How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 1


The violence that the Macron regime is directing against yellow vest protesters is spiraling out of control, and largely goes unreported in the media,

How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 1

The "yellow vest" protests that erupted last year over fuel taxes have broadened into weekly demonstrations across France against President Emmanuel Macron, sometimes spiralling into violent clashes with police.

The "Disarm" collective, a local gr

oup that campaigns against police violence, has documented 98 cases of serious injuries since the first nationwide protests on November 17, including 15 cases of people losing an eye.

In total, since the "gilets-jaunes" protests began in November, 3,000 people have been injured or even maimed and thousands more arrested.

Ten deaths have been linked to the unrest. Nine involved traffic accidents and an 80-year-old woman died after being hit in the face by a tear gas grenade while closing the shutters at her home.

Here's a taste of how the police handles French protesters.

Jean-Marc Michaud, a 41-year-old former French papratrooper, lost an eye to a rubber bullet during a "yellow vest" protest in Bordeaux last weekend. Michaud is one of dozens of protesters who have been seriously injured in clashes with police, whose tactics, particularly their use of 40-mm rubber projectiles and stun grenades, have drawn mounting criticism.

The left-wing Liberation daily counted 77 people with serious head injuries, 71 caused by rubber bullets and others by stun grenades. In one incident that caused widespread outrage, Oliver Beziade,

a volunteer fireman and father of three suffered a stroke on January 10th after being hit in the head in Bordeaux, apparently by a rubber bullet.

Video footage of the incident, which was widely shared on social media, but no on mains stream meshowed an officer firing at a group of retreating protesters, his rifle aimed at head level. The footage then showed Olivier Beziade lying face down on the ground a few metres away, his back to the police. A rubber bullet was found at his feet. "He was less than 10 metres away and they shot him in the head, there is no way that can be a mistake," his wife Cindy told AFP.

The Yellow Vest movement is mostly comprised of peaceful and nonviolent regular French people from all walks of life.

However there are also violent Yellow Vest protesters that target Police officers and even reporters. Some hundreds of police officers have been injured in these fights which have been occuring regularly in the last ten weeks of the protest.

The violent Yellow Vests mainly belong to far right an far left groups who piggyback on the main protest, and are looking for a violent confrontation with the police, or just an opportunty to vandalise and cause chaos.

The disproportionate violent response to these protests by the Macron regime, which included deploying armored vehicles, helicopters and police brutality and the casualties they inflict among French protesters, has been largely been ignored by the world media, and instead their focus were on looters and violent fringe protesters.

In fact the media purposely ignores and never aires explicit videos of French police brutality and attacks by the Macron regime on its own people.

Can any of you remember seeing any of these videos on BBC, CNN, or in fact on any major news media outlets?

How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 2

How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 1
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  • Guanfei
    Don't trust too much left medias in France, they're know to make up some shit, because it sells more. Next to that, they also "debunk fake news" by saying that it's true, but not exactly true.

    That said, Macron is just acting like a little king on his kingdom. He has the power, and plans on keeping it by any means necessary. Cops don't have much choice, either they obey, or they're in deep shit. Many have expressed their sympathy for the yellow jackets, but they're doing their job and can't protest.
    But it's far from being black and white. Yellow jackets had their share of bad behavior. Some threatening lives of cops, some attacking them, of course there are destruction of public properties, cars, and even the now well-known degradation of the Arc de Triomphe.
    Also, many degradation are done by people who aren't yellow jackets but use the protests to destroy things and loot shops. I'm talking about thugs, far left anarchists or antifas.
    You should also understand that many of those videos are often heavily edited to show only what suits the party showing it, cutting the beginning, the end or parts in between to hide the fact that a situation has been provoked.
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  • YHL6965
    Yes! Thanks for bringing attention to this issue. Kudos to you from a proud French man! The main violences actually caused by the Yellow Vests happened during the second to the fifth week I would say, and mainly on the Saturdays. We are now at the 13th week, and the police still treat us as if we were violent, despite open pacifism and organization.

    It's the same story every time : everything goes well until the police shows up, starts circling the protesters and gas them constantly despite no violence erupting. The protesters being trapped in what is essentially a gas chamber, start to get more aggressive because they are trapped in gas and are getting shot at randomly, and then the media claims the protesters started the violences. The medias even reported a policeman being injured by a "projectile" while footage shows that he hurt himself with his own grenade.

    Again, thanks for bringing light to this issue. Europeans, rise against the tyrannies and get your freedom back!
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    • You're welcome! I'm glad that you liked it.

    • YHL6965

      There are more issues linked to this bigger problem (like the fake debate created by the government, the fact that some policemen have been paid to disguise as protesters and cause trouble, the fact that the Yellow Vests have been qualifies as alt-right by the government in an attempt to shut the movement down despite being supported by the majority of the French, the question of the RIC...), but you have shown a big part of the problem and you did a pretty good job as an outsider!

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  • Lovelygirl420
    Macron is the man and the French need to be slapped
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    • YHL6965

      Try to slap the French and you'll end up with your head rolling in the middle of Paris. Don't fuck with the French.

    • @YHL6965 don’t hit me with the baguette senor!

    • thanks mho!

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  • looneymalooney
    I'm caught in the middle between the desire to see Macron and Soros fail AND the hate towards anarchists.
    So who you choose?
    Anarchists? Soros? Pfoa, though choice.

    Also, why is a paratrooper in the streets and what were his implications? Was he simply walking around with flowers in his hand or was he throwing bricks and setting things on fire?
    The second twitter vid is showing a professional boxer punching a gendarme like he's contending for belt. Damn that gendarme for attacking his fists with his face.

    I want the people to throw Macron in a shit bag and put him away and alongside him all the shitty Soros open door policies.
    I don't want the anarchists to win either.

    Stop presenting only one side of the story. This pisses me off a lot. Romania went through something similar on 10th of August 2018.

    what they pretended they want:
    To peacefully protests and ask the resignation of the Government that was formed after crushing vote the socialist party received in 2016: 44%!!
    almost 1 in 2 participants at the vote, voted the socialist party. They allied with another party and formed majority.

    What it actually was: anarchists pushing the brainwashed people into a hatred frenzy marketed over Facebook. It went so far that insane people were posting on FB asking attendees to use their constitutional right to take the gun of the gendarmes and shoot them in the head if they do not let them enter the Government building.

    FB messages are speaking for themselves.
    One was even bold enough to have an interview and repeat that in front of the camera.

    Day of the protests:
    People trying to push away the Gendarme crowd control fences. Gendarmes in light equipment and not dressed up in combat gear.

    A group of about 200-300 people pretended to march around the Square in front of the Government, moved to the side, then charged towards the gates to the Government. Sounds pretty organized to me. "Gates" are actually a 1 meter tall steel fence, it's not a fortified building as with other institutions in Europe.
    Simply search "Government building Victoria Palace".

    The gendarmes in light gear (no armour, no helmets, no pads), managed to push back the hundreds trying to enter the Government.
    Given what happened, the armoured gendarmes assumed position around the crowd control fence that the pushed back crowd now started to pull and throw around.
    Whoever was pushing/pulling the crowd control fence, was getting sprayed, it was simple that even pavlov's dog would have learned.
    It's a protest, don't mess with the security forces.

    It did not stop there. As the night fell, some from among the crowd started to throw sidewalk chunks, shit bags and bottles from various positions (as in a well thought siege).
    Gendarmes were standing around the perimeter spraying tear gas at those trying to approach too much, while taking stones, bottles, so on...

    At around 10 PM, it was announced that a Subway was vandalized and people got in. This was across the Square full of people, opposite to the Government.

    Special forces (not gendarmes) were sent by car to the Subway, but were BLOCKED by the protesters and not allowed in the area.
    So a unit of Gendarmes is ordered to move across the square, through the aggressors and get to the Subway in order to check what's going on.
    As they started to move, these people throwing stones and bottles started to harass the unit. A gendarme woman at the rear of the unit had a sidewalk chunk thrown at her legs, she stumbled and all of the sudden 30-40 men started kicking her with their legs.
    2 mins she got kicked, punched, slapped by 30-40 men.. it's all on film.
    A camera was filming from a building right next to the Square.
    Two of those idiots stole her gun.
    After this incident, authorities told people to clear the Square, most didn't, so they cleared it by throwing tear gas.
    Some media outlets and "NGOs" started screaming how the gendarmes gases the children :))
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    • None of the guys hitting the Gendarme. A Gendarme was beaten as you see it happening to witches in African 3rd world countries.

      The same in France, with plenty of people being aggressive towards gendarmes. And no, there's no excuse. You're told to move, you move, you don't you get sprayed. As one that went to plenty of football games, it's common sense and you know fair well what's going to happen if you don't listen.
      If you want to do things by force, then stop being a bitch about some tear gas in your eyes.

      So as far as I'm concerned:
      overturn macron with intelligence, not violence. fingers crossed Europe as a whole will manage to stop Soros from drawing the direction.
      I'm ok with protests especially against Soros and his puppets, but violent people crying wolf is lame as fuck and will not get my support in case violence erupts.

      *worth mentioning that in Romania, the Government is against Soros and the people protesting in the streets were "guided" by NGOs linked to Soros. So the purpose of the protests were different in the two countries:
      Romania protesters kissing Soros's ass trying to overturn the overwhelmingly voted Government, while in France protesters are trying to remove Soros and his puppet.

    • what I wanted to say in the beginning of my second comment was:
      None of the guys hitting the Gendarme lady was prosecuted. They are very well as the General Prosecutors office is run by a man that is part of the "pro-Soros" system.

      How do you think it would turn out for anyone walking out on the street and kicking a Gendarme or a policeman? (they are on the same level of authority)
      Well it wouldn't go well and nobody would take your side UNLESS there is an agenda attached to your gesture.
      Like it happened in this protest: there was an objective to be fulfilled (overturning the Government) so the Soros loyal institutions looked elsewhere when 30-40 were bashing a Gendarme.

    • ah, you have to love that one frustrated downvoter. wonder which part of my message pissed him off.
      fact that I hate Soros? fact that I hate Macron? fact that I hate anarchists?
      I'm actually amazed I don't have more than 1 downvote keeping in mind, that in this day and age, people feel the need to shut down anyone else that thinks differently compared to their own ideas

  • Benedek38
    Good take. It's sickening how the mainstream media deliberately covers things up, and takes the side of oppressive politicians.
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    • Benedek38

      It's these times that I wish people in Europe were legally allowed to bear and carry arms. Would make the police a lot more cautious with their brutality.

      by the way, without wanting to advertise myself, I actually wrote a question that relates to this topic, proposing that citizens be able to defend themselves against illegal police violence: Do you think resisting unlawful arrest should be legal? ↗

  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    Thanks for writing this.
    I'll be reading part 2 and give my insight there.
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  • FatherJack
    He was an official Rothschild employee , before coming from nowhere , and heavily backed by the controlled " media " , now he is an unofficial Rothschild employee , he is their puppet stooge , as are all other Western politicians.
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  • Piteka5
    Yes! Macron is in with them, he always said he was an outsider but he came directly from the system. I saw in the news even this weak, the cops tore someone's hand off. They are traitors to their own people, they too should be revolting.
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  • Jackblue
    Sometimes innocent people get hurt in these protests, when violent and non-violent protestors are in a mob together it is impossible to tell them apart, thus when the police tell you to disperse you must disperse. I may note that these protests are hurting France. The economic damage has already cost billions and if the protests continue until tourist season countless french people who depend on the tourism industry will lose a lot more than the tax on gasoline.
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    Macron needs to be arrested and sent to a forced-labor camp.
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  • esotericstory
    Thanks for writing this mytake. People need to know about whats happening in France.
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  • Jager66
    Media Air Brushing the truth away
    How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 1
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  • DamnSam
    Oh wow, medias are lying about the truth, what a surprise...
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  • Bananaman177
    How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 1How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 1How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 1How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 1How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 1
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  • zagor
    France isn't known for it's friendly police, at least among first-world nations.
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  • jacquesvol
    Those yellow vests already caused 9 deaths, set many cars on fire.

    No simple protesters.
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  • JimRSmith
    Great Take. People need to know more about this.
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  • Nadim171
    The only thing Macron cares about is migrants.
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  • ZeussLightningBolt
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  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
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  • Browneye57
    We. Don't. Care.
  • John_Doesnt
    If only France could start a revolution.