Glamour in Sports Arenas... Has Neofeminism Missed the Point?


Today I saw a new low on TV. Two self employed women who have just lost their jobs because the sports organization they work with has decided to get rid of "Walk On Girls" (the women who accompany the players to the ockey). I thought they were just there for the glamour... Not so. They are part of a marketing team. They do a lot of work behind the scenes. They talk to children, give style advice, they even have their own fans and followers (many of whom are young women wanting fashion, career and lifestyle advice). The two women looked totally heartbroken.

Glamour in sports arenas... has neofeminism missed the point?

Then the guest feminist started speaking. She made a good start, with a good point about the objectification of women - but became got more and more aggressive, and kept interrupting. She wants these women out of a job and said so to them. The two models became more and more upset. The presenters tried to get the guest feminist to tone it down and be more sympathetic, but she was having none of it. She wants all careers that involve an element of glamour or modelling to be banned - hostessing, cheerleading, walk-on girls, F1, Tour De France models.... even air hostesses. Right next to two women who have just lost their main source of income. I felt as if I'd just witnessed the worst display of "sisterhood" ever.

The online backlash was immediate (and the vast majority of the people supporting the two walk-on girls are women) is that neofeminism has gone so far in the wrong direction, it's no longer protecting women's freedom to choose their lifestyles and careers - it's undermining it. Many women working in these industries have tried to point out, this could put tens if not hundreds of thousands of women out of work - and ask, how is that in any way feminist? I just want to see what people think about this.

Glamour in Sports Arenas... Has Neofeminism Missed the Point?
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