How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 1


The violence that the Macron regime is directing against yellow vest protesters is spiraling out of control, and largely goes unreported in the media,

How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 1

The "yellow vest" protests that erupted last year over fuel taxes have broadened into weekly demonstrations across France against President Emmanuel Macron, sometimes spiralling into violent clashes with police.

The "Disarm" collective, a local gr

oup that campaigns against police violence, has documented 98 cases of serious injuries since the first nationwide protests on November 17, including 15 cases of people losing an eye.

In total, since the "gilets-jaunes" protests began in November, 3,000 people have been injured or even maimed and thousands more arrested.

Ten deaths have been linked to the unrest. Nine involved traffic accidents and an 80-year-old woman died after being hit in the face by a tear gas grenade while closing the shutters at her home.

Here's a taste of how the police handles French protesters.

Jean-Marc Michaud, a 41-year-old former French papratrooper, lost an eye to a rubber bullet during a "yellow vest" protest in Bordeaux last weekend. Michaud is one of dozens of protesters who have been seriously injured in clashes with police, whose tactics, particularly their use of 40-mm rubber projectiles and stun grenades, have drawn mounting criticism.

The left-wing Liberation daily counted 77 people with serious head injuries, 71 caused by rubber bullets and others by stun grenades. In one incident that caused widespread outrage, Oliver Beziade,

a volunteer fireman and father of three suffered a stroke on January 10th after being hit in the head in Bordeaux, apparently by a rubber bullet.

Video footage of the incident, which was widely shared on social media, but no on mains stream meshowed an officer firing at a group of retreating protesters, his rifle aimed at head level. The footage then showed Olivier Beziade lying face down on the ground a few metres away, his back to the police. A rubber bullet was found at his feet. "He was less than 10 metres away and they shot him in the head, there is no way that can be a mistake," his wife Cindy told AFP.

The Yellow Vest movement is mostly comprised of peaceful and nonviolent regular French people from all walks of life.

However there are also violent Yellow Vest protesters that target Police officers and even reporters. Some hundreds of police officers have been injured in these fights which have been occuring regularly in the last ten weeks of the protest.

The violent Yellow Vests mainly belong to far right an far left groups who piggyback on the main protest, and are looking for a violent confrontation with the police, or just an opportunty to vandalise and cause chaos.

The disproportionate violent response to these protests by the Macron regime, which included deploying armored vehicles, helicopters and police brutality and the casualties they inflict among French protesters, has been largely been ignored by the world media, and instead their focus were on looters and violent fringe protesters.

In fact the media purposely ignores and never aires explicit videos of French police brutality and attacks by the Macron regime on its own people.

Can any of you remember seeing any of these videos on BBC, CNN, or in fact on any major news media outlets?

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How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 1
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