Time To End Knife Crime


Everyday in the news there’s a new story about knife crime, someone being stabbed, someone being murdered, time to end it.

Time To End Knife Crime

Last month Eastenders, which is a British Soap Opera featured a storyline about knife crime. It showed 2 young boys who were about 16 years old, getting stabbed, they were stabbed because one stole a bike. The boys were named Shaki and Keegan, Keegan stole the bike from a group of teenage boys. Shaki, realising the boys were after Keegan tried to help him return the bike. Sadly they were too late and the group of boys stabbed both of them. Keegan survived but Shaki died. Today was the date of his funeral and Eastenders brought in real people who have been in situations where their sons, brothers, grandsons and so on have died because of knife crime. It really showed that this is happening and it’s getting worse.

A lot of people who don’t live in rural areas or where gangs are around thought it was ridiculous. They thought there would be no way someone would kill someone for a bike, but that is where they are wrong. It’s NOT about the bike it’s about RESPECT. If a gang or someone involved in that lifestyle feels like you disrespected them they say they need to teach you a lesson and they do, this results in stabbings, shootings, violence and even death.

It’s sad to think we as humans can so easily take someone’s life away from them in a split second. Over the years this has only gotten worse, more and more people using a knife to solve their problems.

Knife crime in the UK rose by 22% last year. In 2017, 61 people were stabbed to death and there have already been 1,200 stabbings so far in 2018, and at least 50 fatalities.

Time To End Knife Crime

Kids as young as 11 are in gangs and will happily stab someone to prove their loyalty to a gang.

When someone picks up a knife they are not only ruining their life and the victims life they are ruining their family’s lives and their friends and all the people around them. It was absolutely heartbreaking hearing the parents of these young kids talking about how their precious children have had their lives taken away from them.

Knife crime needs to end this is only getting worse and more and more innocent people are getting hurt and losing their lives and for what? Respect? Is this what kids and teenagers should learn? Pick up a knife when something goes wrong?

And with this being said I hope more people learn from this powerful episode and say no to knife crime. It needs to end.



Here is a support line please call it if you or someone you know has been a victim of knife crime, they offer support and their support is confidential.

Please call 0808 16 89 111

Time To End Knife Crime
Time To End Knife Crime
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