COVID 19 - The good, the bad, the ugly


What on earth is this anyway?

The simplest google search can tell you the answer but I'll just repeat here, it's just not one bad virus. It's just a family of viruses usually abiding in animals. They just happened to pass on to humans and now the virus strain is having a joyride across the world. COVID-19 is just the name given to denote COronaVIrus Disease - 2019.

How did the virus emerge now? Well, here's the news buddy, these viruses have been around since the 1960's. Yes, you heard me, the sixties. They've been jumping from animal to animal and in some cases, they've been passed on to human, mostly from improper hygiene, bad methods of food intake etc. I mean, I've got to have my meat extra extra ra(w)re. Seriously...

How are the animals walking around happily, you might ask. Many animals are actually extremely resilient towards pathogens, especially bats, mice, horses etc. They could be full of viruses and bacteria and still live normally while those same little germs would turn the guts of a human inside out.

Okay spare me the lecture. How much more toilet roll armour do I need?

Should you really freak out over the virus outbreak?
Should you really freak out over the virus outbreak?

Sure, the virus spreads scarily fast but it's nowhere near dangerous as its naughty predecessors. The SARS in 2003 killed one in ten people. The MERS killed around one in two people between 2012 and 2015. On the contrary, this newbie is killing approximately one person in twenty seven people. Yes, that one death sure is bad, God rest that soul.

But... Nobody breathes a word about all those twenty six who recover! Wait, am I telling you to laugh at the virus? Hell, no! By all means, please be safe, be cautious and practise good hygiene but seriously, most of this panic is media driven.

Oh wait, some news? Lemme blow it up!
Oh wait, some news? Lemme blow it up!

Okay let the media drive that panic, the point I want to drive home is that, yes this is a bad virus, it is a lethal virus but this is a NORMAL VIRAL FEVER which is totally capable of killing people whose immune systems are ALREADY COMPROMISED, like old people, young children, obese people, people with other diseases etc. Avoid being a nuisance with bad personal hygiene, eat healthy (for the love of all that's holy, eat healthy!) and you should be totally fine.

If you do get infected, get symptomatic treatment (only thing available for now). In most of the cases, people are having only mild fevers, after which the infection goes away on its own after a week. The fatal cases are the ones that are unable to fend off the virus and develop pneumonia due to weakened immunity. So, while I'm not asking anyone to just whistle on the streets jogging, there's no point in hoarding sanitation products (which is actually feeding business people of course), locking yourself in a dark room or something.

It's gonna take it's toll, sure but as harsh as it is, it's simply no more dangerous than tripping over your shoes while rushing to work and falling face first onto a pile of cat poop on the doorway.

COVID 19 - The good, the bad, the ugly
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  • Vencam
    Nice, thanks for taking your time to sum all this information up.
    This whole situation is getting unnecessarily stressful thanks to all the panic and hironically enough that (stress) actually weakens the immune system...
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Nothing good from the actual virus itself but the fear of it spreading is minimizing crowds & traffic.
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  • loveisbeautiful
    Good job, this is nicely explained and simply put. Too bad no matter what people say even people of authority, no one wants to listen and instead they want to selfishly hoard food and other essential items that people need virus or no virus. I live in a small town and even our grocery store shelves are bare, there's no fruit, no vegetables, no meat, no canned goods, no bread, paper products (such as paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, napkins), no orange juice, no anything really, it's slim pickings. It's really sad.
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    • Maraneva

      Good grief... It's like every good moral they learnt all this time has flown out of the window huh... It's pathetic, this panic buying, hoarding, reselling at inhuman prices... Some people are just... I don't know, sick excuses for humans I guess

  • madgoat
    There are valid concerns :
    1. Health. Politicians cannot ignore a few thousand people dying, whatever their age and statistical significance.
    2. Health service. Hospitals have limited resource to support the outbreak and left unchecked it ramps very quickly. Ailing people left in corridors and waiting rooms look bad.
    3. Economic. The ensuing lock down in many countries is stemming the speed of the growth of epidemic at the expense of businesses potentially going bust, people losing their jobs.
    (3) is the most worrying to me. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone will have a job in a few months. And who is going to pay for the current economic stimulus once its over.
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  • Secret6620
    Great Take 🤓✌️💜 Nice quick read
    • Maraneva

      Awwwh thanks! First read I think! Aren't ya awesome 😉😉😍😍

  • Cahittinsan_
    Thanks for your myTake. :).
  • Anonymous
    I'm more worried about what they're covering up. If you know a good deal about epidemiology and the current situation, you know they're using the numbers to overhype this.

    Even you. Coronavirus has been in circulation for thousands of years, not just since the 60's.

    But to digress, I'll just say that the lack of testing, combined with the way these viruses usually run, means that only around 10% of the people who've contracted the virus have been tested and confirmed. So that puts the actual death rate at somewhere near.3%
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    • Maraneva

      You're spot on with that actual numbers being far different. There's no way to actually test everyone and that throws the numbers off. And yeah, the viruses have been around for much longer, I agree.