Trump Is Selling the USA For More Money


Prohibiting CDC to use certain words certainly IS giving pharmaceutical companies permission to sell whatever they want to the American people without having to explain why they're selling it or even if the people actually need it.

Trump Is Selling the USA For More Money

CDC is prohibited to use words like science-based or evidence-based.

SCIENCE and EVIDENCE isn't supposed to be a part of the medical research?

Does this sound crazy to anyone else?!

If you're a living human being...with a'll realize this is a clear, unmasked (surprisingly so) plot for the Trump family to earn more money by allowing the pharmaceutical companies (and many others benefiting from poisoning Americans) to do what they want - literally what they want, since the substitution for 'evidence-based' would be the community's (read companies) wishes (this was suggested by Trump's people as the substitution word for evidence).

Trump Is Selling the USA For More Money

Words like transgender are prohibited - meaning, in short, that transgender people will no longer be recognized as people who need medical help for their transitioning...

Entitlement, diversity and fetus are the last few words the CDC is prohibited from using.

Isn't this a breach of free speech?

Isn't this how Fascism starts?

If you're an American - aren't you concerned?

Trump Is Selling the USA For More Money
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  • HamAndCheese
    The only ones I really care about are "science-based" and, "evidence-based." Otherwise I couldn't care less about the rest of those. To answer your question: no, this is not how fascism starts. Finally, a quick google search would show that these words aren't actually banned.Trump Is Selling the USA For More Money
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  • LegateLanius
    The head of the CDC debunked this. It goes to show that the media doesn't like to retract their statements as much as they blast the original story.
    The new guidelines were merely (non-mandatory) suggestions about how to present topics in budget-related documents, not scientific or medical content.
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  • Greatcat
    No, you are completely wrong, trump is giving wealth back to the people and any person that creates wealth in society understands that. Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder, transgender people arne't a thing and shouldn't be, they have mutilated themselves and destroyed their fertility, they are the epitome of a culled population pied pipered off a predictable precipice by carefully constructed propaganda
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    • Horik

      Truth, this is all I would have said.

    • Greatcat

      @Horik thank you for having a brain, if you could please infect those around you, we might just survive this thing

  • MarkRet
    One hand washes the other. Trump and his wealthy business friends look after each other. Trump will probably tweet that he got rid of another one of those bad laws put in place by the 'terrible President Obama'.
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  • BCRanger10
    Do you have ANYTHING else to do other than complain about Donald Trump?
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  • watisgoingon
    do some research before embarrassing yourself asking dumb questions. and you have no idea what fascism is if you think trump is fascist... another embarrassment for you
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  • ksoma
    This entire story was thoroughly debunked days ago.

    I am concerned. I am concerned that a story introduced into the media by an anonymous person picked up such huge traction without its content being verified. And I am even more concerned that when the head of the CDC came out to speak on the issue, and debunk it entirely, that most media sources don't find it worth their time to cover, because it doesn't meet their narrative, leading to people like you who continue to push it as if it is a legitimate issue, when it isn't anymore, and it turns out, never was to begin with.
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  • Stamps
    I'm sorry if I have no brain, but in what way is Trump trying to make money through this? How is this "selling the United States"? And why is it so bad if he lets the pharmaceutical companies do what they want?
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  • Avneo
    Dear Sally , you are very little to talk about these things.
    First know hon. President Donald Trump while keeping media and opposition at other side.
    Then you would know the reality. Rest is up to you to hate him or like him.
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  • juliaanita
    yep-frightened, in factTrump Is Selling the USA For More Money
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    • Alpha89s

      Controlled mass media? I thought the liberals already control that !
      Fraud Election? do you have proof other than liberal bs?
      Nationalism is a bad thing? lol

      You liberals are funny !!! lol

  • Red_Arrow
    We just had a terrible train wreck in Washington state. There are devices that can detect over speed and slow down trains. The devices were in the tacks and in the locomotives, but had not been turned on. Regulatory laws had their effective dates pushed back or would have been in place already. And even with such destruction, and people dying of pesticides on food, and water being poisoned, Trump and his gang of thieves is doing everything possible to deregulate everything we have worked to obtain for decades. It is all just profits for the rich! The evidence is all around us and the idiots keep voting those killers into office.
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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    It's not about free-speech, it's about transparency and scientific evidence.

    What do they define "community's wishes" as?
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  • JustAnotherGirlie
    I thought this was gonna be about the tax bill. I was wrong
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  • PaulMarrow
    I wouldn't call it a breach of free speech as it applies to a government agency not a person. As a Trump supporter , let me explain. Trump could stand up on a stage and piss in his pants and we'd still support him because he's not out to kill us and turn America communist. Simple as that. Trump is the best we have. I really like the deligitimization of "transgender" people as it was never legitimate in the first place. Maybe we can get to a place where these people can get actual help so they don't act out in public impersonating the opposite sex.
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  • UsernameMadness
    Trump is dividing up America with his rich friends. The changes to the tax system are evidence of that. I haven't heard this other story, so maybe fake news.

    Anyway, UK here, so whatever.
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  • jacquesvol
    Newspeak is free speech.
    Slavery is Freedom, War is Peace,
    As simple as that.
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    • jacquesvol

      The post fact era, where news is fake news but fake news is real news.

  • That2kKid21
    What are you even talking about? This made no sense.
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  • TheClevelander1
    Well, it is trump after all. Just look at what he's doing
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  • Belgie
    You don't have to be American to be concerned.
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  • NerdInDenial
    I don’t see people from the CDC getting arrested.
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