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My thoughts on the Ban President Trup has set in place

Well Trump, You made your bed now you're gonna have to lie in it. You are getting a wall built. But who is paying the price? THE American TAXPAYERS!!!! The very people whom Trump said wouldn't pay for it. How is he doing...
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US Constitution vs POTUS

Well here we are, week two and yet another round of protesting. This time over an executive order banning nationals of 7 Muslim countries that it took less than 24 hours for a federal judge to be forced to rule on and...
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Omarosa - Trump's Lapdog

Trump and Omarosa are so much more alike than you'd think. - narcissists - racists - homophobics- liars- love dodging direct questions- love answering things they weren't asked at all- love focusing on themselves in...
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Why Mexico *SHOULD* And *WILL* Pay For The Wall

This is not a difficult case to make. President Trump has a remarkably good patriot compass. He seems to intuitively know what is good for America and have an unstoppable drive to achieve it. I am astonished at his...
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Amal Clooney Is Transgender

And she shouldn't hide it. This is a conspiracy theory - so there is no specific, tangible proof she's actually transgender...but everything points to it being true. There have been maaaaany suspicions about George...
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Oscar Nominations 2017 Part IV; The Music and The Writing

The writing - how is anything more important that the writing when it comes to a quality film?The music - it relates to the character's feelings, to the stages of life, magnitude of existence and any crazy film situation...
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Oscar Nominations 2017 Part III; The Not So Popular Category Nominations

Just because the majority of people aren't interested in the costumes, the cinematography, the lighting...doesn't mean it's not just as important as the actors are... The ambiance many times speaks for itself, and these...
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Oscar Nominations 2017 Part II

Actress in a Supporting Role Naomie Harris [Moonlight] Nicole Kidman [Lion] Viola Davis [Fences] Octavia Spencer [Hidden Figures] Michelle Williams [Manchester by the Sea] Actor in a Supporting Role Mahershala...
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A march on Washington only and idiot would ignore (to be fair he will try because he is an idiot) the Scientists March

So if you haven't heard, there is another march on washington coming, and this time its a SCIENTISTS MARCH....
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Obama Cares For America And The World

If I were American I would be so proud of Obama...and hopefully you - the American people - appreciate him and all he's done for you! He has a 58% approval rating - which is just nuts! So I guess you really do...
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Oscar's Most Popular Category Nominations

The most popular and most interesting categories to follow: Best Picture: Arrival Hacksaw Ridge Fences Hidden Figures La La Land Moonlight Manchester By The Sea Lion Directing: Hacksaw Ridge [Mel...
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President Trump May Be The Most Transformative President Since George Washington

President Trump has the potential to be the most influential, transformative and greatest president since George Washington. This is turning out to be potentially the most exciting presidency since the Revolution. After...
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Yes pictures really do speak, take a closer look at the picture above. It tells a story of two incoming and two outgoing Presidents. The lesson here is that from the looks we can decipher one thing, the beginning is not...
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My Thoughts on Anti-Trump Rioters in DC and Europe

The last few months have shown the venomous, irrational hatred the left have for any idea that does not adhere to their Cultural Marxist doctrine, something that reached its peak during Trump's inauguration. People are...
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Potential Democratic Candidates Who Could Run for President in 2020

It's Over. Donald John Trump is officially the 45th president of the United States of America, for at least three days. And no matter how many peaceful, violent, or whining "protests" occur, nothing will change this...
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With Liberty and Justice for All

This is the pledge Americans take and today these is the pledge we marched to protect. With over 5000,000 people showing up to march in DC today, more than we're present at the swearing in, I'm touch by our ability to....
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Can you respond without venting your anger?

The Republic has been saved! Many of you will not agree with me. I don't expect you to agree. Your difference of opinion is understandable and political disagreements are the highest form of protected free speech. I...
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Celebrities Selena Has Used In The Past better her 'singing' career: Nick Jonas Taylor Lautner Justin Bieber [granted this one turned into a real deal] Zed the Weeknd ...we're expecting new ones... Pretty rough, huh?
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Selena Gomez Takes Full Advantage of the Weekend

They've been photographed outside of a restaurant that's a known paparazzi hot spot. Go figure. They're allegedly 'together'...but it's so clear they're doing all of this for the media attention and to promote some kind...
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Happy Inauguration Day

Hopefully you - Americans - and we - the World - unite again! Good Luck, America!
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