How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 2


It is not surprising that the media is still overwhelmingly siding with Macron and his authoritarian regime, they are the ones that helped him reach his position with their unabashed adulation and outright pro Macron propaganda which they have been pumping during and after his elections.

How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 2

As a result Macron's goverment actually denies any documented police brutality ever took place against French protesters.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner this week brushed aside criticism of the force. "I have never seen a policeman or gendarme attacking a protester", he declared despite and unending stream of photos and iveos depicting French police brutalising French protetsres.

The EU is also silent about the ongoing barbarity perpetuated by Macron against his own people, because of their support for him and his rabid pro EU stances.

While other countries or politicians which are critical of the EU and its policies are attacked by the EU ( countries like Italy, Poland and Hungary) for doing basically anything, the EU will never ever condemn Macron and his documented brutality and deliberate attacks on French protesters, which happpen to be EU citizens as well.

If the media had done its job and actually covered the Yellow Vests protests in a proper and honest way which showed the reality and brutality of French government towards the protesters there would have been a huge outcry and pressure would be put on Macron to stop his authoritarian crackdown.

But because this never happened, the French government can go as far as to say that it “"have never seen a policeman or gendarme attacking a protester."

How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 1

How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 2
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  • Thanks for writing this.
    This essentially confirms two facts:

    -Media can and are based and often sacrifice integrity to pay lip service to whichever regime is in power: in my country a popular journalist regarded himself as "left-wing" until the centre-right government got in, then he switched and said the "the left can't be trusted" 🙄.
    Guess he cares more about who signs his paychecks than being his own person with his own opinions.

    -That even governments that says they are "democratic" and "liberal" can be as brutal and authoritarian as dictatorial one.

    It's very true that power wears out, but those who don't have it.
    The uprisings in France just demonstrated it.
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  • YHL6965
    The most ironic thing is that we constantly hear about Macron bashing the Venezuelan government while the same thing in worse is happening in his own country and he is doing the exact opposing of what he is saying to the Venezuelan government. We (the French) are living in a dictature, and many members of Macron's party are not even hiding it anymore. That's how bad this is!
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    • Lol, I have found this image.
      How the Media Helps the Macron Regime Hide Its Brutality Against French Citizens, Pt. 2

    • 0112358

      Apart from the mild difference that macron won a fair election and Maduro didn’t.

    • YHL6965

      @0112358 Huh, many people are not so sure about that.

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  • sawno
    If they report truthfully on the mayter they would have to report almost no western nation is actually living in freedom and this is what happens if you fall out of line from your dictator. They rather just keep the illusion up that benefits them. The same reason can be given for them not reportimg the hate crimes against whites in south africa.
  • JimRSmith
    Excellent Take, the light does indeed need shining in on this outrageous man.
  • MikeKnight1977
    The media is ALWAYS good at hiding dark truths when the political leader in question is aligned with the party they choose. Look at how Obama royally screwed up everything he touched in the USA from 2008 - 2016, but the media treated him like an immortal.
  • Jager66
    Current state of politics
  • 0112358
    Violent clashes between protestors and the police are a traditional part of French culture.
  • DaMack999
    Fake News Macron is the only Sensible Man in Europe today.
  • esotericstory
    Thanks for writing this mytake!
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    • alice55

      I'm happy someone noticed it and made take about it ^-^

    • Did you read part 1?
      I'm surprised Turkish girl knew about it.

    • alice55

      Yes, I did.
      I'm too but I'm really happy someone from another country know about it and write a Take about it.

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  • Ioso29640