Time To End Knife Crime


Everyday in the news there’s a new story about knife crime, someone being stabbed, someone being murdered, time to end it.

Time To End Knife Crime

Last month Eastenders, which is a British Soap Opera featured a storyline about knife crime. It showed 2 young boys who were about 16 years old, getting stabbed, they were stabbed because one stole a bike. The boys were named Shaki and Keegan, Keegan stole the bike from a group of teenage boys. Shaki, realising the boys were after Keegan tried to help him return the bike. Sadly they were too late and the group of boys stabbed both of them. Keegan survived but Shaki died. Today was the date of his funeral and Eastenders brought in real people who have been in situations where their sons, brothers, grandsons and so on have died because of knife crime. It really showed that this is happening and it’s getting worse.

A lot of people who don’t live in rural areas or where gangs are around thought it was ridiculous. They thought there would be no way someone would kill someone for a bike, but that is where they are wrong. It’s NOT about the bike it’s about RESPECT. If a gang or someone involved in that lifestyle feels like you disrespected them they say they need to teach you a lesson and they do, this results in stabbings, shootings, violence and even death.

It’s sad to think we as humans can so easily take someone’s life away from them in a split second. Over the years this has only gotten worse, more and more people using a knife to solve their problems.

Knife crime in the UK rose by 22% last year. In 2017, 61 people were stabbed to death and there have already been 1,200 stabbings so far in 2018, and at least 50 fatalities.

Time To End Knife Crime

Kids as young as 11 are in gangs and will happily stab someone to prove their loyalty to a gang.

When someone picks up a knife they are not only ruining their life and the victims life they are ruining their family’s lives and their friends and all the people around them. It was absolutely heartbreaking hearing the parents of these young kids talking about how their precious children have had their lives taken away from them.

Knife crime needs to end this is only getting worse and more and more innocent people are getting hurt and losing their lives and for what? Respect? Is this what kids and teenagers should learn? Pick up a knife when something goes wrong?

And with this being said I hope more people learn from this powerful episode and say no to knife crime. It needs to end.



Here is a support line please call it if you or someone you know has been a victim of knife crime, they offer support and their support is confidential.

Please call 0808 16 89 111

Time To End Knife Crime
Time To End Knife Crime
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  • Anonymous
    This is a heartbreaking reality that Britain really just hasn't brought into the limelight, and although something needs to be changed it is unfortunately much easier to gain access to knives, as they hold so many purposes in our society. However I do think that we should be imposing stricter rules about purchasing knives online, and make more of an effort to block the selling of knives illegally. Right now however, awareness is key, so that people can bring it forward as a real issue.
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    • Penelope_

      I agree

    • A good criminal or gun Smith can trick out any rifle it's done daily already. Guns are illegal in Mexico that's all I'll say...

  • Anonymous
    interesting mytake
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    • Penelope_

      Thank you! Some people are being rude about it sadly

    • what did you expect? Bringing up political issues?

    • Penelope_

      @Wowgirl10q political? I’m guessing you’re from America

Most Helpful Girls

  • Hapinus
    We should try to end all types of crime ☺️
    Great mytake!
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  • SpiderManFan2002
    Couldn't agree more.
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  • FatherJack
    Will not happen , law enforcement has been weakened here and the criminals know the the justice systems in the UK are generally soft and they will likely get away with it , without even being detected. @Penelope_ I agree with your sentiments , but the only language these scrotes understand is a savage beating , you cannot reason with these types , they intend to do harm / kill from the moment they pick that blade up !! Ex soldier and doorman , with a family to protect , seen it all !!
    • Penelope_

      I know I just want it to end it’s so sad and it’s only getting worse :(

    • It will continue to get worse. I will never use a blade in self defence , but am skilled in boxing , Lethwei & other striking arts , I have KO'ed an attempted intruder back in 2010 with my trusty right hook / knee to head, the scumbag had a sharpened screwdriver. I dragged the out cold scumbag to my front , and stood on him until the police removed him. They were going to charge ME , CCTV backed me up.. He had a female lookout , she was also arrested , it's NOT just males involved.

    • Penelope_

      Oh wow that’s crazy I’m glad you’re okay though

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  • EpicDweeb
    As much as I sincerely appreciate the idealism... it's nothing more than that. People all throughout history have hurt and killed each other. Whether with guns, bows, spears, swords, knives, rocks or even their bare hands. No matter what level of technology we are limited to we humans always find a way to commit acts of violence, to kill and maim each other. Whether it be laws restricting guns or knives, there will never be peace simply through law.

    People will almost always act out of self preservation. The more dangerous something is, the less likely they are to do it. That's why I think things such as self defense ought to be a standard in most schools. You can argue it's not good to teach violence, but the point is simple. The more dangerous it is to attack someone the less likely people are to do it. If everyone is able to defend themselves from an attacker, there will be far fewer attackers, it's not worth the risk. Rather than teach people not to use weapons or to avoid danger, we ought to teach them how to be safe so that what was once dangerous is no longer considered such.
  • GetzRekt
    The first time I ever went into the centre of my city on my own at age 11 I got robbed at knifepoint by three 18 to 20yr olds, all of whom had criminal records. I've since seen knives and knife crime on many occasions growing up in a British city. It's only getting worse.
    • Penelope_

      Wow I’m so sorry that happened to you and I know it just seems to be getting worse and worse :(

    • GetzRekt

      Nice MyTake though, good work :)

    • Penelope_

      Aw thank you! 💗

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  • Compodulator
    Alright, so we've banned knives.
    Now they have shivs - home-made "knives" used for stabbing, while you, dear OP, have nothing. Are you going to run away and call the cops? Sure, probably. I'd do the same. What if there are no cops, though? What if they're too far away? Anything beyond a minute is too far.
    This comes with another unexpected side effect - no kitchen knives.
    "Fine," you say crossing your arms "I'll spread butter on my toast with a stick! And I'll cut the salami for sandwiches with... uh... HACKSAW!"
    And then someone gouges an eye out with a fork at a bar. Next thing to ban - forks. They do have those pointy ends, after all. So now you can't eat like you're used to.
    "Fine," you say crossing your arms "I'll learn to use spoons for everything, then."
    Still, we humans are creative murder machines and someone, somehow, somewhere dies by spoon. Spoons are banned too. What's next? Chopsticks? Banned because someone lodged a chopstick into someone's nose. Hands? Banned after a boxing incident.
    I kinda forgot how that story goes, but it's something along the lines of "if you give a mouse a biscuit, soon you'll find it with your wife."
  • hellionthesagereborn
    So you ban guns and claim that worked really well, so well in fact that now your country is debating banning knives because knife crimes went up (along with acid attacks) to compensate for the loss of guns. This should be a wake up call to the UK and ever where else that bans don't work and that its people who are the problem not inanimate objects. However to discuss the actual topic of knife crimes, you combat it like you combat all other crimes. The fact is crime has been steadily dropping for over a hundred years. In fact you are in the safest time period in all of history. That's not an exaggeration, you are now safer then any human being has ever been since the very first human being walked the earth and the data shows this. Your likely hood of dying from violence is lower then your likely hood of dying from lightning, historically your likelihood of dying from violence could have been as high as 90%(based upon our data on hunter gatherer tribes). So the real question isn't about violence how to stop it etc (no matter what we do their will always be some violence), its why does it seem so very prevalent when all data shows the EXACT OPPOSITE? Well, news. They don't get viewers and thus money if they report that everything is fine, you will not tune in to hear about how today was like every other day, boring and uneventful. So they need violence, they need you to be afraid so you keep coming back to them so that they can keep making money. Their is no epidemic of knife crimes or crime in general, its merely perception, and as long as you play into it they will continue to drum it up and make it out to be as if its rampant through your cities and countries because it makes them money to keep you in a heightened state of tension.
    • goaded

      You're quite a lot more likely to die from violence than lightning.

      In 2014, 25 people were killed by lightning in the US, and 17,250 were murdered, about two-thirds using firearms.

      I agree you shouldn't live in fear of being murdered just because you hear of every murder, but an epidemic of Measles today is still an epidemic, even if it kills many fewer people than it would have before vaccination.

    • @goaded Yeah, the difference in lightning is minor. Your number is off as well when it comes to gun deaths in the united states, as well as the fact that you intentionally neglected to mention the population size. I apologize, I meant to say your odds of being struck by lightning, which is roughly 370 reported, they estimate that its higher however (as they estimate about 70 people die a year from lightning but only about 30-40 are reported). That said as I was saying, gun deaths through violence are actually about 11,000 not sure how you got the 17,000 most usually go for the over 30,000 sited deaths which is (intentionally) misleading as 61% of those are suicides and 4% are accidents (which is where you get the 11,000). Out of the 11,000 almost 10,000 of those are black on black which itself is usually motivated by gangs (which could readily be resolved by removing welfare that encourages fatherlessness) so outside of those groups the death toll is actually only about 1,000.

    • @goaded Then when you factor in that we are talking about a population, in the US, of 325,000,000 suggesting that 11,000 people killed by guns, which is a probability of.003% chance of being shot, is an epidemic is not just insane, its embarrassingly stupid too. This, again, also ignores the fact that almost all of those deaths are located within one group and we have a solution to the problem but are not allowed to say it because of PC reasons i. e. any criticism directed at non whites is some how racist, questioning the efficacy of welfare programs is "class warfare" etc, which itself would reduce that percentage down even lower. So no, their is no epidemic, no its not particularly likely to occur, death through violence is again, insanely rare in this day and age and yes this is the safest time we have ever had in the entire existence of humanity and no your not going to get your utopian world and any attempts to force it will only lead to more problems hence

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  • CluelesslyClueless
    Say I run someone down with my car, will they outlaw cars too?
    Shut down the entire transportation network?

    There are literally a million ways I can think of to make or use a weapon to kill someone.
    Outlawing knives, pencils, rocks, cars, whatever is like cutting your nose to spite your face.
    Its like putting Spongebob on a Band-Aid to calm a child.
    You need to fix the issue with your society, not blame an inanimate object that can neither think, feel, or act without a handler.
    • The care analogy doesn't work very well. When cars were more dangerous because of structure, or lack of seat belts, or bad tire design or road design, the government (yep the governement) begain to regulate (yep regulate) safety features. driver's licenses were issued, driver's safety courses were mandated. Seat belts and airbags were invented. Roads were made to be more safe, Tires were better built. Kids had to be strapped in the back of the car. Cars were built with safety features too numerous to mention.

      And guess what? MVAs and consequent deaths per population went down. Way down.

      My thought is that we do the same with certain weapons, like firearms, and the mass slaughter we see now in the US will also decrease.

      I do agree with you that there is a ugly anger in the world right now that we also have to address. And I am all for addressing that also.

    • @juliaanita You do realize seat belts weren't mandatory until 1983, and airbags weren't required until 1998? Cars were more dangerous because of technological and engineering limitations. You put a 12 cylinder engine, in a 3 ton car, that is chain driven, with woodspoke wheels - of course the damn thing would be a death trap. I have a 18 foot long 1968 Caprice in my driveway, it has seatbelts. They came as an option. But you know what? Back in the day if I would have gotten in an accident, those seatbelts wouldn't have protected me from sh*t. Why? Because the car is an enormous steel land yacht, that is hitting another land yacht at high speed.

      If you want violence to end, people need to take responsibility.
      Violence is a result of civil unrest, be it lack of jobs, housing, sustainable living, whatever.
      It's a much bigger problem than "Ban pointy things".

    • I realize all of that-and i do know that car deaths have dramatically decreased over the years, not because of people taking responsibility, as you say, but because of regulation.

      Firearms could easily be regulated without infringing upon the precious 2nd amendment the gun enthusiasts so dearly cling to. I guarantee you that if this country mandated stringent licensing, and background checks, if firearms were made only to be fired by the person who bought it, if insurance mandates were in place (like car insurance?) if the purchasing of a firearm required more than a gun and some cash, gun deaths would also decrease. Dramatically.

      I agree also with your opinion RE unrest. I know where it comes from, I don't know what the future brings.
      But god help us if we don't start to control firearms. Not pointy things-which is a specious comment-but firearms.

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  • Pyrofox
    TO be very blunt knife crime is not about to end anytime soon. Its more ingrained in human society than the use of guns.

    The harsh reality is just learn self defense and you won't have to be so concerned. About knifes.
    • Penelope_

      I agree

    • Pyrofox

      If your fighting though someone with a knife smack their wrist of the hand that has the knife if you know they have a knife downwards and take the time that they are startled to smack them in the eye. If someone is attacking you with a knife its premeditated. One does not use a knife unless its planned.

    • Penelope_

      Thank you!

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  • Carpetmanandkoop
    I always love it when people blame the knife or the gun. my fiance was killed by her ex. Never once did I blame the gun or believe that gun laws could prevent him from killing her. we would have had a gun he would have beaten her with a rock. I guess then I would have blamed the Rock. Stupid people should listen instead of speaking!
    • Preach

    • People who are anti gun are usually from cities and haven't even shot one in there lives

    • @Wowgirl10q: People who are anti gun tend to live in nice low crime neighborhoods and haven't seen the face of evil nor experienced real evil bitter people who have threaten them with a weapon before to their face.

      All the evil they ever see is on TV shows.

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  • Charlotte_May
    You can make a shiv out of a soda tin. The problem isn't the knives, it's the retards using them. Start profiling the retards and be ready to be amazed how deep the rabbit hole goes
  • taleswapper
    Oh for the love of... Grow up! Stop looking at inanimate objects, and start addressing the REAL problems!
    First it was guns. Now it's knives. Next it will be bats, and rocks, and rope. Let me give you a clue here. Humans are tool users. They are amazingly inventive and endlessly adaptable. You are NEVER going to solve the problem of violence by focusing on the tools. Because the tools are not the problem. There is ALWAYS going to be another tool. That's what those evil little primates do; they come up with new ones, or modify things, or both.
    • goaded

      So, everyone should have access to nukes?

      Reducing access to the tools of death decreases the number of deaths, it's very , very simple.

    • @goaded This is known as the "straw man" fallacy. Did I say anything about nukes? No. So stop trying to lie about my position. If you have a question, ask, don't assume.

      And no, "reducing access to the tools of death" does NOT reduce the number of deaths. Just the number of deaths with that particular tool. Other tools then become more prevalent. Which is why you have a knife problem...

      On a lark, my therapist asked me what I could use in his office as a weapon. We stopped at 37 different objects, and I hadn't even finished with the items in reach of his chair... He was horrified. Stabbed, bludgeoned, strangled, electrocuted, drowned, suffocated, and set on fire, all with common items within a 3-yard radius of his position. None of them were your so-called "weapons of death".

    • goaded

      No, it's known as "Reductio ad absurdum", and is a perfectly valid argument. If you prefer, we could talk about machine-guns or spray canisters of sarin instead of nukes, but the point remains the same.

      You are roughly twice as likely to die from a gunshot wound than a knife wound, and that doesn't even take into account that you have a better chance to avoid being injured in the first place by fighting back or running away from a knife wielder. I expect the chances of surviving a weaponless attack is even higher.

      You clearly have a vivid imagination, but it should be obvious that killing someone is easier given a gun, otherwise they would never have been invented.

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    police cuts are to blame we need more police and more prisons life is very cheap to those kind of guys that are killing other guys its the uk goverment to blame a lot of this crime has to do with drugs and most of it is black on black crime like in america
    • thanks and we need more stop and search caught with a knife in scotland you go straight to jail for two years and we have a very low rate of knife crime the word went round so those guys won't carry a knife as they dont want to go to jail for two years we need to take a tough stance regards this matter

    • thanks

  • Belgie
    It can't be done.

    Human nature is violent. Violence is always going to be with us, and next to just picking up a rock and hitting or throwing it, knives are one of the oldest tools in existence out there. We can't "control" them or stop people being able to buy them or use them.

    You can't educate the morons out of violence. It's a lizard brain problem. Lizards can't be taught not to be lizards. It's their nature.
  • QueenofCups
    Thank you sweetie. This is a really powerful myTake.
  • AbdKilani
    Great take
    As i thought so , you have a big heart and kind :)
    I sure hope this ends, and i feel sorry for those kids
  • Bananaman177
    I like how you didn't mention Muslims once even though they're responsible for 80% of all knife crime in the UK.

    Import a few more million, see what that does to your knife crime statistics.

  • ImSoSquishy
    it's not just knives, crimes with any melee or ranged weapons in general will never end. just run away or give up your goods. they never attack alone, there's always other gang members waiting in the area and the moment you try to do your fancy techniques the others are gonna come running in to chop you up with machetes and stab you with knives.
  • worldscolide
    How much are you going to disarm your people.. Seriously If its not guns its knives.. Pretty soon it will be forks, spoons, nail clippers.. so stupid.
  • jacquesvol
    I'd prefer a www.hammersource.com/images/products/p102-2000.jpg

    A knife is so immature.
  • Parkwayvwhitechapel
    this is only prevalent in the U. K, elsewhere like U. S. people will shoot eachother with guns instead.
    it's a problem you can't get rid of, aslong as theirs bad evil people in the world , violence will always exist.

    the U. S. is the opposite, they have the same problem but with guns.
    so you can't blame weapons, it's the mindset behind it.
    • I also did see that episode of eastenders where they brought real-life victims of knife crime on set , it was interesting to see one of this year's knife victims, the carribean black mum who lost her son, that was recently in the news was on there

    • goaded

      I stopped watching Eastenders in the 1980's, I'm sorry I missed this episode, though.

  • Anpu23
    Take away guns, they use knives, take away knives they'll use screwdrivers... honestly you must look at the underlying causes, not the weapons themselves.
  • Benedek38
    And here we go with the propaganda.

    Knife crime will never end, because knives are just about the easiest things you can make. I can literally sharpen a piece of metal, and create a knife. What, you will require a license for angke grinders now? Rasps? Metal?

    'You got a license for that oxygene there, mate?'

    People who want to kill each other WILL kill each other. The crime rated in the UK are rising because of a cultural issue, and not a weapon issue.
    Maybe mass immigration without cultural assimilation ain't that good of an idea.

    But sure, please explain to me, why os knife crime only rising steeply in the UK, and not everywhere else?
    • goaded

      If it's illegal to carry a knife or gun, you don't have to wait for them to stab or shoot someone who probably didn't want to be stabbed or shot before you arrest them.

      The purpose of policing is to reduce crime. It will never eliminate it, but saving a few lives a year is a good thing.

    • Benedek38

      "If it's illegal to carry a knife or gun, you don't have to wait for them to stab or shoot someone who probably didn't want to be stabbed or shot before you arrest them."
      It's a fucking knife. Do you know how easy a knife is to hide?
      I can literally buy a 20 mm wide steel rod, cut 200 mm pieces off, sharpen one half, duck tape the other half, boom! Mass produced shivs. Perfect for muggings and murderings. If I have a blowtorch, I can even heat treat them. And if you want to hide it - you can just put it in your pocket. Duck tape it to your forearm. Whatever.

      Do you want police officers to go around with machineguns and metal detectors on the streets of London, conducting random strip-searches?
      Big brother's watching, don't forget!

      "The purpose of policing is to reduce crime. It will never eliminate it, but saving a few lives a year is a good thing."
      And that is why people don't like police states, where the state has an overbearing power, and sacrifices freedom for safety

    • goaded

      Do you really think they're making it impossible to buy a knife?

      You can just walk into a shop and buy one, if you're over a certain age (16? 18?). You have to have a reason to be carrying it around with you. Butchers with a roll of knives? No problem. Taking it home after buying it? No problem. Hanging around in a gang at night-time? Problem.

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  • HughJass
    Open that border, accept un-vetted immigrants have a pathetic mayor and this happens.

    The solution is, remove gun laws.
  • Dan262
    if the PC mind police stop that will not cure the current problem but it will help to begin in a productive way discuss the problem in a pragmatic and realistic situation when possible and support the posibility of worth while sentences without the UK police being seen as racist if they arrest " the wrong person" due to some precived victim hood
  • Dude_1820
    This is exactly why gun control won't work in America. What's next? Ban knives?
  • John_Doesnt
    I should have the right to bear nuclear arms, these anti-arms movements are ridiculous. People are going to kill each other anyway, so you might as well give me a nuke.
  • Outofthegrey
    Weapons are tools, the cause of violence is people. You take the tool the act merely becomes messy. And in my experience laws are deterrent devices, not means to stop the truly motivated.

    The inescapable fact is, the world is a violent place and life in dangerous. We can run from that fact and be prey for those looking to exploit, or we can face that fact and be ready to stop a threat when it occurs. I for one would rather die with a weapon in my hand and a chance to protect myself than die cowering in a corner hoping that someone else will come protect me.
  • LawShark
    Lives without knives? How am i going to cut my steak?
  • GuyWhatRunsThePlace
    Wasn't 2015 the year "Syrian refugees" started becoming welcomed to the UK en masse?

    Must be coincidence.
  • _乃尺OЩ刀_TITI
    Not even surprising, fact is that the Tory government cut the number of coppers by the thousands and cut the police funding and will be continued to be cut in the future.. You Slashy the security fund, more slashed people.. #StopTheSlashTories
  • demonics
    Get rid of your Muslims. If America got rid of its _____ and _____ all violent crimes would be near the bottom worldwide.
  • JZ909
    Knife crime is terrible; that is self-evident. However, wishing it away won't make it go away. We need to understand why people are choosing violence as the solution to the issues they have and try to address that. Efforts like this take academic research that goes a lot deeper than knife crime statistics or anecdotal evidence, and a coordinated campaign to send the right messages to those who may consider these actions.

    I think a decent model to look at is the campaign to reduce the number of people going to Syria to join ISIS. Once we demonstrated that ISIS was not a solution to their specific problems, the rates went down dramatically without direct law enforcement intervention (at least in the U. S., I'm less familiar with rates from other countries).
    • goaded

      That's very interesting, do you have a link to some more details on that? Were there really that many Americans going to join ISIS?

      The UK had some really stupid girls who went, as well as some men going to fight.

    • JZ909

      @goaded There were never that many that joined. Most sources I've been able to find were somewhere around 250-300. Here is an article on the decreased numbers that joined ISIS: freebeacon.com/.../ , though I could swear I saw a better one.

  • markscott
    With all the lives lost from knives, the death toll would have been so much greater, has these people, and others, had guns.
  • RationalMale
    "When someone picks up a knife they are not only ruining their life and the victims life they are ruining their family’s lives and their friends and all the people around them. "

    I've actually carried a decent size folding knife for years... the one in my pocket right now-- www.amazon.com/.../ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage
    Yeeet somehow I've managed to never stab anyone or get arrested for anything.
    If disarming everyone of sharp objects looks like the solution to your problem, you're dealing with a bad population. Life isn't one big insane asylum where everyone is searched and wearing straitjackets. British problems are far deeper than knives.
  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    I'll rather get shot dead by a gun than someone repeatedly stabbing my flesh to death.

    Having a gun is extremly important, but fools won't listen.
  • englisc
    "Time To End Crime"

    Criminals: "OK"

    Yeah, that will work.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Nobody except the police should have access to knives. London is like the wild west
  • Gray-Wisp
    I have a solution that might lower knife crime.

    You guys should legalize guns again.
  • wilbonn19
    I bought an 18 inch Italian switchblade stiletto online. Along with bear mace and a taser. Here in the U. S., Congress officially outlawed switchblades in 1958, though many states you can possess one in your home, just not in public. The state I'm currently in last year made ANY type of knife legal to carry in public. Good thing too. I prefer blades. Much more quiet, less witnesses. In a country with so many bullies, whackjobs, junkies, ex cons, pill popping crzies, and just flat out assholes... I'm not calling any cops. I now send a clear message-GO ELSEWHERE. LEAVE ME ALONE. I've used em on public transit, in front of stores... it always works. People here like to shout, try to rob, bully, or act crazy to you-only until they see they're about to get their funky ass put down for good-THEN they go fuck with somebody else. The problem here isn't weapons, or possessing them. It's the type of PEOPLE we have.
    • Balistic knife dude. There awesome look it up

  • lpoots
    when has a crap tv program changed a generations attitude
  • Rhinoboy
    Knifes all violence to humans and animals needs to stop
  • laughinglad999
    More knife murders black on black in london again this week not the police to blame its all to do with drugs and money not enough police to cover the whole of london when will it stop?
  • monkeynutts
    It's going to have to be chainmail and leather studded gauntlets for everyone.
  • WalterRadio
    Simple: Allow law abiding people to carry guns.
    • TripleAce

      then the death toll rises from 61 stab deaths a year to 6500 deaths from guns... given that UK has 65 mil and USA has 300 mil with 30,000 gun deaths per year about. Adjusted for population thats 6500 guns deaths due to firearms in the UK vs the mere 61 deaths due to knives...

      no thanks lol

    • Benedek38

      @TripleAce actually more like 2000.

    • @Benedek38
      The UK doesn't have 12% former black slaves to drive up the numbers.
      And I said "Law abiding" people should be allowed to carry guns, not criminals.

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  • Desuyonee
    your country must be horrible
    i almost throw up
    • goaded

      Antarctica is probably better, but London is not too bad. But we still want improvements!


    • Desuyonee

      @goaded yeah ;D

    • JZ909

      @goaded Not going to say homicide is more frequent in London than high crime U. S. cities, but it is extremely important to qualify exactly what metric is being used. The ONS (in the UK) tracks homicide very differently than the FBI (in the U. S.), the ONS reports the homicide at the time of conviction where the FBI does not appear to do so (as their numbers are estimated), meaning the ONS omits unsolved murders, leading to artificially low homicide rates, until a conviction, then artificial spikes upon convictions, particularly of mass murderers (i. e. UK official murder rate in 2003). I don't know what statistic the maker of that graph is using. Is it convicted homicides? Is it investigated homicides? Is it something else? Without that information, the statistics are almost meaningless.

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  • CuriousMufuxka
    #1 Gotta love those stats from the good ol BBC! #2 More importantly @taleswapper
  • HereIbe
    Let's BAN HANDS!
  • Hope1277
    Amazing! It needs to end! #EndKnifeCrime
  • jellyroo
    And how exactly will a hashtag stop stabbings?
  • ThePetSquirrel
    Boy, if only people had guns to defend themselves.
    • yeah-like if there were one gun for every man, woman, child, infant-like in the US-then everyone would be safe like the NRA has promised. We are told after all by the NRA that more guns=more safety.

      Tell that to all of the families of the recently gun slaughtered victims.

    • @juliaanita 98% of mass shootings in the U. S. occur in gun restricted areas. The only way to stop a maniac is to shoot back.

    • Do you mean gun restricted areas like Las Vegas? or Florida? or Texas? Really?
      Where were the gun blazing good guys in those open carry states? When were the cowboys going to come to protect the victims when the shooting started?
      What about Ft. Hood? Didn't the troops have guns?
      My gosh, that's such an empty argument anymore, It's hard to believe that anybody other than the NRA relies on it.

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  • Wowgirl10q
    No guns no knives my lord