Armed Officer Didn't Go Into The Florida School - Stood Outside for 4 Minutes Waiting For It To Be Over


Armed officer assigned to the school didn't go into the Florida high school but instead chose to stand outside for 4 minutes waiting for it to be over!

Last week 17 people were shot and killed when a deranged ex student there opened fire on the unsuspecting people inside the building.

The shooting lasted around 7 minutes... And while the students, teachers and other staff were being murdered the armed officer stood outside debating with himself whether to go in or not - as if it wasn't his job and his duity to protect the people he swore to protect!

Armed Officer Didn't Go Into The Florida School - Stood Outside for 4 Minutes Waiting For It To Be Over

"I am devastated. Sick to my stomach. He never went in," Sheriff Israel said.

"Deputy Scot Peterson has resigned after being suspended, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said."

As of today there are armed police officers guarding the officer's home. . . I wonder why...

How do you justify these actions?

In light of this - how would other officers react? Would it be the same?

How will more guns save the lives of more people.

Simple math and logic will strongly suggest (avoiding to say 'prove' here...but we all know where it's at) that more guns inevitably cause more deaths!

This is unambiguously true!

Armed Officer Didn't Go Into The Florida School - Stood Outside for 4 Minutes Waiting For It To Be Over

Even if all the shooters involved are experts in some way, there will be victims no matter what, and the 'teachers carrying guns' will probably fatally wound at least a few students if not more.

Armed Officer Didn't Go Into The Florida School - Stood Outside for 4 Minutes Waiting For It To Be Over
A student who lost his life holding the door open for others to get out.

Armed Officer Didn't Go Into The Florida School - Stood Outside for 4 Minutes Waiting For It To Be Over

I don't know what world we're living in now, but the one that's based on sound minds would tell us that guns don't belong in schools, next to kids, they belong in the hands of utmost sane professional people with only the good intentions.

Armed Officer Didn't Go Into The Florida School - Stood Outside for 4 Minutes Waiting For It To Be Over
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  • lostgirl_searching
    I hear on the news cops killing innocent people who didn't even have a gun and here is a cop that could of saved many lives but he didn't go in. A teacher died because he used himself as a shield to protect some students, another teacher held a door open so students can run in her class because he wasn't walking towards her. Those teachers and the student who lost his life holding the door had way more courage than that so
    called " cop " who had a gun.
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    • jacquesvol

      That teacher? Teachers are too liberal, l hear.

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  • Toad-1
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  • meowcow
    I thought about this for awhile, and I don't entirely share the "outrage" that other people have.

    Here's the reason...

    In a standard police situation when there is only a single officer, backup is usually called before engaging. As an example, a single officer who pulled over a suspicious vehicle will often call for backup if the licence plate shows something amiss.

    In the Florida shooting case, you have a shooter with an assault rifle. The deputy officer has a standard issue handgun.

    This is like a pea shooter vs a rocket launcher.

    The officer would have to be fairly close to the suspect with a CLEAR LINE OF SIGHT to kill the suspect.

    In comparison, the suspect has an assault rifle. He can simply shoot the walls and kill people because the bullets go through several layers of concrete. If the officer ran behind a wall/corner, the suspect only needs to fire through the wall to kill the officer.

    Officers swear an oath to uphold the peace, but they do not swear to go on a suicide mission. Even officers have families. I would have expected that the deputy officer would secure the exterior of the school to prevent the escape of the suspect, and wait for SWAT to arrive with heavy firepower and ballistic shields.

    Are we really expecting a school officer liason to run into an active shooting scenario with nothing more than a pistol with 9 rounds, and expect him to find and overpower someone with an assault rifle with hundreds of rounds?
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    • front2back

      (1.) He didn't know what gun the shooter had.
      (2.) Standard police procedure is to always engage an active shooter, alone or not.
      (3.) Most officers, especially this deputy, have many hours of handgun training per year. They can easily shoot someone at 50 yards away and have quick reactions.
      (4.) The 5.56 Remington is one of the worst cartridges for penetration of barriers, especially concrete. It will go through one side of a concrete brick and not exit the other. It also usually penetrates through less normal walls than handgun rounds.
      (5.) You are correct, police have zero responsibility to save your life in any situation but are expected too.
      (6.) Many officer's pistols have 15+ rounds with extra magazines, with hollowpoint ammo. Just 2 of these rounds will take down most people.
      (7.) Many mass shooters kill themselves once bullets start flying their direction. The officer wouldn't have even had to hit the kid and he likely would have stopped firing at the children and probably wou

    • meowcow


      (1) Any person familiar with guns can tell the difference between handgun fire and assault rifle fire. He didn't know the exact gun (or guns) the shooter had, but he absolutely knew he was outmatched in firepower.
      (3) Absolutely false. If officers can "easily shoot" someone at 50 yards, explain the fact that in many police shootings, most bullets miss. Don't forget that the officer would first need to verify the person in sight as the shooter before firing. He cannot shoot at any moving target. That split second need to verify the target is what is going to get him killed, because the shooter has no such requirement.
      (4) I was stating an example of the difference in firepower. Almost all interior walls of a school will be drywall and wood except for structural walls. The shooter is shooting through wood and drywall - not concrete.
      (6) So 15 round pistol that he would need a clear line of sight and possibly more than 1 round to kill vs an AR-15 15+rounds, 1 shot kill

    • meowcow


      (7) Are you really going to bank your life on the assumption that the shooter will suicide after you distract him? Should your assessment be incorrect, you have a 1% chance of survival if he comes after you.

      Not sure how many levels of stupid that is. Most officers do not have a deathwish. You may have been playing video games too long. You don't revive after a headshot.

  • Xcommunicated
    Nothing that we’re being told adds up here.
    I figured he was either too far away one armed officer on a huge campus just well planned out by the shooter or unlucky.
    Then it comes out he was outside. I worked private armed security in a very dangerous field even cops didn’t want. We had protocols for everything. Some involved leaving my partner and other unsavory protocols that only the worst of us followed. I assumed that was the case, he was waiting for SWAT and following sop.

    But then we get a statement that he thought shots were outside not inside? A shooting is a traumatic place and gunshots can be hard to figure out. Everyone is losing their cool and you have to keep yours. Training dictates you go in the direction that people are running from and you’ll be where you are needed.

    I bet he would do things differently today. Security is woefully inadequate at schools and many places. There should be closed campuses, interlocking gun detector man-traps and many more simple things that only cost money to install. Really sad. Heart goes out to all.
  • Waffles731
    And people wonder why I don't trust cops until they have proven themselves stand up guys
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    • Oh, I, honestly, don't know anyone who trusts cops...

    • meowcow

      If you were holding a pistol vs a person with an assault rifle, I doubt you'd go in the school to engage the suspect. There is a <1% chance you would come out the winner.

      Firstly, as an officer, you cannot just run in there like Rambo, shooting anything that moves.
      The officer would have to:
      1. See a potential suspect.
      2. Confirm that the person is the shooter.
      3. Fire.

      Failure to confirm the target may result in shooting an innocent kid.

      In comparison, the suspect does not need to do any of this. He will shoot at any moving target instantly. By the time the officer has confirmed the target to react... he is already dead.

      Not to mention he has a shitty little pistol. The officer needs a clear line of sight to shoot. The suspect can blast through walls, concrete, metal... etc with the firepower he is holding.

    • Waffles731

      @meowcow the cop should have went in, his life was forfeit the moment he joined rhe police, if he was killed so be it,

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  • markscott
    It's crazy, these highly trained officers didn't act appropriately, but Trump and others think they can arm teaches, and get them to act better in a crisis? Crazy thinking.
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    • Hmm the cops can hide outside like bitches but the teachers in a school shooting will be inside and have a "do or die" choice.

    • What was highly trained about him? I though he was just a deputy.

    • JetBoy797

      Teachers will already been inside. They don't have to make a decision whether to risk their life; they'd already be in a life threatening situation. At that point, there's no reason not to use any means at their disposal to kill the terrorist, including a hypothetical concealed pistol.

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  • Logorithim
    After the changes police departments made after the Columbine shootings, I'm amazed that it wouldn't be a requirement for officers to attempt to neutralize a shooter. No one other than an armed person could have stopped the shooter, and cops are trained to do just that, among other things.
  • StickStickity13
    Yet republicans think random good guys with guns will keep us safe
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    • *Just because someone is good... doesn't mean they'll 100% do the right thing.

  • RationalMale
    So in the Los Vegas Massacre there was armed security/a cop on site when the shooting happened.

    In the Florida Massacre there was a Sheriff's Deputy on site when it happened.

    And in both cases they just stood by.

    Take away lesson: agree to gun control. When an evil person starts killing you and your unarmed friends, the police will politely wait outside until he is done killing them. Sounds great right?
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    • front2back

      Had our current gun control laws and policies been followed, Cruz would have had his weapons confiscated and never allowed to own a gun legally again.

    • @front2back I don't know about that precisely. However the flip side is--even if the USA banned all semi automatic weapons tomorrow, what good would it do? A killer might be roaming a school with two single shot shotguns, and we now know the police would be too afraid to face him.

  • apunkr
    ... and people wrong their hands, and bitch and moan the fact that there is so much anti-law enforcement sentiment in America today. I know, this is not standard-issue behavior for all law enforcement (thank God for that!), but it has become too damn common place to see or hear of (criminal) behavior like this perpetrated by those paid to eradicate exactly that which they perpetrated.
  • BrileyCat
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  • PervinMervin29
    Sounds like he was waiting for backup. Isn't that what officers are supposed to do in these situations wait for SWAT? Sounds like he's being thrown under the bus.
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  • DJZest
    Shameful. He is never going to be stand upright again for the rest of his life.

    Also, this is why teachers, at least some, need to be trained in handling and carrying concealed firearms.
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  • pervertedjester
    When this kinda of event happens it usually reminds me that the education system in America needs to be revamped from top to bottom. As for the Officer involved, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. You can never really tell what your reaction to a crisis will be. Deputies you will often find them patrolling courthouses, protecting defendants and even serving as bailiffs, depending on the district. Police officers are those in law enforcement who respond to crimes and accidents. I don't blame him for getting locked in fear, I blame those that put him in that school without a thought as to his mental framework for a crisis response. Past evaluations would've told them that.
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  • front2back
    Law Enforcement and the FBI really fucked up. They let this whole tragedy happen and didn't even try to stop it.
    It was found that not just one, but FOUR officers waited outside and thought he was still inside when in reality he was gone 20 minutes prior.

    Not only did the FBI receive numerous tips and evidence, the shooter also had more than 3 DOZEN encounters with local law enforcement, and tried to kill himself, and created a domestic violence scenario... AND THE POLICE DIDN'T DO A DAMN THING. Under our current laws and policies, he would have been thrown into a mental facility, charged with domestic violence, had his guns confiscated, and never legally been able to own one again. Yet they didn't do ANY of this.

    Now of course he goes and shoots up a school, which many knew was going to happen, and the chicken shit officers didn't even try to stop him. What a fucking disgrace.
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  • EpicDweeb
    The point I'd take away from all of this is that gun free zones and other forms of gun control simply DON'T WORK. People assume this means guns are bad. The problem is NOT that there were too many guns. The problem is that there was only one gun, that being the one in the hands of the shooter. 98% of mass shootings happen in gun free zones. Across the country statistics can be found showing dramatic increases in violent crime and murder rates following the implimentation of stricter gun control laws. In other words, all they do is expos good guys to the threat of bad guys who aren't convicted to follow those laws.
  • Wollu
    It's true that less guns will cause less people beng shot. It's not true that less guns will cause less people getting stabbed.
  • EvilPimp
    But yeah they can shoot unarmed people all the time (Walter Scott) or choke someone to death (Eric Gardner) for selling cigarettes but when its a real threat they become cowards
  • BronzedAdonis
    it ain't cool and he should be fired but the righteous indignation from the heroes in this thread is laughable. As if they'd be anymore courageous than him in the same situation.
  • OatsnWhey
    They waited for hours in the Florida Nightclub shooting. I disagree with a lot of tactics and this is coming form a cop.
  • rockrewls
    He should have never had access to guns in the first place, this incident was because of shoddy work by the FBI and parental/guardian control systems.
    He was mentally unfit to own guns.
    • rockrewls

      The police officer had a streak of yellow down his back.

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