be tightened up but in the wake of so many of these gun violence crimes that have taken place in the past. why was this not done way way earlier..
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