Glamour in Sports Arenas... Has Neofeminism Missed the Point?


Today I saw a new low on TV. Two self employed women who have just lost their jobs because the sports organization they work with has decided to get rid of "Walk On Girls" (the women who accompany the players to the ockey). I thought they were just there for the glamour... Not so. They are part of a marketing team. They do a lot of work behind the scenes. They talk to children, give style advice, they even have their own fans and followers (many of whom are young women wanting fashion, career and lifestyle advice). The two women looked totally heartbroken.

Glamour in sports arenas... has neofeminism missed the point?

Then the guest feminist started speaking. She made a good start, with a good point about the objectification of women - but became got more and more aggressive, and kept interrupting. She wants these women out of a job and said so to them. The two models became more and more upset. The presenters tried to get the guest feminist to tone it down and be more sympathetic, but she was having none of it. She wants all careers that involve an element of glamour or modelling to be banned - hostessing, cheerleading, walk-on girls, F1, Tour De France models.... even air hostesses. Right next to two women who have just lost their main source of income. I felt as if I'd just witnessed the worst display of "sisterhood" ever.

The online backlash was immediate (and the vast majority of the people supporting the two walk-on girls are women) is that neofeminism has gone so far in the wrong direction, it's no longer protecting women's freedom to choose their lifestyles and careers - it's undermining it. Many women working in these industries have tried to point out, this could put tens if not hundreds of thousands of women out of work - and ask, how is that in any way feminist? I just want to see what people think about this.

Glamour in Sports Arenas... Has Neofeminism Missed the Point?
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  • Shutupman
    My two cents as a woman on this are;
    Women are free to choose what they want to do, and as long as those women are okay with it no reason to meddle in like that.

    However I do not necessarily respect women/men that earn money by flaunting their body. I am attractive, I have gotten offers but showing off cars in a tiny bikini in front of an audience... It's degrading and fairly simple money. I prefer an honest job. But that's just me.
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    • Marketing is a sensible job and it's not like they're in bikinis. They're in designer dresses. I have more respect for them thab i have for anyone who openly gloats (on national tv) at people who have just been made redundant. That is just disgraceful.

    • Shutupman

      Just in general, a lot of women wear skimpy clothes to promote stuff. It's just too easy to earn money like that.

    • ovoxo_

      Only unattractive women themselves do not "respect" women who CAN use their appearance to make a living. Get over yourself.

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  • Guanfei
    As we say here: with friends like that, those girls don't need enemies.

    Feminism is now so toxic that it's basically just attacking people, and forcing them to do things they don't want.
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    • Guanfei

      As I often say: feminists are often like: Do whatever you want with your body. Unless it's something WE don't allow you to do.

    • Guanfei

      And i'd add (damn, not being able to edit a message is annoying) that often those who ask to ban certains jobs say that the "sacrifice is necessary", but somehow never sacrify anything themselves. It's always other people who have to sacrify something to please those idiots.

    • I'm surprised no women have voiced an opinion on this...

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  • madhatters4
    i don't really know that it's accurate to call it neo-feminism. it's not feminism. really it's misogyny in a way. it's prejudice that a "liberated" woman can't choose to use her body as a way to earn a living. it's contempt for the choice and those who choose to earn a living in such a way.

    so the girl calling herself a feminist... she is not. she is a misogynist
  • Kiran04
    That's like getting rid of the bikini chick who walks around with the round counter in boxing. Sure, you can get rid of her if you want your ratings and attendance to tank. There is absolutely nothing wrong with women flaunting their hot bodies to draw a crowd. Why are feminists such misogynists?
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    • Exactly. Isn't it ironic that the only people calling for these ladies to lose their jobs are other women? Emmeline Pankhurst would be rolling in her grave.

  • taleswapper
    When she said it was "demeaning", what she meant was that she felt she herself would never measure up to that level of attractiveness. And that because it wasn't a tool she herself could use, she didn't want anyone else to have it, either. A very common reaction, unfortunately; jealousy rears it's head.
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  • vishna
    I think a woman should be able to choose how she makes money. That being said, walking around half naked and giving 'styling tips' isn't something I'd want my daughter to do.

    So, the woman was wrong for basically shaming those ladies and being rude (going off your word, I don't feel like watching the video).

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  • oddwaffle
    Well, we know where it will go.

    Women will all wear a large bag for clothes.

    They will live as nuns until they die.

    The sexy elements will be replaced with sexy droids and anime girl robots.

    All men with marry those robots.

    The men will sell their sperm for cash.
    • oddwaffle

      In these kinds of environment, feminists will decide what job a girl can do and what job she will not be allowed to do.

      Sort of like the old army. But now with more PC.

  • Charleslvajr
    It will get worse by far before these feminazis are driven back underground with the rest of the cave dwelling worms. A lot of people will be destroyed. Oh, well, it's all for the good of the cult of feminism.
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  • ovoxo_
    That feminist monstrosity we're referring to as woman is just angry and jealous she does not have the ability to support herself on her appearance and social skills the way those two women can.

    You know what's crazy? Feminists furiously hate on attractive models (ex: Hailey Baldwin) but are more than happy to put morbidily obese tattoo-ridden witches who don't make them feel ugly (ex: Tess Holiday) on magazine covers. It's ridiculous.
  • NerdInDenial
    This adds to the point that feminism is not about women; it's about an ideology. Pretty soon, the attractive women have to cover themselves in the name of preserving the sanctity of women.
  • TheUsername27
    Women want to get their nipples out and all that crap... but oh... glamour models can't stand around during a darts match? I mean they have them in the UFC... the day they take away ring girls.. i will have lost all respect for feminism.
    • Formula 1 has got rid of Grid Girls now... UFC is next...

    • Dana white won't let that happen. I mean the dude outright supports donald trump... don't think one celeb has done that. He is the last person to give in. If he does... i don't even know.

    • when i say support donald, i mean he has mentioned it a lot of interviews and isn't affraid to etc.

  • SportsBrah
    They have gotten rid of grid girls in formula 1 as well.
  • Auzie
    Feminism is cancer, and it’s beginning to eat itself from within.
  • HansHoth
    Feminism is cancer.
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  • monkeynutts
    Seems to horrible to be true.
  • Anonymous
    women just don't care any more. Look how they voted in 2016
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    • Not many, which is odd as there was one heck of a backlash against the "feminist" who called for all women. to be removed from any job involving putting on make-up and "sexy" outfits. Ok most people would assume she was on about sports glamour girls, pole dancers and strippers - but what horrified the presenters was when she corrected them and listed air hostesses, receptionists, even waitresses?

      It made headline news in over 20 countries yet very few ladies have anything to say on it here. Forget "sisters unite" I guess. Just watch in the future for more news stories followed by posts from people who have lost their jobs because of petty pretend feminist nonsense, and political correctness gone mad.

  • Anonymous
    Why "neo" feminism?
    • neofeminism is not the same as traditional feminism (which worked towards womens rights, to be treated equally - equal pay, the right to vote etc - and to raise awareness of gender discrimination. Neofeminism is all about empowering women beyond being equal - so positive discrimination, reducing men's parental rights (custody etc), being treated differently in criminal judgements (ie lower conviction tariffs for the same crime had it been committed by a man) and the ultimate dream for the most militant- phasing out men entirely (and have an all-female society, though it can't happen unless they can find a way to replace or artificially manufacture sperm).

    • DonRomeo

      Scientists have found those methods, so we need to watch out!! I suppose 'neofeminism' isn't entirely wrong, but the name I use is Feminazism. And they use 'waves' - much as the nazis used 'reichs'. 2nd, 3rd and 4th wave 'feminism' are all hate movements. Even many elements and supporters of 1st wave Feminism raise major doubts. Not including equality demands, which in themselves are of course absolutely reasonsble, but the whole subject is much, much darker the closer you examine it.

    • Anonymous

      @ManwithaConran - feminism has always been about women being treated differently. The early suffragettes were misandrists looking for preferential treatment too. When they first wanted women to vote for example many men didn't have the vote either. Many of those who died fighting WW1 didn't have the vote. Then men had to be drafted to earn the right to vote. Those women wanted the vote without having to earn it in the same way men did. What's more, during the first world war they also went up to any man in civilian clothing and pinned white feathers onto them as a sign of cowardice (known as "the white feather campaign") to encourage other women to stay away from them, to shame them into going to fight the war they themselves didn't have to nor did they want to fight. Some of those men they did this to were underage too, and of course underage people don't have the vote.

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  • Anonymous
    feminism is only about hating men and blaming men for any woman problems ever. any woman who doesn't subscribe to this cult is deemed to be blinded by their retarded patriarchy bullshit and they cry about everything. they want more women in stem fields but won join the shit their damn selves.
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  • Anonymous
    Feminist seems to hate women who think for themselves.

    There was also a group of " feminist sport reporters" who were calling for the NFL to ban cheerleaders.
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