Trump Is Selling the USA For More Money


Prohibiting CDC to use certain words certainly IS giving pharmaceutical companies permission to sell whatever they want to the American people without having to explain why they're selling it or even if the people actually need it.

Trump Is Selling the USA For More Money

CDC is prohibited to use words like science-based or evidence-based.

SCIENCE and EVIDENCE isn't supposed to be a part of the medical research?

Does this sound crazy to anyone else?!

If you're a living human being...with a'll realize this is a clear, unmasked (surprisingly so) plot for the Trump family to earn more money by allowing the pharmaceutical companies (and many others benefiting from poisoning Americans) to do what they want - literally what they want, since the substitution for 'evidence-based' would be the community's (read companies) wishes (this was suggested by Trump's people as the substitution word for evidence).

Trump Is Selling the USA For More Money

Words like transgender are prohibited - meaning, in short, that transgender people will no longer be recognized as people who need medical help for their transitioning...

Entitlement, diversity and fetus are the last few words the CDC is prohibited from using.

Isn't this a breach of free speech?

Isn't this how Fascism starts?

If you're an American - aren't you concerned?

Trump Is Selling the USA For More Money
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