President Trump May Be The Most Transformative President Since George Washington


President Trump has the potential to be the most influential, transformative and greatest president since George Washington. This is turning out to be potentially the most exciting presidency since the Revolution.

After only 5 days in office, and only 2 actual working days, virtually every aspect of the out-of-control and corrupt government bureaucracy in Washington is already in the process of a massive transformation to realign it with American values, traditions and constitutional foundations. The pace of the Trump presidency in undoing the damage done by the previous administration in the past 8 years, and setting the groundwork for the new agenda to make America great again is mind boggling.

The size of government is to be cut by 10%, the government work force by 20%, government regulations are to be reduced by 25%, taxes are to be drastically reduced and simplified for both businesses and individuals, criminal illegals are to be rounded up and removed from the country, crime ridden inner city war zones are to be cleaned up and the criminals prosecuted, infrastructure is to be modernized to state-of-the art, the health care system is to be rescued from the Obamacare meltdown, our borders are to be enforced and we are to destroy radical Islamic terrorism and the threat it poses to our citizens once and for all, our relationships with our foreign allies are to be restored after 8 years of alienating virtually every one of them, our enemies will no longer get a free pass to damage our interests either on our own soil or around the globe, the Supreme Court is to be restored to a body that upholds the United States Constitution and not a liberal anti-American agenda that changes with the wind, and on and on and on.

You really have to ask yourself this question: What kind of American would oppose this agenda? What item on that list would any person who is interested in the success of the United States be opposed to?

With the possible exception of Ronald Reagan, I cannot remember a presidency with this much promise or excitement in my lifetime.

President Trump is doing exactly what he should be doing, and he is succeeding at a record pace. He is keeping his eye on the ball and ignoring the un-American voices of the screaming radical left that is trying to destroy the country rather than be part of its resurrection. He is systematically and methodically doing everything that needs to be done to make sure America is successful.

It's no wonder there are so many angry people -- corrupt politicians, useless overpaid bureaucrats living off of taxpayers' hard earned money, communist/socialist/progressive/liberal agitators who want to see America collapse not prosper, criminal illegals who expected to stay here forever preying on US citizens, drug dealers who thought the gravy train would never end, foreign adversaries who expected to keep taking advantage of American generosity and compassion in perpetuity, Islamic terrorists who thought they almost had control of America in their grasp, the leftist media who is stunned to find out they no longer have a monopoly on the news and can't push their biased socialist propaganda anymore or decide who is going to be president, government centric socialists who think that the people should report to the government rather than the other way around ... and a whole host of other enemies of the United States who expected to have free rein and an accomplice in the White House here like they did under the Obama administration for the last 8 years.

Some devastating news for you all. There is a new Sheriff in town, and the party is over for your agenda. Is it any surprised they are foaming at the mouth?

President Trump May Be The Most Transformative President Since George Washington

President Trump May Be The Most Transformative President Since George Washington
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